Ravens expecting a lot from Arthur Jones

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In his first two NFL seasons, Ravens defensive lineman Arthur Jones has cracked the starting lineup for only one game and has had just 14 tackles and no sacks. But in his third season, the Ravens think they’re going to see a lot of Jones on the field.

Art has played well,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh told the Baltimore Sun. “Art is not a surprise to me. He has done well. He can play both spots. He is going to play the defensive end spot and he is competing for the starting job there, and he is also going to play the 3-technique spot, which he would probably be the third man in that rotation. Versatile is huge. So he is going to play a lot of football regardless of where it ends up shaking out for the most part.”

When he hasn’t been at the Ravens’ facilities this offseason, Jones has been in New Mexico where his brother, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, does most of his training. Arthur is among the many NFL players who has found that some of the training concepts in mixed martial arts can be applied to football as well.

“I didn’t go home — I went straight to Albuquerque,” Jones said of his offseason. “My body was a lot more rested than the starters’, so I started running sand dunes two or three days after the season. My brother worked out three times a day having a boxing session, jujitsu and a lifting or swimming session. Some days I would spar with him, but I basically stuck with wrestling because I wrestled in high school. I did a lot of hands work, and it’s pretty similar to football as far as pass rushing, cutting guys off and getting angles.”

In April Jones’s other younger brother, Chandler, was a first-round draft pick of the Patriots. As a 2010 fifth-round pick, Arthur has been the least celebrated of the three Jones brothers, but he maintains that he’s still tougher than either of his younger siblings. And this is the year when he’s going to get an opportunity in Baltimore to show what he can do.

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  1. Arthur Jones was a really good player at Syracuse. I’d say he had a better career there than his brother Chandler. He was on some terrible teams there and had some dominating games, including their win at Notre Dame. How he lasted to the fifth round in the draft, I don’t know.

  2. @shackdelrio

    It was my understanding Arthur Jones was viewed as a solid second round pick until his last year at Syracuse, where medical concerns pushed him down come draft day. He is a much better player than Chandler Jones though, who like many fast risers during the draft process, will be a bust.

  3. Im not expecting much from this team in general. We had our shot last season. We even beat our rival Pittsburgh and still came up short. As is with most things in this city. A town full of dissapointment and average people.

    Arthur can say he is the toughest of the Jones brothers. We all know this to be a lie. Besides the ageing (and alleged murderer) landshark our whole team is a bunch of creampuffs and silly sallys.

  4. I don’t wish good things for the Ratbirds but I wish good things for Arthur Jones. I met him last year when I took a sample boxing class near my home and he was taking the class himself. I didn’t realize who he was until after we all left, but seemed like very nice guy – friendly, humble. Engaged me in general chit chat, never once mentioning that he was a pro NFL player.

    I hope he has a great game, every game, except when they play the Steelers.

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