Plax talks up Panthers as a potential destination

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Plaxico Burress plans to surprise people with his play this season and he’d like to be doing it with the Panthers.

MDS shared some of Burress’ comments from an interview with WFNZ in Charlotte on Tuesday, namely the ones about Burress being in good shape and confident about his ability to make an impact in 2012. What he didn’t share was what Burress had to say when asked about whether he’d be interested in playing for the Panthers. Plax said you “can’t come across a better situation” than the one presented by the Panthers.

“No doubt about it. My brother lives right there in Charlotte, my cousin lives there in Charlotte and all my family is there in Columbia, South Carolina,” Burress said. “It would just be a great situation all the way around and being close to everybody. Not just that but playing with Cam (Newton) who I think is one of the top five quarterbacks in all of football and as long as I can remember Steve Smith has been one of my favorites. I just think it’s a great situation.”

There’s no evidence that the Panthers feel the same way. Burress hasn’t heard from the team and there’s no sign they are looking to add a veteran like Burress to Smith, Brandon LaFell and the rest of their receiving corps.

Which is fine because Burress would probably find any situation involving a paying job as a wide receiver to be a great situation at this point. He’s expressed interest in signing with several teams this offseason, but that hasn’t resulted in anything other than more interviews expressing interest in more teams. Burress says it is because he hasn’t found the right fit, but it’s fair to wonder if such a thing is out there.

24 responses to “Plax talks up Panthers as a potential destination

  1. While I’ve begged (for some reason the team won’t listen to me?) for us to get another big receiver for red zone plays, this doesn’t make sense. I even thought a year or two when he first came back that I’d like to have him, but now, I doubt it would happen. I know he could catch a few TDs, sure, but only those that could be going to our developing players. Folks outside of Carolina probably don’t realize the excitement here around Brandon Lafells, David Gettis and a few others that are up and coming. We NEVER draft good receivers (aside from Steve Smith and Muhsin Muhammad), so it’s nice to feel we can finally build ourselves from within. Bringing in a vet at this point only stunts our growth as a team that’s possibly building something special. Thanks Plax for the good press, but no thanks.

  2. Plax would be an awesome addition to Cam Newton’s weapons !!! He still has significant talent and besides the guy shot himself in the leg for God’s sake. He didn’t rape anyone, or kill anyone with his car, nor did he commit one of the recent DUI’s while going through a drive-thru. Give the guy a chance. At LEASE sign him for one year with incentives.

  3. He should stop doing this. He did it in Philly, too. He’s starting to sound a little desperate.

  4. This guy had 8 touchdowns last season with the Jets with Sanchez as quarterback. There must be some collusion going on if this guy isn’t working in September.

  5. Panthers are a little further away than they think from being contenders. Move doesn’t make sense. They need to keep building with youth

  6. The Panthers must be so thrilled that Plaxico views them as the perfect fit because his family lives there.

  7. Burress wanted to be an Eagle, a Giant and now a Panther. Now that the Panthers will pass up on him , next week he will want to be a Raven. This guy needs to realize, he isn’t that good anymore, just retire.

  8. The “right” team is the team that will pay him the most money, be a contender, throw him the ball 8-10 times a game, and not make him practice.

    Not sure theres many teams out there that’ll be going for that.

  9. The Panthers should sign Plaxico Burress. This article stated the Panthers wide receivers as Steve Smith, Brandon Lafell and the rest of the receiving corp. If the rest of the receiving corp has not done enough in the NFL to get their names mentioned in the article then that is a good indication that the Panthers probably should sign Plaxico Burress.

  10. Would put up good numbers with Cam & S Smith,but I think panther fans are getting a little to excited..This team still has a way to go before bieng serious contendors…

  11. Unless injuries hit some team hard in camp it’s starting to look like Plax may be playing catch with TO in September.

  12. Hurney will not touch Plax with a ten foot pole. Maybe Plax can help out former Panther QB Matt Moore in Miami. We are set at receiver. LaFell is that red zone threat, and we get David Gettis back. Add 3 RB out of the backfield and Olsen, and I’m almost certain we bring back Shockey in training camp. Plexiglass can drop his balls elsewhere.

  13. slammincamnewton

    No way Shockey is coming back. They extended Barnidge after a year long injury because of the high expectations they have for him. He is good to go this year so there is no need for Shockey.

  14. How many other recievers with 8 tds last year are still looking for a job?

  15. Why doesn’t Plax just say “I think I can help any team” rather than these lovefest stunds to draw uop interest from Philly, the Giants and now the Panthers.

  16. Unfortunately, Mark Sanchez’s inability to throw down field with accuracy might hurt Plax’s future plans in the NFL. Mark overthrew him (which isn’t easy to do considering Burress’s length) under threw him, and missed him entirely a handful of times each game. Granted Plax’s attitude wasn’t positive but Santonio Holmes frustration with Sanchez was contagious. Put Plax on opposite side as Steve smith with Cam Newton and I believe Plax can be more productive than he was in NY. Burress might of lost a step but you cannot teach 6″6 with that wingspan.

  17. “He didn’t rape anyone, or kill anyone with his car, nor did he commit one of the recent DUI’s while going through a drive-thru.”

    Think. If the bullet didn’t go thru his leg, if the muzzle was pointing away from him, who could have been hurt? Who might have died? It was a crowded nightclub. Had the bullet gone away from his body, it is quite likely that someone would have, at minimum, gotten hurt. If your wife or daughter were at that club, would think Plax was such a “great guy”? He’s an idiot. He’s always been an idiot. He’s the walking definition of narcissism. Yes, no one but Plax got hurt. But that was just dumb luck. It certainly wasn’t like he jumped in front of a gun aimed at a group of schoolchildren and saved their lives. He had no control of the situation or of his gun. Just because a guy falls short of winning a Darwin Award, doesn’t mean you want him on your team.

  18. @kayakattack and norcalmafia

    That’s cute that you think you know where the Panthers stand on being contenders. Do either actually know the reason the panthers won only 6 games last year instead of the other 5 they were leading in the 4th Quarter? A lil thing called the injury bug I’d lose games 2 if my star LBer was our, as well as our top FA that year. Neither of you appear to know jack about the Panthers and should appropriately step out of any conversation before you say they are not contenders this year cause had they had their D healthy and won those other 5 you’d be signing a much different tune. But as Panther fans know it’s a very real possibility for playoffs and more THIS year

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