League wants to review Aqib Talib’s case for possible suspension

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Buccaneers cornerback Aqib Talib escaped the law in Texas, but may still have a date with Judge Roger Goodell.

Charges of aggravated assualt with a deadly weapon against Talib were dropped Monday, before he was scheduled to go on trial next week, with a possible 20 year prison sentence if convicted.

But the NFL hasn’t ruled on whether it will discipline Talib for his involvement in the March 2011 shooting. League spokesman Greg Aiello told Stephen Holder of the Tampa Bay Times the league plans to review the case. Talib’s lawyer said the league requested a copy of the dismissal order.

Being suspended without a conviction is still possible, as Ben Roethlisberger’s case proved. But complicating Talib’s case is the fact this incident happened during the lockout, when Goodell arguably lacked the power to punish players in the absence of a collectively bargained agreement.

He might have a better chance if this was his first run-in with the law. Talib visited with Goodell following a 2009 arrest for hitting a cab driver (he agreed to pre-trial diversion), and was suspended one game.

11 responses to “League wants to review Aqib Talib’s case for possible suspension

  1. PFT: “Hey lets see how many times we can complete Talib’s situation to Big Ben’s!”

    yeah yeah!

  2. It’s a fact that anyone with a Q or a capital letter in the middle of their first name is nothing but trouble.
    Look it up….

  3. Well the players can ‘t cry, you guys and the owners gave Roger all this power in The CBA you just signed and he has all power for the next 10 years, better get use to it.

  4. A lot of people in the media get this wrong:

    It’s only a shooting if someone gets shot.

    This is a “shots fired” incident, at worst an attempted aggravated assault (with a deadly weapon) or attempted murder (if you can prove intent).

  5. If the state of Texas dropped the charges then it has to be beyond any doubt he had nothing to do with it and Goodell should leave it at that… He was home, not at a bar or club ruining the NFL image… I have agreed with Goodell on most of his decision but he needs to leave Talib alone on this one..

  6. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. I am not a big Talib fan but it seems to me that if no charges were filed then Goodell should not be judge and jury and suspend any player if charges are dropped or a player is not charged or convicted. Yes I believe Talib needs to get his head out of his arse and wake up but he was not charged so let it go. If anything the Bucs should make the decision on what punishment should be handed down not Goodell. Also if Talib screws up again at the very least the Bucs should let him go and he should be suspended indefinitely from the NFL.

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