Chargers encouraged by Melvin Ingram’s quick progress

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This is the time of year every team loves its draft class. After all, the players haven’t proven them wrong yet.

But coaches in San Diego are positively raving about first-rounder Melvin Ingram.

Some thought the South Carolina product might have been the best pass-rusher in the draft, and the Chargers got him 18th overall. While he lined up at inside linebacker, defensive tackle, and defensive end for the Gamecocks, the Chargers think he has what it takes to be special as a 3-4 outside linebacker.

“Melvin is an aware football player,” Chargers linebackers coach Joe Barry told Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego. “When you have awareness and you have instincts and you have feel, he might do something completely wrong, but he’s aware enough to fall into things.

“He’s a rookie. He’s got a million miles to travel … But [expletive], he’s making progress, and that’s all I can ask for. I’m really excited for him. I think he’s going to be a hell of a player.”

The Chargers managed just 32 sacks last year, fewer than all but eight teams in the league. If Ingram lives up to his billing, he could make a significant difference in that stat, and live up to all the preseason hype.

8 responses to “Chargers encouraged by Melvin Ingram’s quick progress

  1. Looking forward to seeing Ingram in action. Bolts made a lot of positive moves this offseason and had a solid draft. Another year of hope, maybe this time we can get some results! BOLT UP!

  2. I heard a lot of hype about ingram. I seen him going top 10 but his height effected his draft status. Stunning to think how effective he was despite his height in college and how much hes being questioned despite his success. Hes obviously got something special and my guess is itll translate over

  3. He could be a force in rushing the passer – and maybe helping to stop the run, but don’t expect a first year OLB to get the coverages down anytime soon.

    In fact – don’t expect the other LB’s to get their coverages down either – as TE’s run abated across our middle – looking like All-Pros as they catch numerous passes every game.

    The LB’s are probably the wekest link on a weak D.

    And long in the tooth Jammer should be moved – kicking and screaming – to safety – as he is getting beat by fleet WR’s. He’s one of the few DB’s we have that is not afraid to tackle.

  4. It’s funny how many fans of other teams either ignore that EVERY team wants to win the damn Super Bowl or are jealous some of them haven’t sniffed the playoffs or won a game there in several years. The fact that the Chargers set themselves up to make runs at the division is a GOOD thing, if you whine about that when the Chargers made the playoffs several times and had some damn good records then you basically just don’t like the team which is ignorant.

    Teams play to win, if the Chargers win more than many of the teams in the league how can you downgrade them just because people have expectations but they haven’t been the ONE team that’s not a loser at the end of a season yet which is NOT an easy task? Chargers are an underdog in the division but we still have to hear this crap about being “overhyped” just because the team has the same damn goal as everybody else and has talent in which it’s certainly possible, where is all the complaining about the super-hyped Broncos with their $20 million HOF QB freshly signed. They’re the favorites, this whining about the Chargers having expectations is almost childish now if it wasn’t years ago.

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