Adrian Peterson thinks all will be okay with Harvin


Adrian Peterson’s prediction of being healthy enough play in Week One was met with some skepticism, but it is getting closer and closer to coming true.

However, for the first time this offseason, the status of Peterson’s knee wasn’t the biggest question facing the Vikings offense. Wide receiver Percy Harvin’s trade demand is taking center stage which meant that the running back had to answer questions about more than his ability to cut on the field. After Wednesday’s morning walkthrough (which Harvin attended), Peterson told reporters that learned about the Harvin issue while he was in bed and that he thinks all wind up fine with his hill-running partner.

“You definitely don’t want to lose this guy,” Peterson said. “I’m sure the organization will do what it has to do to keep this guy around. If it was me, I’d make sure we kept him around. But we’ll see. First I’ll have to sit down and see what’s bothering him. We’re grown men, I’m sure he’s going to do what his mind is set. Personally, I think everything will be OK.”

The Harvin news is overshadowing the fact that Peterson continues to make remarkable progress in his return from a torn ACL and MCL. He said he’s “wide open” on the practice field and that cutting hasn’t been a problem for him at all. He conceded there’s still a long way to go until his left leg is strong enough for the season, but his rate of progress makes it easy to believe that he will cover that ground in time to make good on his prediction.

If Harvin isn’t around for that one, the Vikings are going to be desperate for nothing less than the best of Peterson.

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  1. I like Percy as a player, but I think Bill Musgrave was doing everything he could to protect Christian Ponder.

    The only way for Percy Harvin to do well is if he is playing for Andy Reid. Andy usually loves shift around wide receivers in as many areas as possible in order for them to catch balls. Just go ask DeSean Jackson from 2008-10 and Terrell Owens from 2004-05.

  2. It seems like a Catch-22 type issue.

    First, Harvin is a good player but undependable due to the migraines. In this instance, he wants to play, but can’t. So, the Vikings sit him and find a replacement until he’s better and can play. Because of this medical issue, he’s not included in the offensive series and the Vikings can’t get into a rhythm with Harvin and Ponder.

    Then, when he’s healthy, he’s not used to his potential. Musgrave is the WORST coordinator in the league with his predictable and unimaginative: run, run, pass, punt offense. Harvin is on the sidelines on third down when Ponder needs him after running an obvious decoy route during the first and second down running plays.

    Harvin has a point about not being used sufficiently, but he did sign a contract and the money he’s being paid was negotiated and he needs to be held to the details of the deal.

    If he’s going to stomp his feet and not try (ala: Randy Moss) the logical way to deal with it is to trade him while he still has value. But, the again, is it right to cave in and give a tantrum-throwing child their way?

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