NJ man arrested after claiming to be president, asking for Tebow


Tim Tebow said recently he won’t shirk his responsibility to be a role model.

Maybe that’s why he was recently requested to attend a high-level cabinet meeting.

Sort of.

A New Jersey man was charged with creating false public alarms after making repeated 9-1-1 calls, claiming he was the president and demanding to speak to the Jets backup quarterback.

According to the New Jersey Herald, Hopatcong police said 28-year-old Jason Slater made three 9-1-1 calls on June 10, but refused to give dispatchers any information on why he was calling. Then he called headquarters with the Tebow request, and police went to his home to follow up.

There, they found him hiding in his mother’s closet under pillows.

According to the report, Slater cursed at officers, and after being processed and released at police headquarters, threw his summons complaint on the ground. When an officer warned him to pick it up and he followed by throwing it on the ground again by a Dunkin Donuts (What, was he trying to get arrested?), he was issued a summons for littering.

This is where I’d normally come up with a snappy punch line, but I’m afraid I couldn’t top Bernie Augustine of the New York Daily News, who wrote: “It’s official: the first case of Tebowmania has been identified in New Jersey.”

Well struck, sir.