Rookies will divide by conference at symposium


College teammates Mark Barron and Dre Kirkpatrick won’t be able to catch up much during the Rookie Symposium.

The event, which kicks off this Sunday, will have the rookies divided by conference to facilitate smaller groups for the presentations and workshops during the four-day event. In a statement from the league, NFL Vice President of Player Engagement Troy Vincent explained why he and other organizers decided to make the change.

“We have reduced the number of draftees simultaneously attending the symposium to create the most favorable learning environment,” said Vincent. “Each rookie should leave the symposium with the knowledge and history of where our game began, where it is today, and challenged to make a positive personal impact on the future of our game. The NFL and its clubs are committed to providing players with the best resources to succeed both on and off the field.”

The symposium has an interesting set of current and former players taking part. Adam Jones, Terrell Owens and Michael Vick are among the participants who can offer some insight to the league’s rookies about the potential problems that they might experience on the professional level. Hall of Famers Michael Irvin and Carl Eller will also speak to the rookies during the event.

9 responses to “Rookies will divide by conference at symposium

  1. If you actually graduated from college and have a decent GPA – You do not have to attend. Guys like Andrew Luck would be wasting their time.

  2. Adam Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick, Michael Irvin???? What kind of message are they trying to send????
    Please, Please for the love of God, RGIII, don’t listen to anything those guys have to say. I trust your judgement over any of them by far.

  3. Justin Blackmon is only attending if there is an open bar. You know what, that’s terrible. I’m giving a thumbs down to myself.

  4. I think it’s good to have guys who have had issues in the past speaking at this, but TO???? The man is delusional…still. Unless he’s the example of how clowncar a guy can sound about himself even after evidence to the contrary, I think he’s a bad choice.

  5. I’m generally not in favor of unions and what they bring… but the NFLPA would be doing themselves a complete disservice if they do not hire Vincent to replace De Smith when his contract is finished.

    That man will bring real NFL experience, plus a dedication to the PLAYERS as a former player.

  6. Adam Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick, Michael Irvin are perfect speakers for the rookies. You want people who have failed and acknowledge their failures and the traps they fell into to avoid like: posses, entourages, friends and families with their hands out, baby mamas, hoes, shady financial “advisors”, etc.

    TO can tell them to just keep your darned mouth shut because payback and karma can bite you in the rear.

    Pacman can tell them how your posses can hurt you at the “scrip club”. Oh yeah, learn how to speak English!

  7. T.O. will instruct the rookies how to destroy a team from the inside and provide popcorn.

    Pacman will then show them how to make it rain.

    Michael Irvin will stab all of the rookies in the neck with a scissors.

    Finally, Carl Eller will sue everyone.

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