Ron Wolf considers Brett Favre the greatest Packer ever


Brett Favre’s retirements and unretirements became such a sideshow that a once-beloved quarterback turned into a villain in the eyes of Packers fans. But the man who brought Favre to Green Bay still thinks he’s the best player ever to play for the team.

Former Packers General Manager Ron Wolf, who traded a first-round draft pick to acquire Favre from the Falcons in 1992, told the Green Bay Press-Gazette that he still believes he acquired the all-time best Packers player when he made that move.

“To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips,” Wolf said. “I feel strong loyalty to Brett Favre. When I got here, Don Huston was the greatest player ever to play for the Green Bay Packers. I think everybody will tell you now, the greatest player ever to play for the Packers is Brett Favre. That’s his legacy.”

Wolf said he doesn’t follow the news out of Green Bay closely enough to know what the current relationship between Favre and the Packers is, but he acknowledged that it made things extremely difficult when Favre tried to come out of retirement after the Packers had already declared Aaron Rodgers their starter.

“I’m not familiar with any schism, because I’m not around here,” Wolf said. “He retired, and I watched all of that from Florida. And then suddenly he came back, and I always felt that was a situation that no matter what happened the Packers would never be right. There wouldn’t be any way they could be right until that thing worked itself out. Now, fortunately for Ted Thompson, Aaron Rodgers has come in and just played lights out. And you know, Brett was one timeout from taking his team in Minnesota to the Super Bowl [in 2009].”

Wolf also called Rodgers “unquestionably the top quarterback in the NFL now.” But in Wolf’s eyes, Rodgers has a ways to go before he can surpass Favre as the top quarterback in Packers history.

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  1. I agree 100%. Not only he the greatest player in Green Bay. He is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. Let’s all put the is he or is he not aside and really look at the passion he put into the game. What he gave us. The loyal NFL fans for twenty years.

  2. If you were a GM and you had the to pick between Bart Starr and Brett Favre you would take Bart.

  3. That’s a fairly accurate assessment, Favre is probably the best packer due to his long tenure and drive to win. If Rodgers continues on the same path he will surpass Favre in no time. Favre made watching games way too stressful, watching Rodgers play gives you a relaxed feeling because you know he will not throw a pick 6 with 2 min left and a 3 point lead.

  4. There is no question. Look at every number the guy put up. His NFL records will stand for a while, his team records could stand forever. Add the entertainment factor and he is.

  5. I agree… It is hard to dispute that he may very well be the best Packers QB in history. However, I’m not so sure that he makes the top 5 on “the” all-time list. But then again, maybe I’m still a little swayed by the poor decorum that he showed in his final years. Either way, he was a great QB.

  6. Brett Favre is the Packer’s, Vikings and Jets most famous Big Game choker. His playoff record was a mediocre 12-10 including 1-1 in SB’s. Bart Starr’s playoff record was 9-1 including 2-0 in SB’s and 3 consecutive NFL Championships.

  7. As a Viking fan I agree if it wasnt for that cheap win by tge saints he would of add another ring but it is what it is he a hof for sure

  8. He’s top 5 but I still don’t think greatest. Bart Starr brought more championships. And as far as Packer fans viewing him as a villain, that’s typical hype from the national media who don’t know squat. I think most Packer fans are more so disappointed in the way things turned out. But I don’t think most hate Brett Favre.

  9. this is Wolfs guy so of course he would feel this way. if Wolf had been the GM at the time of his retiring I wonder if he would feel the same way.
    he’s definitely in the top 3 if not at the top. however the other two, Don Hutson, and Bart Starr(IMO) definitely didn’t have the drama involved in their career. there’s something to be said for that. i think he tarnished his reputation beyond belief with the retire/un-retiring episodes. by the time he is enshrined the wounds in Green Bay will have healed and he’ll be the returning hero again but not quite yet.

  10. Of course Ron Wolf feels that way. He has a vested interest in feeling that way. He traded a first rounder for Favre.

    While I think Favre is one of the greatest players in Packers history, I do not believe that he is the greatest. That goes to Don Hutson. Watching film of the time, you can see how Hutson dominated and shredded defenses. Bart Starr comes in second. The Packers never had a better leader. Favre comes in someplace after them. After Aaron Rodgers’ career comes to a close, we’ll see where he fits on the list.

    I recall that in Favre’s second year as a starter, the coaching staff was debating whether to keep him or sit him in favor of Mark Brunell. I wonder how Packers history would have worked out then. Brunell wasn’t the gunslinger, but was a smarter quarterback. I think it’s one of the great what-if’s in Packers history.

    The greatest should apply to a player’s legacy, how he is perceived after his playing days are done. Unfortunately, Favre’s diva behavior towards the end of his career tarnishes his legacy. The way he verbally trashed the organization can hardly be forgotten.

    Will he have his number retired? Yes, but not for a while. He’ll have to be the one to approach the organization (not with Bus Cook doing his talking or going on talk shows and telling Greta van Sustern how he feels) and make amends. Once that happens, then he’ll have his place. But not until then.

  11. To bad Saints players had to pay each other to to “remove the head”. Saints cheated in the NFC Championship game and should have the trophy taken away. From now on, Saints will always be cheaters to me.

  12. Don Hutson was still more of a (league wide) game changer, a guy decades ahead of his time. Favre’s greatness was in his longevity, the iron man streak and the year-to-year consistency. He was there every game, and he performed.

    It’s a toss up, and the whole organization has to be pretty proud of the fact that they have two players like that to choose from when thinking about their “greatest ever.”

  13. “Huston” we have a problem…with the editing! Don HUTSON was – and could still be – the greatest Packers player ever.

  14. Right on, Ron.

    His true love for the game combined with his crazy skill set made the ole gunslinger one of the greatest to ever play the game.

    Maybe one day, Packer fans will appreciate what they had.


  15. Aaron Rodgers does have a ways to go before he passes Favre, no question about that. But Bart Starr is still the best QB the Packers ever had. He never had real sexy stats, but five championships in six years, and a 9-1 record in the playoffs proves he was one of the most clutch QBs ever.

    Starr is, without any doubt, one of the most underrated players to ever don a pair of cleats in NFL history.

  16. Brett Favre was an awesome player…until he turned into a diva. Reggie White, Paul Hornung, Bart Starr, Don Hutson, Charles Woodson, and now Aaron Rodgers were/are just as dynamic as Brett was, but without (so far, at least) the diva-ness of Favre. Plus, Rodgers could play for 30 years and he wouldn’t own that INT record. How many Super Bowls would the Packers have won if Favre had NOT made a season-ending bonehead INT? One of the best? Absolutely. THE best? Dude only has 1 Super Bowl. He single-handedly LOST a chance at 5 others. Of course Ron Wolf will say this, though…I respect his (Ron’s) loyalty to the man (Brett), no matter how big a dbag Favre is now.

  17. Sorry Ron but I’ll pick Joe Montana over Favre and Bart Starr as well. Favre only had one championship. And as if Rodgers needed mor motivation this just gave him more after Wolf’s comments regarding him.

  18. Now this is truly amazing news!
    Now wait a minute…
    …you mean to tell me that the individual who was the GM and directly involved in the acquisition of Farve, yet had nothing to do with the acquisition of Starr or Rodgers, ACTUALLY thinks that Farve is the greatest Packer of all time???

  19. Of Course Wolf would say that, He wants the credit for pulling the trade.

    Nice trade by wolf, but there are a few I would rank ahead and a number of them from the 60’s, that had class, which Farve has none.

  20. He is. Maybe of any team of all time. I’ve been watching football a long time and I can’t think of any player that made the game as fun as he did. Some Pack fans just have their heads up their cheese cuz they think the game is all about them.

  21. I love Brett Favre, and earlier in his career, his passion for football and being the best was unparalleled. He probably was the most talented QB to play the game.
    Unfortunately, I also get the feeling that later in his career, he became more interested in the adoration that came with being a football pkayer rather than the work that it took to be a football player. Too bad he put too much effort into deciding whether or not he wanted to play , rather than just playing.

  22. Greatest Packer ever? Favre was a great QB, but it’s hard to argue with Bart Starr’s results, 9-0 playoff record is still the best!

  23. Ron, Ron, Ron. The architect of the modern Packers resurgence is simply trying to get in front of the Favre parade back to Lambeau Field after it got seriously disoriented along the way.
    Favre is the statistical leader among Packers quarterbacks in many areas except the ones that matter: Favre has one Super Bowl win.
    Bart Starr has two Super Bowls and five NFL championships.
    When Bart Starr was fired as Packers coach, he was bitter about his firing, but never said a negative word after his firing day about the Packers. Never. He has returned as the elder statesman and is as classy as ever.
    Brett Favre faked several retirements(including if you remember the one that led to his firing in Green Bay), gleefully played for a hated Packers opponent, allegedly called teams the Packers were playing to help them out….
    Favre is the greatest fantasy football QB of the modern era. Not that that matters in real football.
    It made me wince to see Ron Wolf butt-smooching Brett.
    Favre isn’t the greatest Packers player. That really belongs to Don Hutson who revolutionized the game of football in the 40’s. Next is Bart Starr, the leader of a decade of wins.
    I would welcome Brett Favre back to Lambeau to have his number retired when he likely will enter the Hall of Fame in the summer of 2015. That will be enough time for both sides to reconcile.

  24. chrismgillis says: Jun 20, 2012 6:26 AM

    I agree 100%. Not only he the greatest player in Green Bay. He is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. Let’s all put the is he or is he not aside and really look at the passion he put into the game. What he gave us. The loyal NFL fans for twenty years.
    Favre was a great football player and a great QB. But you can’t put aside the way he acted just because it gets in the way of your conclusion. If that was possible, Pete Rose would be in the Hall of Fame.
    Perhaps Wolf believes what he says, perhaps not. Wolf was a master of disinformation. But even if he does, he’s a little biased. Favre made Wolf’s career. If Favre had quit after 1998, Wolf might be right. As far as being one game from the Superbowl with Minn., he also ended their chances with an incredibly boneheaded interception which was more the rule than the exception in his later years.

  25. Benedict Arnold was a very good and decorated soldier too (fact,) but it is pretty hard to separate him from his legacy. What is different here?

    In a few years, and after a demonstration of contrition, his number should be retired and placed on the Ring of Fame at Lambeau, but not until then.

  26. Amen to that ! Packer fans should be ashamed of the way they treated Favre. Hopefully they will come to their senses. I know the mentality is “win now” but BF took the Packers from the dumpster to the pinnacle for 2 decades.

  27. yep, Rodgers has a ways to go to surpass Favre…
    just win ONE more Superbowl.

  28. Favre may be his choice for best player in Packers history but many dont consider that true because he had caused too many crucial losses due to brainfarts that were common with him,like forcing throws that shouldnt have been thrown only to get picked off and costing victories,he was a gunslinger alright and that is the reason he isnt the best Packer of all time.

  29. Everybody’s got an opinion — that and $2.00 gets a cup of coffee at Starbuckerinos!

    Brett may be the greatest Packer in the talent department — but he is lacking in the common sense department.

  30. The common misconception is that the Packer’s and their fans owe Brett Favre and Ron Wolf for delivering them from the wilderness. Not true. That honor belongs to Bob Harlan, who brought in both. Harlan was able to wrest control of the franchise from the non football people who ran it into the ground after Lombardi. We will never forget Brett’s play, but we will also never forget that he has proven himself to be self interested and disloyal.

  31. Sorry, but it’s not Brett Favre, it’s Bart Starr that’s the greatest Packer. Check out the Cold Hard Football Facts, they say that Bart Starr is probably the greatest QB that ever lived based on his record.

  32. Uh oh! What to do now eh Packer fans!? For years you’ve insulted the man and declared him a Packer outcast and fiend. Now that one of your very own revered and former top Packer official declares Favre the best Packer ever…well, the SHTF there big time! How can you debate a former Packer GM who Packer fans at times call king of all things football? Tough cookie huh? Eat crow or…well just accept the truth LOL.

  33. Anyone who thinks Favre is the greatest player in NFL history is a stupid person.

  34. When did Brett Favre turn diva? In 2007 when he carried a young team to the NFC Championship game? In 2006 when the youngest team in the NFL started out 4-8 before winning its last 4 games? In 2005 when Thompson gutted the offensive line letting Wahle and Rivera go? In 2004 when Favre had a string of tremendous play at the end of the year after GB started 1-4? In 2003 when after his dad died, he went on the best stretch of his career taking a 6-6 team to 10-6 and the playoffs?

    Oh, after he was traded he becomes this ego filled diva. Please. He played every play for 16 years.

  35. bluestree says:
    Jun 20, 2012 8:44 AM
    The common misconception is that the Packer’s and their fans owe Brett Favre and Ron Wolf for delivering them from the wilderness. Not true. That honor belongs to Bob Harlan, who brought in both. Harlan was able to wrest control of the franchise from the non football people who ran it into the ground after Lombardi. We will never forget Brett’s play, but we will also never forget that he has proven himself to be self interested and disloyal.
    Yea…and the Giants didn’t beat the tar out of your Packers right? Instead, the Packers beat themselves. Wow, way to bend history in whatever favors your delusional point of view.

  36. The same people that criticize Favre for his decision making and 1-1 SB record also exalt Marino… Marino has 0 SB rings.. So if Favre is a choke artist what does that make Marino? Favre has played with 0 Hall Of Fame receivers and 0 hall of fame Running Back’s … People love to hate Favre because he is from the south and has been at times bigger than the game it self.

  37. I like Ron Wolf and I think he’s one of the best GMs ever, but you can’t say that about a guy that never wanted to finish his career in Green Bay!!!!!!!

    If he’s the greatest Packer ever he should’ve had his heart with the team as often as possible!!!!!

    Ron, you look more credible when you say that Curly Lambeau, Bart Starr, or Paul Hornung is the greatest to play for the franchise!!!

    I am not kidding because those players with their teams in better positions to win championships than Brett Favre!!! Favre was also way too interception prone in the most passer friendly era ever!!! Plus, when he won his he wasn’t the biggest reason why the Packers won!!! Just go ask Desmond Howard!!!

  38. Wait, TT was FORTUNATE that AR turned into a great QB??? This whole thing rings of Wolf patting himself on the back. I’d say TT & MM made a lot gutsier of a call with AR considering BF and his ego and some of the player fans he has than what Wolf did.

  39. “When did Brett Favre turn diva? ”

    You mean when did Packer fans get their first true glimpse of it?

    That’s easy.

    January 6, 2002.

    (When Favre took a dive for Strahan.)

  40. contra74 –

    Vikings 0 world championships
    Packers 13 world championships

    Anything delusional about that?

    Also…you see Percy wants a trade out of Minnesota? Smart man…get yourself on a winner, Harvin!


  41. Funny how all these people that say Bart Starr or Don Hutson being the best Packer ever, if you asked them in 2007, would’ve sworn on a Bible it was Brett Favre. Show some consistency Packer fans, your personal feelings can’t change what happened on the field before 2008 …

  42. ““To me, Brett Favre and I are like connected at the hips,” Wolf said.””

    The mental image of Ron and Brett joined at BOTH hips is one visual I did not need. I’m going to need to scrub my eyes out with a steel brush.

    Frankly, I’m not big into hero worship – I’ve never owned a players jersey with a name on the back of it. Professional athletes come and go — “parts is parts”…and I do recognize Brett as a huge part of Green Bay’s history. Highly appreciative for the years of excitement he provided (and was handsomely reimbursed). Harlan, Wolf and Homgren resurrected the Packer organization.

    Still and the same… Bart Starr and Lombardi share the title in my book, with all due respect to Ron Wolf (and, I worship the very ground Wolf walks on) by virtue of one notion and one notion only: 5 NFL Championships in 7 years. Still the standard by which all great organizations are measured. 5 in 7 years, folks. How is that for greatness?? So… Lombardi and Starr share that distinction. Brett? Helluva a player. Sorry Ron.

  43. In the Weeds says:
    Jun 20, 2012 7:55 AM

    As a Cowboys fan since 1966, I would paint Bart Starr’s house before shaking Brett Pevre’s hand.

    As a Packer fan since around that same time (born in 1960), I salute you as a scholar and a gentlemen. That’s extremely high praise.

    Brett Favre was never the leader that Bart Starr was, nor was he anywhere near as smart.

  44. Wolf was fortunate that Holmgren was able to work around Favre’s obvious flaws otherwise he would have been just another bumpkin with a big arm and a penchant for tossing loads of INTs.

    Favre is Favre. There is no debating that he was one of the greatest QBs of all time just as there is no debating that he has his warts. His decision making in highly stressful situations was always poor. If SB XXXI had been a one score game late I have no doubt Favre would have screwed it up but it wasn’t.

    It was easy to predict that Favre would choke in his last GB game, his last NYJ game and his last MN game. A guy like that is not the greatest Packer ever on a team with so many clutch and terrific players. Don Hutson is the single best player of all time at any position.

    Bart Starr is the single best clutch player of all time and that includes Montana. Bart is the original and best Joe Cool. What he did with a pretty poor team in his last championship season is masterful. He willed that team to a Championship.

    Wolf has his beer goggles on. From his vantage point Favre is the best ever. That’s easy to understand but from the vantage point of a Packers fan we know better. Favre is one of the greatest ever, but certainly not THE greatest Packers player ever. At best he’s 3rd.

  45. Best Packer ever. Without question.

    I still think that Packer fans (real ones, not the Johnny come lately’s) should still be disgusted with Ted Thompson about his handling of Favre. After Favre’s insane 2009 season, those naysayers who claimed he had nothing left were clearly wrong.

    Rodgers has done well so far also, but he’s not the top QB in the NFL currently. As much as I hate the Patriots, there is no better QB right now than Tom Brady. If you gave him the plethora of weapons that Rodgers has to work with, the Patriots would be unstoppable. Fortunately for the rest of the league, outside of Welker Brady has mediocre receivers. In the end, I think Rodgers will continue to be a good but not great QB, and Favre will eventually join the hall of fame and eventually, after certain homer Packer fans get their panties unwadded, he’ll finally get into the Packers ring of honor and have his jersey retired. But only after the Packer finally fire Ted Thompson.

  46. That is a stretch. For starters, I wouldn’t even label Favre the best Packer QB ever. Bart Starr QB’d the Packers to five NFL Championships in six attempts. Favre? He was 1-1, and his reckless INTs cost the Packers several chances at another SB ring.

    Favre better than Starr, Don Hutson, Ray Nitschke? No.

  47. he is the Greatest Packer Ever but to say argubly greatest player in NFL History is Ridiculous!! he’s not in the Top Five QB’s ever let alone Greatest Player stop it


    anybody capable of historic perspective would know this…

    Starr and Lombardi put GB on the map… literally in NFL terms…

    that’s GREEN BAY, WI.. competing with bajillionairs in major cities across the US.

  49. znorseman…went to my first game at Lambeau in September of 1965. “Disgusted” with Ted Thompson? For what? Brett could still throw the ball in 2009 to be sure…but disgusted with Thompson? Nah… I don’t think so. Brett’s time came and went … same as ALL NFL players.

    As for the “good but not great” QB you talk about … he is the reigning NFL MVP.

  50. There needs to be a distinction established here. Favre was arguably the best PLAYER in the extraordinary history of the Packers, but as someone who represented the fine town of Green Bay and everything that goes along with that distinguished honor, he shouldn’t be the greatest Packer ever. His behavior in the offseason prior to his penultimate season, and the season itself, was abominable. Being the greatest Packer ever would require, at the very least, a sense of loyalty to the team and community and by donning those dreadful colors of purple and gold, he instead declared his loyalty to petty vengeance. He could really sling it, though, that’s for sure.

  51. Best …. Depends on how you define best!

    He was very entertaining to watch! He showed the passion he had and drew people in with his personality. One of the most entertaining people to ever play football. Just like Micheal Jordan was entertaining to watch play basketball or Tiger Woods is entertaining to watch play golf. You can argue that these are great players but the best ever… that will forever be debated.

    I don’t think Farve is the best player ever, let alone the best QB ever, or even the best QB the Packers have ever had. But he did keep everybody on edge of their seat and provided an entertainment factor that will forever by remembered. Hate him, love him… diva or not, he provided a good show!

  52. If regular season statistics are the standard, then yes. If it’s championships, then no. There are plenty of Packers who have more hardware by far. Favre did play for a long time so Rise X Run he’s the best Packer ever. But he wasn’t a championship caliber player. And the Packers have at least a dozen players in the last 90 years who were, even if they didn’t play as long.

    Favre had a lot of upside, primarily physically – durability and a strong arm. But that’s only half the equation. There’s the mental/emotional side that he was extremely low at, and why he needed a system to act as a firewall to his downside. This lack of “EQ” (emotional quotient) led to particular game losses, playoff washouts, and ultimately how he handled his legacy with the team. And if there was any doubt about it, Favre gave a Cliff’s Notes version of this with the Vikings.

    Favre’s upside/downside along with Holmgren’s WCO system gave him a lot of positive numbers that can’t be denied. But he also was bad in terms of INT’s, that also can’t be denied. And this isn’t just in absolute terms but per attempt terms. There have been 169 QB’s all time who have had > 1,500 attempts, and Favre is 120th in terms if INT’s (and this taken in terms of era against one’s peers). And those INT’s cost games and seasons. With Favre’s upside came this downside.

    And all that is perfectly embraceable as a fan (fan’s by function have no reason to unilaterally hate a player anyway). But then the last six years of his career came into play. Too much jerkiness, too many ultimatums, too much public ripping on the team, too much revenge. A player, no matter what the upside, particularly when offset by downside, CAN write enough checks against his Goodwill, and Favre did it.

    Of course Wolf was gone by then, so it wasn’t he who had to deal with getting tossed under the bus by Favre three nights in a row on Greta, or deal with Favre’s public relations firm of Werder & Mortensen (otherwise known as ESPN). I understand the Packers and the alumni have business to attend to – the NFL is about curating assets after all – and all the inevitable honors will be done, if perfunctorily, but I don’t have to buy in.

    I’m a fan of the TEAM and the individuals who sacrifice for the benefit of my team. There is room for disagreement and partings of the way (Canadeo, Taylor), but 30% of a career (2005-2010 out of 20 years) spent tearing from the inside, and trying to get revenge form the outside, breaks the tolerance. And if the end result is to make sure we properly honor the Joe Namaths and Jim Browns, is it really worth it even in a business sense?

    Favre burned his legacy, the fans who dislike him didn’t take it from him, and it’s not up to us to make something from the ashes. If the Packers do what they have to do as a matter of course, so be it. But I certainly would understand if Jim Kelly spent four years making public ultimatums and ripping on managment, and spent two years with Miami to “stick it” to the Bills, that a goodly portion of Buffalo fans would have an ongoing problem with him. Or if Fouts did the same to the Chargers. Favre’s net worth per year was not much more than these two Hall of Famers, even if he did it for a little longer time. And certainly was nothing to make him above the team so that his legacy remains intact regardless of the classless way he treated the team the last six years of his career.

  53. Now that we are a few years out of this hyperbole, it is easy to look at the situation objectively. Everybody won here. It is that simple. Rodgers is unreal, Favre got to keep playing, the Vikes got some needed excitement, and the Packers are a better team because of it. Now that it is all over, Green Bay should not hesitate to welcome him back with warm arms.

    Seriously, was it really that bad in retrospect? You have a superbowl you probably wouldn’t have if he had not left.

    The pros he contributed to your franchise could never be diminshed by this stupid single con.

  54. If not for the divorce, and his petty spitefulness that got him to the Vikings, there would be a lot more Packer fans who agree with this. Sure, he cost the team a lot of big games, but he also won a lot of big games too. With Favre you took the good with the bad because there was way more good than bad – the bad just came at inopportune times. Following the mess at the end of his career, he just no longer had the unconditional forgiveness he used to have amongst Packer fans.

  55. zn0rseman says:
    Jun 20, 2012 9:44 AM
    Best Packer ever. Without question.

    I still think that Packer fans (real ones, not the Johnny come lately’s) should still be disgusted with Ted Thompson about his handling of Favre. After Favre’s insane 2009 season, those naysayers who claimed he had nothing left were clearly wrong.

    Actually we were clearly right. Favre was never going ot win another championship. He proved that in Green Bay, he proved it in NY and he proved it in MN. That’s why Thompson and McCarthy decided to move on to Rodgers. Favre could not win another ring. He could win some games, he could play a better controlled game but when the chips were on the line he would do what he does – blow it and he did.

  56. Amazing how so many people that didn’t watch Starr play are willing to give him all the credit for championships the talented and well-coached Packers teams won, sad how just because Favre was forced off the Packers people will downplay what he did despite still winning a championship at a tougher time, having his amazing start streak record and last but not least being an elite QB for about 20 years.

  57. righton989 says:
    Jun 20, 2012 6:52 AM
    Brett Favre is the Packer’s, Vikings and Jets most famous Big Game choker. His playoff record was a mediocre 12-10 including 1-1 in SB’s. Bart Starr’s playoff record was 9-1 including 2-0 in SB’s and 3 consecutive NFL Championships.


    And Michael Jordan has nothing on Bill Russell. Football is an entirely different game from today. Your playoff logic means you hold Dilfer in higher regard than Manning.

    Plain and simple, Favre is a gunslinger. They will win and lose, but the fact is EVERYONE loves a gunslinger.

  58. The pros he contributed to your franchise could never be diminshed by this stupid single con.


    But, you see, it’s not ONE single con. Starting in 2005, after a few years of waffling (which I attributed to the media anyway) Favre issued the ultimatum that if Sherman were fired, he probably wouldn’t come back (because he didn’t want to learn a new playbook). This wasn’t just waffling, it was a threat. And the bootlicking local WI media began the series of “what do the Packers have to do to keep Favre happy” articles. Then in 2006, Favre made the smug “what are they gunna do, cut me?” comment which might be a little light on the gravity scale, but it certainly was enlightening as to his mind set and sets the table for everything that came after.

    Then in 2007, he made the “trade me” comment in public, and then had to back pedal. From the offseason through camp, every press conference Favre gave he had this dead eyed, diffident attitude – he was just in it for his records that 2007 would bring. And why? Because, as we learned later, his hand selected free agent wasn’t signed – Randy Moss. And when Moss not signed as ordered again in 2008 Favre quit. And that led to the public trashing of the team on Greta, where Favre talked about the linemen that weren’t re-signed as instructed, which candidates to interview/hire after Sherman was fired (again against Favre’s ultimatum), and Moss not getting signed. And this does not include his feeding innuendo after innuendo to Mortensen at ESPN.

    And all the 2008 stuff so Favre could get his release so he could play with his buddies in MN. He waited until all the off season routine had come and gone, HIS SALARY CAP DISTRIBUTED, and everyone was on vacation to announce his return. This was purposeful to put financial pressure on the Packers and so gain his release. And THEN when asked, during an interview in early 2009, what was the center piece of his “mistrust” of Ted Thompson, Favre said when he drafted two QB’s and “closed the door on me” (it was within a week that Favre was on the phone to the Vikings).

    So, over three years, Favre wanted to dictate who the coach was, which players to re-sign, broker free agent deals, and have sign-off on the 2008 draft IN RETIREMENT. Being denied these things is what drove him to quit and then seek revenge. You say in retrospect it was win/win when if effect it was lose/lose – either let Favre be the de facto GM, and continue to run the team into the ground as he and Sherman had been doing already, or face team tearing retribution. It is ONLY because of Thompson that we have what we have now. And as for MN, they got a 10-1 record when Favre PLAYED WITHIN THE SYSTEM (Childress’ system basically being Holmgren’s mid-90’s system, having been with Reid in Phillie, who himself was a Holmgren assistant), but once Favre got comfortable, there was the public/sideline dust-up with Childress, and the Vikings were 7-11 in Favre starts thereafter, regular and post-season, with yet another playoff washout due to poor decision making.

    All that I have pointed out here are is on the record and easily researchable. it wasn’t ONE con, it was a series of issues wherein Favre thought he was above the team. When he was basically informed he wasn’t , we all got to see the consequences. Again, 30% of his 20 year career was lording it over the organization or trying to gain revenge against it. And for what? So that a Sherman/Rossely coached team, with aging or retired linemen and Randy Moss could struggle along until all of Favre’s “itches” were scratched using the team as the scratching post? Even as the team was coming off a 13-3, near Super Bowl appearing team doing it pretty much opposite to Favre’s directives? That pretty much proves that it wasn’t success, BUT DOING IT FAVRE’S WAY that mattered. And it was doing it Favre’s way that killed the Vikings and put them at the bottom of the division. It’s not a coincidence that 4 of the 6 head coaches Favre played for for an appreciable amount of time were fired, while the one who left on his own terms made another Super Bowl (with 14 Ted Thompson draft picks) in Seattle, and the other is coaching arguably the best team in the NFL the last three years. Favre was head coaching kryptonite.

    And, again, Favre’s behavior was not singular or to be marginalized. He wrote too many checks for too many years against his Goodwill.

  59. Dear MORONS

    Favre was not forced out he Quit then threw a temper tantrum.
    Like a spoiled child he gave other teams (not just the team he was playing for but others like the Lions info on how to beat the team) He told Urlacher to beat the Packers in the NFC championship game. He is a scumbag wife cheating SOB.
    Greatest player their is a valid argument for that.
    Greatest Packer nope

  60. Being an Oakland fan growing up in Wisconsin, I must say it was a real treat to be able to watch this guy play every Sunday. He didn’t always win, but I can’t see anyone anytime soon surpassing the entertainment this guy brought to the game. Favre Forever.

  61. Actually Reggie White and Mike Holmgren probably did more to ‘re-map’ the Packers. Mike Holmgren not only saved Favre’s career but also his life. Holmgren also helped to land Reggie White. Reggie White broke the barrier in Green Bay for free agency at the time. Nobody wanted to go there prior to him signing.

  62. Being an Oakland fan growing up in Wisconsin, I must say it was a real treat to be able to watch this guy play every Sunday. He didn’t always win, but I can’t see anyone anytime soon surpassing the entertainment this guy brought to the game.


    No one is saying that Favre didn’t provide entertainment to the NFL and has statistics worthy of the Hall of Fame. It’s his Packer Legacy that is in dispute, and where he ranks against others in the team’s 90+ year history. The question is how much did Favre pour in and how much did he let leak out over his whole Packer portion of his career – what I described above as the Goodwill and the checks he wrote against it over 16 years. For me, and apparently many others, the upside didn’t put enough in the account for the downside “checks” he wrote against it. And time simply doesn’t make a negative balance a positive one.

    Favre was entertaining, but that definition may be different for fans and non-fans. When it’s your team washing out due to 6 INT’s or 4 INT’s or overtime picks it’s not quite “entertaining” as it is gut crushing. Your average NFL fan watching will simply remember the entertainment value.

    And, referring to my prolix description above, when it’s not your team getting handed ultimatums or getting its management tossed under the bus, or having a longtime player go to a divisional rival to “stick it” to your team, it probably won’t resonate nearly the same. The rest of the NFL gets the Ol’ Gunslinger to remember one way or another, we get to remember some good times and whole lot of team disrupting bad times. As my first comment pointed out, there was upside, but also downside, and the net of the two does not offset The Divorce.

    Entertaining? At times. Legacy Ruining? At the end, unfortunately. And it is unfortunate, as I also said, I don’t follow a sports team to eventually hate players for fun. I want to regard the players on my team favorably. I don’t LIKE hating Favre, but I do, and I have good reason to. I’d prefer to just forget it and move on, but, again, there are perfunctory obligations and rituals for the team to perform, which the opposite of just moving on. But it doesn’t change my attitude toward Favre. I watched the Packers lose at noon and the Cowboys win at three for many years. And I desperately wanted my TEAM to be like the Cowboys. NOT dreaming of the day when a player would run up a bunch of personal statistics and make the Hall of Fame, much less turn around and soil the team. He provided entertainment, but in a selfish way and the end proved that out. He’d entertain, HIS WAY. If not, well… “waddy gunna do about it?”….. he found out the hard way and he was moved to revenge. And all he did was burn his Packer legacy, and his bridges, on the wrong side of the Mississippi. And I am simply not in a bridge rebuilding mood from my end.

  63. Love him or hate him,there is NO denying the man was a tremendous football player who played with a will to win maybe beyond all others. Who cares who the “greatest” Packer of all time is,Brett Favre made watching Packer football fun again and being a Packer fan fun again.His skills diminished as he got older but his heart never did. If you don’t like the way Favre played football then you are not a football fan.

  64. The Packers were the laughing stock of the NFL until Favre showed up. He’s obviously the best player they ever had. Ironically, his fondest desire was always to play for the Minnesota Vikings.

  65. I’m wondering something, since this a Packer blog site, WHY the hell are there people on here who are fans of other teams? Namely the damn Vikings, stay on your own damn page, you don’t belong on here, and your not wanted. Nor does anyone else who is a fan of some other team, that includes you life long Cowboy fan.

  66. Let me just say this about Favre, after seeing the shots he took against the Saints and now hearing he had a price tag on him, how can you not respect him. I mean he was killed that game cause the Saints saw money in HURTING him! but he always got back up and played good. After seeing him go through that, at his age, he truly was the Iron Man of football. It made me sick hearing how the Saints wanted a legend hurt like that. Plus i remember reading comments of ppl talking about the shots he took and made fun of him. Favre is the toughtest SOB ever and funniest player to watch ever. I miss him already and to me he is the greatest ever

  67. Yes Bart Starr was better in the playoffs and everything but Starr played with legends. Favre never had great players with him on offense. not taking away anything from Starr but he had alot more talent on his side then Favre ever did. Favre made other players good

  68. “But in Wolf’s eyes, Rodgers has a ways to go before he can surpass Favre as the top quarterback in Packers history.”


    Unless Aaron Rodgers all the sudden sucks for the rest of his career, there is no way Brett Favre will go down as the best QB in Packers history.

    Rodgers already has 1 ring and many more seasons left to play. The guy doesn’t make stupid throws like Favre, costing you championship games.

    That alone separates him from Favre.

  69. I will never forget the game Favre had, the day after his father was simply AMAZING! He was an iron man that basically never missed a game…I’m a Broncos fan, and will forever admire Brett Favre, a true man among men! I’m really sad he’s gone quite honestly. But its true, people forget so fast when you retire..its not even close where he stands as a player. At the top…

  70. I would say

    1. Don Hutson
    2. Bart Starr
    3. Reggie White

    before even considering Favre.

  71. i’m constantly amazed that jim taylor is never mentioned in these sort of debates. fans are more familiar with paul hornung, but his rushing stats never compared to taylor’s. from 1960 thru 1964 taylor rushed for 6069 yds with a high of 1474 in 1962 in a 14 game season. in contrast the most yards hornung ever had was 681 in 1959. taylor retired as the packers all time rushing leader and was one of the most feared running backs of his day. in my opinion the best three running backs i have ever seen were jim brown, jim taylor and walter payton, in no particular order.

  72. I’m half for and half against Favre in regard to the whole retirement/unretirement deal.

    The for Favre people feel Favre should have just gotten what he wanted because he was Favre. They felt Ted and Mike got their own egos in the way and that caused them to jilt Favre. However, Ted and Mike acting in their own best interests meshed with doing what they thought was in the best interest for the Pack (because we all know the only way to have job security in the NFL is to win big).

    The against Favre people feel vindicated because Rodgers has outperformed what Favre would have done for the pack post 2007. However, if Rodgers hadn’t become Super Bowl and league MVP, the story would be different.

    The question about Favre being the best ever is a tough one. Starr had legendary talent around him. Favre for a the most part elevated the team. But boy, it is incredibly hard to overlook all those interceptions at crucial times in playoff games. Favre threw 28 picks in 22 playoff games for the pack, Starr 3 in 10.

  73. By the time Favre was Rodgers’ current age, he’d already been to two Super Bowls, won three MVPs, all while eating bowls of painkillers for breakfast! If Aaron can win two more MVPs then tack on about 10 additional average seasons, they’ll be the pretty much same in the history books.

  74. thejuddstir says: Jun 20, 2012 8:24 AM
    Packer fans should be ashamed of the way they treated Favre. Hopefully they will come to their senses. I know the mentality is “win now” but BF took the Packers from the dumpster to the pinnacle for 2 decades.

    …spoken like somebody that got their Packer news by reading the USA Today from a remote location. Don’t try to know….you weren’t here.

  75. Given the caliber of talent that’s played for Green Bay, I wouldn’t attempt to suggest a greatest Packer ever. But it’s nice to see Favre getting the respect he deserves.

  76. One thing I would have to say about Favre, is that he could do more with nothing, more so than any QB I’ve been around to see. Elway had that ability too. They both were erratic at times, but they often took big risks in order to give their team a chance to win.

    That being said, I would still rank Favre at number 3 all time. Montana was just too smooth and cool. Brady is very similar. Then, I would put Favre. But, if anybody ever says Favre is the best, I could never argue with them.

  77. Jeff Hostetler, Mark Rypien, and Trent Dilfer all have as many Super Bowl victories as Favre in less seasons. I will give him much credit for being tough as nails and being a very good quarterback. As a human being he is nothing but a douche bag. Aaron Rodgers deserves all the credit in the world for putting up with Favre’s b***s*** and holding his tongue as well as he has. Remember Steve Grogan? Tough as nails also. He, like Favre had a penchant for forcing the ball and causing interceptions. Favre is nothing but a glorified Steve Grogan, all while being a douche bag which Grogan was not. Remember–1 title in 20 years for Favre–WAY OVERRATED!

  78. Great player, but one of the biggest a-holes to play the game. Throwing your teammates under the bus is one of the worst things you can do as a player. The way he ended his career with the constant crying and retiring/unretiring and demanding a personal escort and private jet has tainted his legacy.

  79. sorry….Bart Starr cannot hold a candle to Brett Favre…..and all you idiots thinking he is a “glorified Steve Grogan” and a complainer are clueless……..absolutely clueless!

  80. I grew up 3/4 of a mile from Lambeau. Favre became the starting QB my junior year of high school and I lived to go to the game (or watch)every Sunday. Watching him are some of the fondest memories I have through my late teens through twenties, especially after being 21. 🙂 Now that I have a family, football has taken a backseat but Favre will always be the best Packer for me personally. Can’t wait until all the B.S. is put behind us and #4 joins the Ring of Honor.

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