Tim Tebow wins PFWA Good Guy Award


Jets backup quarterback Tim Tebow isn’t just good for business.

He makes our business easier.

Tebow was chosen as the Professional Football Writers of America Good Guy Award winner, in recognition of his professionalism in helping members of the media do their jobs.

Tebow has always gracefully and graciously handled all the attention heaped upon him, particularly during Denver’s surprising turnaround and playoff run last year.

“I think Tim handled himself well all season long with the kind of attention few players are asked to contend with at any point in their careers,” said Denver Post beat writer Jeff Legwold, the PFWA’s second vice-president. “Tim not only dealt with the traditional media obligations both locally and nationally, but he was also the focus of many non-traditional media outlets, both from in Denver and across the country.

“And while he didn’t always let folks peer into his innermost thoughts, he did always conduct himself professionally, with a great deal of respect for both the process and the people who take part in it.”

People are fascinated with the kid for many reasons. And while his play is always the cause for vigorous debate (and even a lot of manufactured silliness), he has always handled himself appropriately.

Previous winners of the Good Guy Award include Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Kurt Warner.

10 responses to “Tim Tebow wins PFWA Good Guy Award

  1. C’mon Gantt, you easily coulda built up the Tebow-hype by rephrasing the finish as:

    Previous winners of the Good Guy Award include Super Bowl XLV MVP Aaron Rodgers, Super Bowl XLIV Drew Brees and Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Kurt Warner.

  2. I will definitely come back later to see how many negative comments about Tim Tebow there will be… i am guessing at least 80% will be.

  3. so he’s a ‘good guy’ and a ‘punt protection guy’

    too bad he’s never gonna be a quarterback…..

  4. Tebow is awesome. And he’s like a media coverage umbrella over Mark Sanchez. Hopefully the Jets have more happy stories this year.

  5. By him winning a good guy award, does this mean that he will turn into Chucky?

  6. And yet he’s never actually ANSWERED a question that the media asked him. He’s getting an award for saying “I would just like to say thanks first and foremost to my lord and savior Jesus Christ, cliche cliche, aw shucks, non-answer non-answer” ten thousand times? Unbelievable.

  7. Does any player other than a QB ever win a Good Guy Award or a Super Bowl MVP? You’d think that’s the only position that plays the game.

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