NFL creates anonymous bounty tip line


In order to prevent the imposition of bounties on players who complain about bounties, the NFL will create a vehicle for the anonymous reporting of the existence of bounties.

After Wednesday’s meeting between Commissioner Roger Goodell and Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Goodell announced that a tip line will be created for anyone who wishes to let the league know about the existence of bounties, according to Ted Barrett of

“We’ve taken very strong action to make sure they’re not part of sports going forward,” Goodell said.  “And that the integrity of our game and the safety of our players is paramount.  And that we’re going to take very aggressive steps to protect that.”

Goodell’s message did enough to persuade Durbin to scuttle a plan to conduct a full-blown hearing on bounties in pro sports.

“Unlike many issues that come before us, this issue was discovered by the NFL, the investigation was initiated by the NFL, and the actions that have been taken against coaches and players was taken by the NFL,” Durbin said.

“There was no denial of what happened.  In fact, they aggressively pursued the information they were given.  What more could I accomplish with a law?  This is better; it’s much better.  And it’s timely.”

And now perhaps we know why the league moved so aggressively against the Saints coaches and the players.  The NFL  knew that it needed to create the impression that swift and decisive action was being taken, even if the evidence on which the effort to punish the players is based possibly contains very real flaws.

Moving forward, it’ll be interesting to see whether the tip line is used to report actual bounty systems, or whether disgruntled players will embellish the facts in order to cause problems.  If it’s truly anonymous, there will be no accountability whatsoever for making false charges.  And false charges inevitably will be made.

70 responses to “NFL creates anonymous bounty tip line

  1. The only good thing about this is my stock in Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper, is going through the roof.

    Thank’s Roger Goodell*

  2. Tip line???? That’s not gonna prevent the commissioner from being sued to hell by the players for defamation. Goddell had to take swift and immediate action to show the league that they were serious, but oops sorry, we really don’t have the evidence, yet. What the hell is going on here, you can’t make an example of a franchise, because you have a feeling something was going on, you can’t take away a man’s livelihood because you have a feeling, you need ironclad evidence, proof. I hope the NFL is hit hard in pocket book by these lawsuits. Any fan that finds this behavior by Goddell acceptable needs therapy. Regardless of your team preference.

  3. We need to find another fav sport because the NFL we grew up with and fell in love with is finished thanks to this buffoon Godell. I loathe this guy so much. And i thought Bud Selig was the worst commish of pro sports…

  4. Wait, I thought that this was a only a problem with those outlaw cheaters the New Orleans Saints?

    Goodell just dodged a bullet. A congressional hearing would have revealed just how widespread and systemic ‘bounties’ are in the NFL.

  5. Headline should read: NFL has no evidence, grasping at sraws.

    And I hate the Saints.

  6. Really becoming sick of the whining from the Aints and their fans and this whole ‘scandal’.

    But what really makes me sick is the total censorship of this site.

    If they (whoever ‘they’ are) don’t like it, they will deny your 1st Amendment right to speak your mind…and to think Cornholio was once a lawyer.

  7. Oh oh, Goodell is such a swell guy looking out for everyone’s safety. He really created a safety villain and punished it severely. It’s all about that meany bounty system. Yeah, you can stop the lawsuits now.

  8. If you know of, or suspect that any NFL player or coach is engaging in bounties, please call 1-800-GOO-DELL to report the crime.

  9. This is one of those headlines that makes me think i wasn’t paying attention and clicked over the The Onion.

  10. So the NFL knew of the bounty system since 2010, and the “Bounty Hotline” is just being established in 2012. I have to question if the motivation for this “Bounty Hotline” is just a PR move to recover from this embarrassing bounty investigation.

  11. 867-5309
    I got it, I got it, I got this number on the wall
    I got it, I got it, for the bounty line call
    867-5309, 867-5309

  12. The second ranking Democrat in the U.S. Senate wants to launch a congressional inquiry into the NFL. Goodell meets with the Senator. As a direct result of his meeting with Goodell, the inquiry is cancelled.

    Goodell’s actions satisfy a high level Senator, but the hotline is too anonymous for the media. Go figure.

  13. I’m thinkin’ we should drop the dime on the 49ers and give them a little retroactive justice from the 80’s while we’re at it.

    Most people remember them as “the masters of the salary cap” but in reality the salary cap was tied up in their basement laying in a combined pool of blood, tears and shame.

  14. Excellent! Now those filthy failcons can finally get investigated to the fullest for all the bounties and injuries they’ve paid for over the last 20 years.

  15. You have got to be kidding me…This isn’t the NFL this is a soap opera….The owners need to have a meeting and get rid of this clown like yesterday.

  16. “If it’s truly anonymous, there will be no accountability whatsoever for making false charges. And false charges inevitably will be made.”

    I can understand the need for anonymity in something like this, just because of how football is. Player X reports a bounty system and it’s known it’s him, who do you think will have the biggest bounty on him next game? Then there’s the stigma of being known as a ‘snitch’ by teammates.

    Even if it’s not anonymous, false charges are made all the time. Just ask Brian Banks.

  17. This is only going to lead to the creation of Secret Bounty Societies that are based off of Code, hidden handshakes, and supreme rankings.

    I was told Jon Vilma has been knighted Master Chef. NFL players love to participate in outlawed activities, just look at the turd meter.

    Bounties will only become more sophisticated and the players mouth’s will be locked, screwed, and glued.

    The Master Chef is the one who pricks your finger when they give you the blood oath.

  18. Goodell’s message did enough to persuade Durbin to scuttle a plan to conduct a full-blown hearing on bounties in pro sports.

    Stupid players don’t get it. Get with reality, Fujita!

  19. So now, every team will have someone fabricating evidence against them. Oh wait, those fans are looking at it differently now.

  20. A Tip Line – really? What a poor excuse to cover up the unfair prosecution of a select few. I’m amazed Goodell would sink this low, but he keeps proving me wrong.

  21. Yeah because giving guys who can’t be trusted to call a cab, enter a club without a concealed weapon, wear a condom, etc etc. to handle this responsibly is bound to be a great success…

    Ever see a man drown before Roger Goodel got in over his head with bountygate?

  22. Geez really? What happened to the national football league..somebody get this guy off his podium.

  23. Maybe he is hoping someone will call in with some real evidence before Vilma’s slander case goes to court.

  24. Wow….no Redskins fans bragging about RGIII taking them to the Superbowl, like we have to hear every other story…

    Maybe they are all on the bounty hotline reporting the rest of the NFC East….

  25. I’d bet my retirement fund that Goodell and Durbin are buddy-buddies on the side and set this whole dog and pony show up well in advance. It stinks to high heaven. This guy is so corrupt I can’t even look at his fat pink face anyway. He needs to go to prison for a while and think about what he’s done.

  26. “Sen. Durbin (Sen. Dirtbag) is Illinois Liberral scum. The one who equated US servicemen with Nazis during the Iraq war.”

    Liberal scum hey? So the alternative is George Bush bomb everyone with no evidence , god is great, the rich get richer, down with universal health care, big oil record profits, global warming etc…..oh man, sign me up for good old republicans any day. No wonder America is in the toilet.

  27. “Hello, Roger? Yeah, I just wanted to confirm for you that Dick Butkus collected a bounty for a hit on Mel Farr in 1967, and I saw Buddy Ryan paying out for a hit on Luis Zendejas in 1989.

    On the other hand, if you need someone to back you up, I would be happy to testify that the Saints invented NFL bounties in 2009.”

  28. “Thank you for calling the NFL Bounty tip hotline this is Roger Goodell. If this is about a Saints player press 1. If it is about a Saints coach press 2. If it is about Mickey Loomis press 3. All other callers call back later. Our offices are closed. Thank you.”

  29. Is there going to be an anonymous fax line where informants can fax in their hand written notes that won’t get shown to anyone at any time?

  30. Maybe all the Saints fans can phone in and whine.

    Sure would free up the PFT comment boards.

  31. Did he really say “the safety of our players is paramount”? He is so full of it. IF (and that’s a big IF) he really had player safety in mind then the offensive players would be flagged as much as the defensive players for going into someone head first with the helmet. IF he had player safety in mind offensive players would not be able to stiff arm/facemask a defensive player.
    Sorry Mr. Dictator Godhell, but the only thing you are interested in is making the all mighty dollar at whatever cost. Safety is truly not a concern of yours.

  32. This reminds me of kindergarden. Teacher, Johnny touched me. Teacher, Billy is looking at me funny. OMG, what has my beloved NFL become?

  33. “And that the integrity of our game and the safety of our players is paramount. ” – Roger Goodell who then discussed how he wants to add two more games to the schedule. And maybe more teams in Europe. But again, safety is paramount to Greedy Goodell.

  34. wow. obvioulsy this isn’t going to work. you will have players from team A calling anonymously to report bounties being used by team B, even if its not true. Belicheck will having his players do this every day.

    the nfl knows this wont work. they are doing this simply to cover their butts in future lawsuits, which is wise.

  35. Goodell and the league offices really don’t seem to know what they are doing or how to handle what is becoming a crisis. And they very well may be right, which makes it all that much worse. This may very well be less about the what but the how. How you can possibly have righteousness on your side and still not be able to control the narrative properly. I don’t particularly like the “everybody’s entitled to a personal explanation” world we live in today, but there is a reality where the media saturates every aspect of our lives, and especially Big Sports. They love the exposure when it removes $20’s from the fans’ pockets but it’s to suddenly supposed to be back rooms and teaspoons of information when there’s a problem? Certainly there’s sensitive information, but one would think that in general this whole thing could be much better handled. One would think this is exactly what a commissioner is supposed to do in promoting the well being of his sport. In the last few years there’s getting to be less and less payoff watching sports. It’s simply not worth it. If I wanted endless intrigue and back biting I’d spend more time at work and try and get even further ahead. This is supposed to be about leisure and take one away from their problems. This ain’t it.

  36. redguy12588 says:
    Jun 20, 2012 10:26 PM
    The Steelers voted against giving Goodell this kind of power, everyone else was okay with it.

    Just saying


    I think Al Davis didn’t vote at all.

  37. As soon as this number leaks to the general public, it will hit the net and spread like a wildfire. Then Goodell will be hearing from Ravenator every day for the rest of his time as Commish.

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