Matt Moore gets his turn as Dolphins starting QB


Because David Garrard was always first in line when the Dolphins allowed reporters into OTAs (and the first day of minicamp), there became an assumption that he was the starter.

But incumbent Matt Moore had a turn Wednesday, and showed he’s got as much of a shot as any of the non-Ryan Tannehill (i.e. eventual starter) quarterbacks in camp.

“He’s done well,” Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said of Moore, according to Izzy Gould of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. “He has a good feel for the game. I thought he did a good job in those situations today. …I thought he had a good day.

I like the way he’s caught on to the system.”

Moore’s not a flashy guy, but he’s gotten results. He was 6-2 as a relief pitcher in Carolina during the Jake Delhomme years. He blew a tire on a bad 2010 team there, but piloted a bad Dolphins club to a 6-6 record as the starter.

Because they drafted Tannehill when they did, he’s going to be the guy long-term.

But Moore is a confident guy with a leadership vibe that players follow (not unlike Delhomme back in the day), and he’s going to have a good shot to hang onto this job once the preseason rolls around.

9 responses to “Matt Moore gets his turn as Dolphins starting QB

  1. Moore won games last year where others did not. He showed good poise and control when needed. Garrard is a hack who never was able to end the season winning.

    Why Miami took that loser is beyond understanding. Matt Moore deserves the starting job and more importantly, Dolphins fans deserve Moore starting. Not a proven mediocre QB.

  2. As a Long Time Panther Fan I’ll say Matt Moore still has a lot of Fans in Carolina’s these Days He’s a really good guy & I do Love Cam But I”ll say if the Dolhins want to win they should start Moore from day one

  3. garrard was signed in march to push Moore and whatever QB they ended up drafting (tannehill). do you really think they’ll keep tannehill, moore, and garrard? i doubt he’ll make the final roster and will probably be cut in early september. i’ve always like him, but he’s just there to keep moore and tannehill honest.

  4. I’ve wondered for years about some of these guys , if they could drive the cadillac for a year like Cassel in 08, how would they do?

    I think a lot of decent players never make it because of bad teams around them.

  5. Give Moore the start this year and have Tannehill take over at the start or middle of next season, just like the Titans are doing with Locker (another 8th overall pick).

    Moore is better now since Tannehill is raw, yet very skilled with huge upside. He also provides trade bait once Tannehill takes over. Moore won games last year, and I’m sure GM’s around the league took notice and he’ll be sought after if a team loses a QB for some games in the future.

  6. “Garrard is a hack who never was able to end the season winning.”

    What did David Garrard ever do to you?

    “Moore is better now since Tannehill is raw”

    He’s not anymore raw than the usual rookie QB. RG3 is coming out off basically Mike Leach’s air raid with some bootlegs thrown in. Tannehill ran pro style. People knock Tannehill for playing soft Big12 defenses, seemingly forgetting RG3 did too.

  7. If all three QB’s were to somehow stay on the team, they’d have arguably the best depth at the QB position in the NFL.

    Unfortunately, you don’t start a game with more than 1 QB.

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