Nashville columnist: Titans QB “competition” overblown


The Titans quarterback situation has been described as a competition, with coach Mike Munchak saying the reps are split evenly between Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker.

But describing it as such may be over-selling it, according to columnist David Climer of The Tennesseean.

“Are you buying this?” Climer wrote. “I’m not.”

Climer believes this job is Hasselbeck’s until further notice, regardless the fact everyone talks about Locker having a shot at it.

Whether it’s because the early schedule is difficult, or because they’re not ready to hand it over to Locker in a division they think they’re competitive in, there seems to be momentum pushing it Hasselbeck’s way.

Of course, that early schedule (New England and Detroit at home, trips to San Diego and Houston in the first four weeks) could also create the opportunity for change.

They didn’t draft Locker to let him sit long-term, and if Hasselbeck gets off to a slow start, there will be no reason not to make the switch in October. And even if he doesn’t, Titans owner Bud Adams could pick up the phone and make a call, and it could happen anyway.

8 responses to “Nashville columnist: Titans QB “competition” overblown

  1. Locker was the 8th pick in the draft and is in his second year. The only reason Hasselbeck should start over him is if they think his experience will make the difference in a Super Bowl season. Are the Titans going to the Super Bowl this year? Get Locker experience now and maybe you can get to the Super Bowl in a few years.

  2. Climer is obviously not seeing what I’m seeing!!!!

    Matt Hasselbeck had a good overall season in Tennessee last year, but in four different games Locker was put in after he struggled.

    Plus, he tailed off at the end of the season and was potentially going to be replaced by Peyton Manning.

    Why is Hasselbeck getting a free pass by people in the media?

  3. Hass deserves a free pass after his handling of bud’s peyton crush..

    Don’t forget, he came in and had the 3rd best year of his career with no off season and a 1st year hc/oc with no star WR and a lost star RB.

    Let #8 at least start the season and see how he can do against playoff competition with a full year, off season workouts, and a rehabbed/revamped/reloaded offense.

    If it doesn’t work out, give Locker the ball for the last half of the season and watch the future unfold.

    The Titans can make the AFC South interesting.

  4. Hass has always been one of my favorite NFL guys and I like Locker as well, so I hope this gets handled right. I feel for Munchak if he has to deal with an owner who would interfere in a playtime situation like that.

  5. I thought Locker played well when he was in last year, and probably should get the job by the end of the season. Having said that, he might be better served by letting Hasselbeck take the first few weeks and ease into the starting job.

  6. People that think Hasselbeck is overrated simply haven’t watched his career enough… if he had been in a bigger market than Seattle and won 6 division titles, 3 Pro Bowls, etc, he’d get a lot more love (like McNabb used to…. has anyone ever asked the question why Hasselbeck is commanding respect from NFL minds and McNabb is on the street?)

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