Durbin seeking former players to talk about “bounty culture”

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Perhaps Wednesday’s 15-minute meeting followed by a press conference featuring Commissioner Roger Goodell and Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) won’t be a dog-and-pony show, after all.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Senator Durbin will meet on Thursday with two of the lawyers representing former players in the concussion lawsuits, in the hopes of getting information from former players about bounties.

Specifically, Senator Durbin will meet with Michael Hausfeld of Haufeld LLP and Pam Gilbert of Cuneo Gilbert & LaDuce LLP at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.  Durbin hopes to eventually speak to former players with knowledge of the league’s “bounty culture,” in order to determine whether the league’s public stance meshes with reality.

Per the source, Hausfeld will be providing Durbin with a list of former players who are willing to speak “confidentially” about bounties.

Hausfeld also plans to discuss the NFL concussion issue, along with complaints about the NFL Players Association.

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  1. Leave it to the great Senator from the worst economic state in the country to waste time on this.

    Just this morning he was bemoaning the fact that prisoners sentenced to life need to be taken better care of by the justice system. He has a problem with cells being “painted in a grab white color with modest sunlight”.

  2. It’s coming down now. They are about to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt it wasn’t just the Saints and this practice has always been a part of the NFL, although several players have already come out and admitted there was always under the table pay for performance. Check your shoe Roger, you allowed you ego to let you step in a big pile of it.

  3. Well… now the Saints and NFLPA have what they deserve. If you think Roger was bad… wait till you have 50+ Senators trying to shift the focus off of how terribly inept they are at leading.

    Ask Clemens how it was.
    This is the worst possible outcome for all involved and there’s no one to blame but the Saints and the NFLPA at this point. Just shut up and take the punishment you have coming.

  4. WHAT?? We all know the Saints created bounties and are the only ones guilty of such horrible acts against mankind. That is why they deserved to be made an example of if order to make sure no other team ever thought of doing such low end dirty tricks…in the FUTURE.

    Former players and a culture of bounties. “Culture?” My god, that makes it seem as if this has been going on for a long time. But the Saints created bounties in 2009? I just don’t understand anymore.

  5. Why is there a confidentiality issue now?

    Most former players/analysts have already made claim that there were bounties throughout professional football.

    Im extremely thrilled that our Government is getting into the mix about all this. I mean the national deficit, healthcare, and nationwide employment is already perfectly under control so why not stick their noses into something else.

  6. ok – anyone wonder why our federal government is in such disarray? they’re far to busy with stuff like this to do what we hired them to do.

  7. jwcarlson says: Jun 20, 2012 4:33 PM

    Well… now the Saints and NFLPA have what they deserve. If you think Roger was bad… wait till you have 50+ Senators trying to shift the focus off of how terribly inept they are at leading.

    Ask Clemens how it was.
    This is the worst possible outcome for all involved and there’s no one to blame but the Saints and the NFLPA at this point. Just shut up and take the punishment you have coming.


    Actually, at this point it appears to be Roger Goodell’s fault. He is the one who, after all, appears to have mischaracterized written testimony and lied to a Congressional subcommittee about concussions, falsified/destroyed/withheld evidence and denied NFL employees due process.

    Maybe you should “just shut up” and watch your precious Goodell take what he has coming.

  8. About time…a senate hearing would certainly help to get to the bottom of things…then the bounties…the shady dealings by the league and general corruption should be exposed…and the saints fans still harping on the “everybody does it” …are as pathetic as the finger pointers that have held government office in America…just cause everyone does it doesn’t make it OK… . I’m glad the NFL, nflpa and the players have gone to such great lengths to prove that they are no longer worth my time

  9. I wonder if government is more interested the transfer of money from the bounties than the allegations itself. IRS has come down harder lately on this subject such as celebrities cant accept free stuff at awards shows such as oscars or emmys anymore.

  10. As ridiculous as it is to have this Durbin investigating something that is of far less importance than the many issues facing the country today, I cannot help but wonder if Goodell is just a tiny bit nervous that he’s let out too much toothpaste and now he will never be able to put it back in the tube.

    Goodell*, fair*, honest*, diligent*, and always* looking out for the best interests of the league*.

  11. Don’t our Elected Thieves have something better to do…..like steal more of our money?

  12. Stick Dick durbin needs to worry about his own house. His party is overseeing horrible economic conditions leaks giving away national secrets and a coverup by the DOJ and the president and this Morin is talking about bounty gate..wtf

  13. This is what happens when we let ourselves forget that football is a hard-hitting game and that its participants hit and get hit – and are strong enough to handle it. The “bounty culture” is…………….what again? The Saints committed dirty hits on…………………who, again?

    Roger Goodell grows smaller in his credibility the more he pushes his self-instigated jihad against whoever he thinks is showing him up.

  14. This is all about the concussion lawsuits. If goodell did nothing the nfls exposure to liability would be greater. I hate the fake caring bs by the nfl, if their were no lawsuits the bounty gate stuff would have minimum penalties. Its sad but true

  15. I’m pretty stoked that while our state is in crippling debt, one of our senators is focusing on the issues that really matter, like the NFL. ridiculous.

  16. He needs to get Darren Sharper and Charles Grant on the phone immediately. They can offer 1st hand experience on how the bounty system works.

  17. goodolebaghead says:
    Jun 20, 2012 4:27 PM
    Roger Goodell*



    I hope Durbin asks about Goodell’s injury reporting policy and the role it plays in putting players at risk.

    I’m sure the good Senator wouldn’t put the interests of gambling ahead of player safety.

  18. Politicians have already wasted our time and money with ridiculous steroid trials that produced a one count conviction for bonds who will be serving his sentence in his mansion. Stay out of sports! Jokers like this have no right to hold public office

  19. Maybe the players could talk to Congrees about defecit spending or actually reading their 3000 page bills. And you’d better not lie to Congress! Unless you’re Attorney General Eric Holder and your ATF gun smuggling op killed a border agent.

  20. Did we not waist enough money on Clemens? Drop it! Let the nfl take care of bounties. I’m sure after this ridiculous offseason nobody would be stupid enough to put in another bounty program. Yes the Saints had a bounty program, no they were not the only ones to ever do it but got caught and lied about it. Goodell came down hard because they lied and because he wants to make sure it never happens again. They will not get off but had they went along with the process and appealed they may have gotten a lighter suspension. I’ve seen Brandon Marshall and Travis Henry both get lighter suspensions by following the process. Just ignoring the process and saying it never happend will get you nowhere.

  21. This is great. Let’s try to find some dirt on all the other teams too. You should have heard what was said in the Giants pregame pep rally. And also the Cowboys, 49ers, Steelers, Vikings and Raiders. I’m sure we can exaggerate, fabricate and blow it way out of context. We know they’re guilty. Just shut up and take your punishment, you cheaters.

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