Super Bowl halftime show will be getting a new sponsor

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The unknowns regarding the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show extend beyond the name of the act that will be performing.

Bridgestone, which has paid huge money to present the 12-minute concert since 2008, has shifted to a year-round partnership with the league.

Through it all, Bridgestone will remain the Official Tire of the NFL.  (And that’s good, because if the NFL didn’t have an official tire, I wouldn’t know which tires to buy.)  According to Ad Age, the relationship between Bridgestone and the NFL will continue at least through 2016.

The reason for the change isn’t known.  Brian Steinberg of Ad Age hints at the possibility that the decision was related to the unplanned middle finger that M.I.A. flashed during her cameo appearance at halftime of Super Bowl XLVI.

The partnership made the most sense during Super Bowl XLIV, when Pete Townshend of The Who flashed his spare tire.


19 responses to “Super Bowl halftime show will be getting a new sponsor

  1. Make all of the old and fat jokes you want but Pete Townshend is a rock God. The Who’s halftime performance may not have been up to their standards but people who disparage him or call for a halftime show featuring today’s pop idols de jour just because they’re young need to listen (with an open mind) to “Who’s Next.” Remember, it’s only teenage wasteland.

  2. If the NFL foregoes the national anthem (Like most fans want) and turn the halftime show into a all-around league year in review with the best plays, hits, picks, strips, and touchdowns, the money would increase big time. And the NFL only cares about money so it’s a major win for the league.

  3. It’s a shame that young acts finally got a chance to redeem themselves this past year and M.I.A. had to pull a publicity stunt like that and ruin it again. Not that I’m a fan of any of this year’s performers, but it would be nice to more options than 70’s rock bands.

  4. Hologram the halftime act then we dont see the nipples and all the funny business of a womens body that makes halftime show so much fun. When will the glimpse happen…..

  5. You know…this would could all be prevented if the censors just did their jobs. I’m just saying. There’s a guy there who’s job it is to make sure nothing profane comes across the air. Why not let him do his thing?

    You know cuz heaven forbid kids see something on live TV that they see everyday in school or can Google.

  6. I don’t care what they do as long as it isn’t a bunch of crappy pop divas and horrid corporate hip-hop acts. So called “popular” music in the U.S. has been putrid for a little over two decades running.

  7. i used to think that ever since janet jackson ruined the half time show they thought that “new” and more modern artists would be bad because of the unpredictable behavior they might do something stupid like she did but i now realize janet jackson was far from new or modern, at that time. so lets get paul mcartney out there the next year playing every song, with every instrument,by himself. seriously nobody watches the half time show you might as well get rid of it and play more commercials because more people would be interested in that than a 50, or 60 year old ladies saggy tits.

  8. I don’t care how old they are… at least The Who appeal to the people who watch football. You have the biggest testosterone-filled event in all of sports, and you’re going to have a halftime show that features singers with the *LEAST* appeal to heterosexual men? The middle finger was the only interesting part of that snoozefest as it summed up how most viewers felt about it.

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