Contract isn’t only reason for Harvin’s trade request


It’s clear that receiver Percy Harvin wants out of Minnesota, but it’s not clear why.

Jeremy Fowler of the St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that it’s not simply about Harvin wanting a new contract.  Per Fowler, a desire to replace a rookie deal that covers the next two seasons is not the “sole driving force” behind Harvin’s request for a new address.

So what’s going on?  I addressed the possibilities during Wednesday’s PFT Live, and what the heck I’ll reduce some of what I said to writing, right here.

The contract is an obvious sticking point.  With the new labor deal taking the windfalls away from first-round draft picks, young players who have outperformed their rookie contracts will want to be rewarded before playing out their rookie contracts and laboring for a season or two under the franchise tag.  For Harvin, the 22nd pick in 2009, he definitely has overshot his slot.  So it makes sense that he’d want more money.

He also may want more opportunities.  Last year, the team faced criticism for not using him enough.  Harvin nevertheless generated 967 yards receiving, 345 yards rushing, and 520 yards on kickoff returns.  That’s 1,823 all-purpose yards, without being utilized to the maximum extent.

Then there’s the fast friendship he struck with Randy Moss during Randy’s brief return to the team in 2010.  Harvin wasn’t happy when former coach Brad Childress fired Moss, and we’ve pointed out a time or two (to the chagrin of Chilly) that Harvin’s migraines left for good once Childress did, too.  The Vikings among other things didn’t like the example Moss was setting for Harvin, and it’s anyone’s guess what Moss may have been saying to Harvin to make Harvin want to play somewhere else.

The only surprise is that coach Leslie Frazier hasn’t been able to fix the situation.  Widely regarded as someone who can get through to Harvin, Frazier on multiple occasions defused disputes between Harvin and Childress.  None of that may matter, however, if Moss already has persuaded Harvin that he needs to be with a team that will use him more, that will pay him more, and that will generally allow him to get maximum recognition for his talents.

If the 49ers weren’t already stocked at every skill position, we’d wonder whether Moss was trying to get Harvin traded to San Francisco.

Knowing Moss, he may be giving it a try anyway.

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56 responses to “Contract isn’t only reason for Harvin’s trade request

  1. The Vikings aren’t exactly going to be an elite offense this year despite Adrian Peterson’s presence. They will be last in their division.

    I hope he comes to the Buffalo Bills!
    That would definitely be helpful to the team’s offense. But, he’s probably going to be asking for a lot anyway.

  2. They used him poorly last year, which in part is due to the new system and lockout. If Percy’s patient, most of those issues can be addressed, with perhaps the exception of the Vikes being a playoff team in the next year or two. If Moss is his role model, then he’ll be unhappy and a headache wherever he goes.

  3. Expect a short hold out while things are worked on/out. Harvin will hold out until fines would be assessed. Harvin has a good agent that will work during the season to get a deal done. Yes, that means Harvin will play from the beginning of the season, barring injury.

  4. Blaming Moss for this? Moss last played for the Vikings in October of 2010. He was retired for a year. You have got to be kidding me….this is hilarious.

  5. I know there will be a good many ‘overrated’ comments following, but guys look at the Quarterback struggles and coaching changes the Vikes have seen since 2009.

    Imagine if Percy had an Aaron Rodgers, or a Tom Brady throwing to him all this time. He could have some silly good numbers. That being said, I hope that if he is traded, that Percy KNOWS what he’ll have to live up to, and that he may excel next year either way 🙂

  6. If the Vikings give him a new contract it should be pay as you play,in other words every time pricy sits out with a headach or ribs or knee or whatever he dont get paid!We Viking fans have by far seen him on the bench hurt more than hes played.

  7. good luck with moss niner fans….good luck.
    harvin most likely will stay in Minnesota so please cool out on this story till things are more clear….I don’t know if id want a player who utilizes moss as a mentor. great player though.

  8. Moss and Harvin on the outside with Crabtree in the slot and Davis at TE? Pretty sure that would disrupt the “competitive balance” and cost the 49ers cap room when the cap doesnt go up enough again next year haha

  9. He would be one who would know if he’ll be used in the same manner as he was last year.

  10. If they use him more he will get hurt more. Harvin has not proven to be the most durable player on the team. Most valueable, not most durable. Play this year and get paid next year whn the Vikes have a lot more cap room. Randy Moss is lockeroom poison. Watch him in San Fran.

  11. Actually, the vikings offense will likely be much better than it was last year. And probably better than the bills’ offense. The OL has been beefed up and they got Simpson and some young blood at WR. That alone should help Ponder progress this year. Last year was an anomaly. No training camp, no OTAs, that’s not exactly a good environment to bring a rookie QB right into games.

  12. This has nothing to do with Moss. He was on the team with Harvin for weeks, not years. To even imply that or drag Moss into this is just poor reporting and speculation. Percy wants to get paid and wants to win. AP got paid and now he wants his and they should pay him.

  13. Maybe he doesn’t want to take the year in year out pounding that goes along with getting 50 carries and 80 receptions. 50 more tackles than any other WR takes, 50 more big hits, Over a career that might equate to 2-3 fewer NFL (productive) seasons and ultimately limit his earning potential. Caveat: this is pure speculation on my part.

  14. While I’m no fan of Childress, Harvin, whether he likes it or not, owes Childress at least some respect.

    It was Childress who stopped Harvin’s free-fall during the 2009 draft, a free-fall that happened because of Harvin’s propensity for the use of illegal drugs. It was Childress who stuck his neck out for Harvin, visited him prior to the draft, and selected at #22 (if memory serves correctly), when most of the other teams in the league by-passed him because they thought he would be too much trouble.

    Childress had his problems, but outside of the QB position, he was a good talent evaluator, and he took a risk selecting Harvin. If he hadn’t, who knows how far Harvin would have fallen in the 2009 draft.

  15. The team sucks, they don’t know how to use him, he still gained 1800 yards all purpose last year, he’s only missed 3 games in 3 years, and he’s the 13th highest paid Viking.

    And he has to step in and make up for an injured back that makes 100 million dollars.

    Why would he want to leave?

  16. Watch him get traded to the Jets to be paired with Santonio Holmes….and then let the media put words in his mouth about his desire to catch passes from his old college QB.

  17. Why is this clown going public before he has discussed any issues with his coach or GM. At some point one of the teams is going to tell a player that if he does not like his contract then he should not play in the NFL. If he reports to camp and puts out a substandard effort then he should be suspended without pay. Time is on the team’s side in these negotiations.

  18. I thought the same thing about Moss the moment I heard the news and I am a huge pro-Moss fan.

    Randy got close to Harvin while in Minnesota. Harvin looked up to Moss. Moss doesn’t suffer “football coaching fools” very lightly, thus his love of Coach Bilichick and showing his obvious disdain for the “brilliant Childress” while in Minnesota by actually going directly to the owner. Favre also thought Childress was lacking in his football knowledge as did I and thousands of fans on the “fire childress” bandwagon.

    But…this is how Harvin started his professional career….entering the NFL not with high respect for his head coach being the best of the best possible in the football world but instead someone you have to often “put up with” despite him knowing less about the game than the player. (Moss coming out of games near the goal line….treating Favre like a rookie QB on a short leash….

    As happy as I was to see Childress go I was just as certain that our new mild, nice guy coach was simply a Tony Dungy “LIGHT”…or maybe even “very light”. He wouldn’t be coach of the Vikings in three years unless he caught lightning in a bottle.

    The new coach hired a very limited OC who was a career backup QB for a reason.

    I’m sure Harvin talks to Moss as it was well known that they became close friends while he was with Minnesota. Harvin tells Moss the same thing you or I would be telling him….our coaching staff here in Minnesota are average at best and will likely never see a head coaching job in the NFL again after they get fired next year from Minnesota and to top it off they are wasting my talent while I make less money than I am worth. The new coaches will arrive next year or the following and start their own rebuilding program with a new rookie QB and I’ll be beat up and hurting by then as hard as I play every down.

    Moss to Harvin….”get out while you can”….”don’t end up like me with no SB ring”….”get to a team that has a realistic chance”

    Harvin is listening…..

    I wish it wasn’t true….Harvin and Peterson play ball for Minnesota like they all players should play. But, Florio….I think you hit it right on the head with your speculation.

    I don’t blame Moss though. Blame the ownership who allows a head coach to continue coaching the team after leading it to it’s worst record EVER…tying it with the horrible Les Steckel year. I like Frazier….as a DB coach, maybe even a DC….but he’s not a good HC….and our OC needs to go too…..

    my hope is that next year we get McDaniels from New England on his 2nd try as head coach and let him finally lead us to a superbowl. Hope Harvin is around for that….but, I can’t help but think I’d be wanting to leave the Vikings too if I only had a few years to win.

  19. Percy is fast becoming the biggest diva in the league. This was well evident even during his time at Florida where it was well documented about his diva attitude, drug taking, and choking coaches. Still NFL teams are willing to overlook and deal with divas as long as they can produce. I’d love him on the Niners and replace another diva, who is less talented: Michael Craptree. If you’re going to get a diva, at least get one who produces on the field. Percy is a huge weapon.

  20. NFC North has 3 legit Superbowl challengers in the Packers, Bears and Lions. And with Christian Ponder as their QB, the Vikings won’t sniff 3rd in the division for years. Harvin realizes this and wants out.

  21. The Vikings are the laughing stock of the NFL. They have wasted more good talent then any other franchise over the past 10-15 years, that’s why Harvin wants to leave! He knows the franchise stinks and he wants no part of it!

  22. Or, it could be that he came back to Minnesota for OTA’s and realized that he’s going to be spending several more months in the most revolting place on planet Earth.

  23. All the Vikings fans gouging the 9ers about signing Moss are spiteful and ignorant. The 49ers have almost nothing to lose, and everything to gain this year with Randy Moss. Did you see the 1-yr contract he signed? It is for less than Percy Harvin will make this year! Last year Jim Harbaugh proved that he has no problem benching and eventually cutting big name guys (see Braylon Edwards). I guarantee that if Randy acts up and starts to disrupt the team, that he will be gone. He has no leverage in this situation, so he has no wiggle room to act like an immature a-hole like he did when he was with the Vikes. Most of the money that he could make this year would come from performance bonuses, so he will be going balls-out on every down. He knows that if he doesn’t, he won’t play, and if he doesn’t play, he won’t get paid.

    The rest of the league should take a lesson from the 9ers front office. Minimize potential risk, and maximize potential gain. Easy Peasy.

  24. “Imagine if Percy had an Aaron Rodgers, or a Tom Brady throwing to him ”

    His numbers wouldnt be much different. Those QB`s tend to spread the ball around.

  25. Whenever a decent player is going to or wants to be traded every fan of every other team throws out these ridiculous trade ideas (like Cowboy fans thinking the Vikings would trade Harvin for Jenkins straight up). And I’ll join in, 49ers should trade Tedd Ginn and a 3rd, or Goldson and a 5th.

    I don’t know why everyone is saying Minnesota is such a bad place to live. I’ve been there before and it was very nice (except for the mosquitos).

  26. Harvin won’t be happy staying in Minnesota. but is he sure he wants to go to another team with another #1 Wideout? To me that would get him the ball less instead of more like he wants it. What I don’t get is the fact that he has an up and coming star in Christian Ponder as his Quarterback and has good chemistry with him. Not to mention that the Vikings are a year or two away from being back in the playoffs, they have a lot of good players on their team, along with some rookies that look promising. As for the money situation… The Vikings won’t be re-negotiating his contract this year, but there is a good chance he could land a nice contract the following year worth a bunch of money. Minnesota is not going to rid of one of their star players, thats why Harvin should just hold on another year, the grass will be much greener.

  27. Money cant buy you class or pride. Faking migraines to get out of practice? shameful and embarrassing. The Vikes will be better off without this me first clown. Too bad, such a talented player.

  28. lionsfan415 says:
    Jun 20, 2012 4:02 PM
    Lol at vikes fans talking playoffs, thanks for taking the cellar from us, signed a lions fan


    Nice man, the Vikings actually have a pretty decent team that almost beat the Lions twice last year. Don’t be surprised if you guys take back the spot that you’ve held for the last 30 years, especially if everyone on your team can’t stay out of jail

  29. I can give you the best reason, Bil Musgrave. He’s on his way to destroying another ranchise with his archaic offensive approach.

    Instead of blaming Randy Moss or all of this other nonsense, the Vikings better get the Musgrave virus out of the bloodstream ASAP because it could lead to another top 3 pick.

  30. Sorry fijabbersman, wanna know the difference between our teams? The qb position, will Christian ponder put up 5000 yards and 40 touchdowns ever? Probabally won’t for his whole career, oh and that Calvin Johnson fella ain’t to shabby.

  31. Was Percy in the stadium when the roof collapsed? That might explain this dilema.

  32. BTW we weren’t in the cellar in the 90s so I’m not sure how you guys do math in Minnie soda but I believe that’s not 30 years

  33. he is not coming to the 9ERS but, think about harvin, moss, manningham, crab, davis, gore, walker, lamicheal james, jenkins, and that defense!!! talk about having to pick your poison!!!

  34. Praying the jets trade holmes for harvin. But if he does end up a 9ner it will be for crabtree

  35. lionsfan415 says:

    Jun 20, 2012 5:19 PM

    Sorry fijabbersman, wanna know the difference between our teams? The qb position, will Christian ponder put up 5000 yards and 40 touchdowns ever? Probabally won’t for his whole career, oh and that Calvin Johnson fella ain’t to shabby.


    Let me know when you guys win a playoff game. Thanks.

  36. fijabbersman345 says:
    Jun 20, 2012 5:53 PM
    lionsfan415 says:

    Jun 20, 2012 5:19 PM

    Sorry fijabbersman, wanna know the difference between our teams? The qb position, will Christian ponder put up 5000 yards and 40 touchdowns ever? Probabally won’t for his whole career, oh and that Calvin Johnson fella ain’t to shabby.


    Let me know when you guys win a playoff game. Thanks.


    How about League Championships?

    Minnesota Vikings 0
    Detroit Lions 4

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