Source: Harvin isn’t unhappy with his contract


In expressing his unhappiness with the Vikings, receiver Percy Harvin has yet to utter the one phrase that always confirms it’s about the money.  Specifically, he hasn’t said, “It’s not about the money.”

So maybe it’s really not about the money.

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, it actually isn’t about the money.  While the reason(s) for Harvin’s unhappiness remain unknown, the source explains that Harvin isn’t looking to be traded because he wants a new deal.

As the source explained it, if Harvin truly wanted a new contract, he would at least have skipped the offseason program, and quite possibly the mandatory minicamp.  Keep in mind that Harvin is represented by Joel Segal, who represents Titans running back Chris Johnson.  The same Chris Johnson who parlayed a lengthy 2011 holdout into a significant new contract.

So if Harvin wanted a new deal, he’d most likely be withholding services.

Regardless, circumstantial evidence to prove it’s not about Harvin contract isn’t necessary.  A source with knowledge of the situation says it’s truly not about the contract.

UPDATE 9:13 p.m. ET:  Harvin has taken to Twitter, claiming that his unhappiness isn’t about money.  While that sort of kills the wordplay used to tee off this blurb, it really isn’t about the money.

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  1. It is hard at times being a Viking fan, so much drama for no reason. This really hurts to see, Harvin is one of my favorite Vikings alongside Peterson and Allen. I hope everything works out for the best, I would love to see him stay in Minnesota for a long time. He is such a thrill to watch.

  2. I can’t get enough information about this marginal receiver from the worst team in the NFC.

  3. Percy signed the conract. He can be a man an own up to his responsibilities, or he can be a little punk and pout until he gets his way..

    I’m a Vikings fan. I’m washing my hands of this little b***h.

  4. Exactly! He would just hold out if it were about the money. My guess… he doesn’t want to play on a horrible team any more…

  5. He is talented, but also a malcontent. Why would another team want to take on someone who has shown that he will want out when things don’t go his way?

  6. I know that it sucks losing, but dude needs to be patient, he’s giving us Packer Fans easy material to rip on the vikings… and that’s embarassing to the viking’s fanbase, they deserve a better attitude from one of their star players…. when the going gets tough, become more than a playmaker, become a leader… This whole thing isn’t leadership material Percy.

  7. So why does he want to leave? The Vikings are bad, but they should improve this year.

  8. Percy, Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen are the heart and soul of the current Viking team. All three give 100% on EVERY single play with no regard to their long term health.

    Would Peterson be happy if he was taken out of the game to watch from the sidelines at big moments in games in situations where it’s short yardage/goal line etc.

    Would Allen be happy if he was sitting on the bench late in a game on 3rd and long etc…

    Our OC is average at best. Our head coach is average at best. They simply don’t use Percy correctly. That frustrates fans. Can you imagine how it frustrates a player.

    It’s not about the $ (although that never hurts)….it’s all about how he’s used and what he knows his roll will be this season.

  9. Alright, so what is the problem then Percy? You’ve done everything asked and more. What’s that mean? Just tell us yo.

  10. If it is not about the money, it is about his role on the team or the lack of success that the Vikings have not had in the last couple of seasons. They have been the joke of the NFC North for a couple of seasons now.

  11. It’s not about the money. He wants a weekly gameday supply of medicinal smoke for the upcoming season.

  12. If its not a football issue or money issue then it has to be a woman issue. I got 5$ on someone on the team getting with his girl. Woman make guys do stupid things

  13. This is what happens when you are off hemp for an extended period of time…reality is difficult to grasp and logic is impossible to get a handle on.

  14. Hope they can iron things out so once Week 4 hits the Vikes can feature the Doobie Brothers at WR. Was looking forward to hearing “Takin’ It To The Streets” on the PA whenever Harvin or Jerome Simpson scored.

  15. I think its time to for Musgrave to find the door. He dont know how to use him or any other weapon on the offense! On the 1 yard line and u take harvin and rudy off the feild and end up getting 3pts. Seriously Musgrave is HORRIBLE!

  16. Seem to me he suffering the Marbury Garnett syndrome when Marbury was jealous that Garnett got that 100 million contract and he didnt and what happen to Marbury nowdayz? Nuff said

  17. He better not leave the Vikes, but if he does, I want him to get to play outside in the rain on occasion so people can make wet Percy jokes.

  18. Great… it’s about that time when the pesky, mysterious person know as “Sources” shows up and provides the news outlets with conflicting information every 5 minutes.

    Also known as, we really have no idea, but will take any little piece of information and run with it.

  19. Maybe if you didn’t fumble in the NFC Championship game you would have a SuperBowl ring instead of crying about being on a last place team.

    Harvin has already made 10 million dollars from his rookie contract so it better not be about $.

    You would think a receiver would play at least one full season & have at least one 1,000 yard season before they have the stones to hold out.

  20. i dont understand those of you who completely belittle men for looking for better opportunity in their line of work. lets just say a “regular” person is unhappy with their current career, would you call this man anything other than smart if he took advantage of an opportunity to be in a better spot? no, so why is a professional athlete not supposed to advance his career like the joe schmo manager did?? so i beg of you, use logic and common sense before berating someone for making their life better. you wouldnt talk sh*t to your kid for going from baseball to the guitar. lol.

  21. sticking with my idea that it’s the wear and tear, and how he doesn’t want to be used as a RB/backfield ballcarrier because he is either worried about the health effects or damage it could do to his longevity.

  22. It’s pretty funny reading all these packer goofballs trying to comment without knowing how to spell. Too funny!

  23. textexington says: Jun 20, 2012 9:21 PM

    He is unhappy with playing for a team that has never and will never win a Superbowl.Oh and the fruity purple uniforms.LOLZ.

    If anything is “fruity” around here it’s you using the phrase “LOLZ”

  24. vikesfansteve says:
    Jun 20, 2012 10:10 PM

    You would think a receiver would play at least one full season & have at least one 1,000 yard season before they have the stones to hold out.


    a 1000 yard season by a WR? When is the last time that happened in vikland?

  25. @vikesfansteve

    My bad, I forgot about the 2009 season when you went to the Super B….

  26. eaglesfootballfan says: Jun 20, 2012 9:29 PM

    If it is not about the money, it is about his role on the team or the lack of success that the Vikings have not had in the last couple of seasons. They have been the joke of the NFC North for a couple of seasons now.
    You being an Eagles fan and all, I can understand the gaff… but any person that’s watched football in the last 2 decades knows that the Lions have been the worst team in our division for a LONG time. They had one decent year. They’ve had multiple top 5 picks since the days of Barry Sanders.

    Go educate yourself TOOL.

  27. jagsfan1 says:Jun 20, 2012 9:12 PM

    Rule # 1 : It;s ALWAYS about the money

    Rule #2 : Refer to rule #1


    That’s not true in every case. Last year Marshall Yanda, considered the best or second best right guard in the biz, of the Ravens resigned with them for less than he would’ve got on the open market simply because he loves being a Raven.

    He then willingly restructured his contract this year, without being prompted, to help the Ravens clear cap space.

    There really are some true team players out there, even if it’s not many.

  28. Packer fans laugh now, while dismissing the fact that CM3 knows that, at 800k this year and 950k next year, he is grossly underpaid.

    But I’m sure it’ll all work out for the best. Aaron got his, Greg got his, James got his, Charles got his, Jordy will get his.. Clay will surely get his – its not like the NFL has a salary cap or anything.

  29. It’s about his role, and HIS choice for QB. Wait and see. It will come out, it always does. He said he was ready to assume a roll as “a veteran team leader” with the team. Bet all the guys over the age of 24 liked that statement. He has likely been chastised by the real veterans on the team, and didn’t like it. Maybe they suggested practicing on Wednesdays? Typical 24 year old. Thinks he’s seen it all.

  30. I just know that if Chili were still in charge, none of this would have happened. The Vikings would still be contenders in the division and this kind of nonsense wouldn’t be tolerated.

  31. The Vikings go thru so much drama every year. The sexboat fiasco, Randy’s return, chasing Farve drama, the McNabb experiment, AP skipping practices to attend a parade in his honor, Williams bros, Harvin’s migraines, and the Childress era…that’s just the icing on the cake. Wow, gotta feel for the guys in Purple.

  32. Who wouldn’t want to play and live in Minnesota? You can hunt and fish and shop at the mall. Is there more to life than that?

  33. veence69 says: Jun 20, 2012 9:12 PM

    I’m a Vikings fan. I’m washing my hands of this little b***h.


    Oh No!! Please don’t!
    Percy will be crushed!!


    he wants more playing time, and as camps and installations progressed he realized the Vikings were not going to expand his role.

    also, they want him to work only from the slot, once again limiting his talents.

  35. Harvin Dosent Want More Money
    June 21, 2012 6:58 am

    Harvin wants to become an elite receiver in the NFL. And the only way he can do so is to be on the field at receiver every play. Our OC last season didn’t use Harvin the way he should have, instead he was a backup running back on occasion. Not to mention was not even in on plays that were 3rd and long nor goal line opportunities. We all know after Rice left Harvin became our best receiver on the roster so why not treat him like one. Check out Wes Welker’s stats before he became a Patriot and compare them with his last 4 seasons in New England. Harvin is younger and more talented than an aging Welker but doesn’t get the ball enough in the right situations, even when Welker played with Moss he still got his touches and put up nice numbers. Harvin isn’t as dumb as some of you think, he looks at tape and sees how New England uses Welker and wants that kind of role in our offense so he can become an elite receiver in the NFL not just a guy that can play running back and return kicks. With the NFL changing rules about the kickoff he might think his return days may already be over. So what kind of value would he have on this roster or in the NFL? We made the mistake by drafted another slot receiver in Jarius Wright so maybe Harvin thinks he might take away some of his touches in the slot. With all the questions surrounding our play calling (offense) this can’t be about a new contract he has been at every activity this year. He just wants a bigger role on the team. 

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  36. I am sure that the coaches wanted to play him more, but Percy has not been the most durable throughout his young career. Maybe if he stopped sitting out games, he would get more play.

  37. Did he sign a contract???? If so, he should abide by it. Does his word mean anything….or is he just another one of many spoiled liars?????

  38. Given the scheme, the qb and the way he is used, unhappiness could be justified.

    Given his paycheck and health history, he ought to shut up, man up and put up big numbers within the scheme and move on when his contract expires. If every player demanded a trade because they were unhappy about something in the middle of their first contract the league would see greater chaos than what already prevails.

  39. As a niner fan i will gladly take him. I hope moss is trying to convince the FO to trade for him. Kyle williams Ted Ginn for harvin or Williams/Ginn (take ur pick) and a 3rd for harvin. Ginn is the kr/pr(one of the best in the league) and williams despite what many think showed some promise last year as a young receiver and has tremedous upside. Why else would he still be on SF after those 2 fumbles in the NFCCG, his value is at WR.
    Sorry guys im just foaming at the mouth of having crabtree, moss, harvin, manningham along with davis at TE. A.J. Jenkins will be a non factor this year, he’ll be on bench most of year to learn playbook and how to play the position at a pro level with the occasional coming in for a play or two. Or if we end up cutting moss cuz he starts to complain, however despite what many pats and vikes fans think, I doubt that will happen simply because he has sumthin to prove and 9ers have nothing to lose. Its a $1.5-2 million contract with incentives to go up to $4 million! Vikes fans dont be mad just cuz childress made a poor decision….manhy poor decisions.

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