Brian Banks leaves 49ers minicamp without a contract


Brian Banks’ quest for a shot at making an NFL roster will continue somewhere other than San Francisco.

Banks participated in a three-day rookie minicamp for the 49ers that wrapped up on Wednesday without a contract offer from the team, according to Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. Banks has now had tryouts with four teams — the Seahawks, Chiefs and Chargers are the others — but he hasn’t received a contract offer. He has no other workouts lined up and none are likely with coaches and general managers taking vacations in the period between minicamp and training camp.

Banks will return to Southern California to continue training for what he hopes are another round of looks later in the summer. He’ll work with Travelle Gaines, who also trains 49ers safety Dashon Goldson and rookie running back LaMichael James.

A contract would have been a nice addition to the story, but the lack of one isn’t particularly surprising. He’s only recently been exonerated from the rape conviction that short-circuited his promising high school football career and the extra time to get into proper football shape will only help his chances of earning his delayed chance at the NFL.

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  1. I wonder if the 49ers told him to get in shape and come back for the next camp? He is working out with two other 49ers so we can hold out hope.

    Even if he never plays a down in arena football, the important thing is he’s out of jail and his name is cleared. Hopefully he’s able to rebuild his life in or out of the football world.

  2. He has that all-important “buzz” thing going on now in NFL circles. With 2 or 3 more really hard weeks of rounding into better football shape, he still has more of a shot I think than most other kids also wanting to be on somebodies, anybodies roster.

  3. It looks like Banks needs maybe 3-6 months to get in football shape. But to be a football player, he needs to relearn the instinctive moves out there, he hasn’t played football for so long. That could take a couple of years.

    I think this guy should go and play in the CFL for a year or 2. He can get back into the groove of the game. And if he develops and begins to fulfill his football promise, he’ll become a CFL star. The next step would be an NFL contract like Rashad Jeanty, Cameron Wake, and others.

    I hope Banks makes it. But if he doesn’t make it in football, hopefully he’ll be successful in something else.

  4. I hope he gets a shot in the arena league. There are also some small town minor leagues – the IFL (Indoor Football League) and the AIF (American Indoor Football).

    If there’s a slow news day here at PFT … here’s story I’d love to see you guys track down.

    The Southern California AIF team (Ontario Warriors) were indefinitely suspended with two games left in the season. The entire team is indefinitely suspended. It includes the last two games, the playoffs, and any all star games.

    They signed players were former NFL players, and Division I college players. I kinda think the rest of the league were filled with beer league players, because we used to win games by hugely lopsided scores (one was 92-0).

    So it would be nice to know what really happened to get them banned for life!

  5. I’m surprised this guy can’t find traction on a 90 (!) Man roster. He may not be ready, but I bet he has the fire to succeed. Nobody of the 10 extra guys will fight harder. Good luck Mr Banks.

  6. I’d been hoping the Niners would sign him! He’s been out of the game for so long it is to be expected that he needs some time to get into football shape though. I hope he gets a shot in the NFL, but I really hope it’s with the Niners!

  7. You people are delusional. Next thing you’ll be posting pictures of cute kitties and funny babies.

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