Loomis can meet with Saints during suspension, but only to talk NBA


Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis is suspended for the first eight games of the regular season for his role in the team’s bounty program, but the suspension won’t keep him from meeting with Saints owner Tom Benson and other team officials.

Benson recently bought the NBA’s New Orleans Hornets and installed Loomis as the director of basketball operations, and the NFL has confirmed that during Loomis’s suspension he’ll be allowed to meet with Benson and anyone else associated with both the Saints and the Hornets. The only catch is that Loomis won’t be allowed to talk about the Saints: The league expects Loomis to deal only with his NBA duties while he’s suspended.

Of course, that’s going to be just about impossible to enforce. If the Saints, for instance, lose an offensive lineman to an injury in their season opener, and if Loomis meets with Benson the next day to talk about the Hornets, will the NFL have any way of knowing if Loomis also tells Benson the name of a free agent offensive lineman he thinks the Saints should sign?

Suspending a general manager for eight games was always an odd punishment. If the NFL really wanted to punish Loomis, suspending him for three days during the NFL draft would have been a much harsher punishment than suspending him for eight weeks at the start of the season. Suspending him for four games of the preseason would have been a harsher punishment than suspending him for eight games of the regular season, too: A general manager’s job is a lot more important during the time when the team is trimming its roster from 90 players to 53 than it is once the 53-man roster has been set. Yes, the eight-game suspension means Loomis won’t be around to consult on potential trades and waiver claims during the first eight weeks of the season, but for a general manager, a suspension during the offseason would have more teeth than a suspension during the regular season.

And now it turns out that even during Loomis’s suspension, he’s going to be in regular contact with the owner of the Saints. At a time when the players who were suspended for the bounty program are claiming they got a raw deal, Loomis’s punishment looks relatively minor.

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  1. Sure thing…only Hornets business going on in here…don’t mind us.

    This is rather silly. Florio does a good job showing how the punishment is just a shell game of look at what we want you to see.

    Benson is in on it as well. As many Saints haters have pointed out. Why hasn’t Benson done more to counter what the NFL has done thus far. Simple, protect his investments…his team/the NFL. To Saints fans, Benson isn’t that far removed from the guy willing and wishing to move right after Katrina. Things have turned around…but deep down, he is still that guy.

    Point is, to get Loomis to not fight the NFL…here, have a NBA GM job Mickey, even though you don’t know anything about BBALL, BBALL talent, or running operations in the NBA. That money you lost out on with the suspension, you just got it back and then some for keeping your mouth shut and going with the flow.

    Open your eyes people. Everything about bounty gate stinks…from NFL brass to the Saints ownership. And yes, I’m a diehard Saints fan.

  2. Good! He to a raw deal to begin with. the witch hunt on the Saints has been outrageous. Since the NFL lost its battle with the city of New Orleans over the rights to the Fleur De Lis (saints emblem) it has had it out for them. The did ask for some of this by keeping Greg Williams on staff. He should have been forced out the year after they won the super bowl. He’s been a cancer everywhere he’s coached. I’m not saying the saints shouldn’t have some sort of punishment but they are taking it way to far with them. The patriots cheated and brought to question the integrity of the league and the nfl slaps them on the wrist and then burned all the evidence and released none. Can you say cover up?

  3. Loomis is not a personnel guy. Payton tells him what he wants, and he manages the business/money part of it.

  4. Sorry, that above was just trying to get some good rivalry stuff going. 🙂

    I take back the Tampa Bay Sucs things.

    That is completely true.

    But Tampa Bay Not Very Good just doesn’t have the same pithy meaning/resemblance.

    You understand right. Quick, call me an aint or a taint fan…it will make you feel better.

    At least you had the hope of seeing the Saints crumble this season. That almost gave you the same feeling that you used to have many years ago, watching your team actually compete in games.

  5. Saints-D were guilty of pay-for-anything. Performance, Whack, Injury. Whatever it is, they’re guilty. Goodell didn’t wait to get his facts straight, and didn’t try to do any of this quietly. He publicly accused the Saints Management, Coaches, and Players. He did send them a letter, he didn’t follow any due process. He just found them guilty in the court of public opinion. These guy’s livelihoods rest on that reputation he destroyed. Then some facts came out, but that doesn’t change the fact that his knee jerk punishment was sloppy and the way he has tried to manipulate all of us through the media has become disgusting. The Saints will move on, someday be different players, and this will be history. He will always be an idiot for this and I can’t wait to see it happen to the next team so people will start to realize his system of punishment is fundamentaly flawed.

  6. All the Goodell slurpers are crying.
    hahahahaha. Way to go Mickey
    Talk all the Saints business you want with Benson.
    I love it

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