Spielman says Vikings have no interest in trading Harvin


Vikings receiver Percy Harvin wants a trade, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be getting one.

G.M. Rick Spielman said Wednesday that the team has “no interest at all” in dealing the 2009 offensive rookie of the year.

“We drafted Percy Harvin here,” Spielman said, via ESPN.com.  “He’s a key part of our organization.  He’s a key part of our football team.  Any issues that are out there or reported, we always handle those internally and continue to handle those internally.”

But that won’t necessarily be the end of it.  If Harvin wants out, and if he’s willing to become sufficiently disruptive, he may get his way.

The Vikings set the precedent in this regard last year by cutting long-time left tackle Bryant McKinnie loose, after he showed up for training camp overweight and out of shape.

“In Bryant’s case, he’s been a terrific player for the Vikings,” coach Leslie Frazier said last August.  “I love him as a person.  We’ve gotten a great relationship together.  But at this point, for all parties involved, I just thought it was the right thing to do, and I’m sure he’s going to catch on with a team and he’s going to do well.  He’s a terrific player right now, but for where we are right now and where we’re trying to go to, it just wasn’t the right fit for the direction that we want to go.”

So at what point does Harvin do enough to allow Frazier to reach the same conclusion?

Though there’s no reason to believe Harvin would go T.O. on the Vikings, trying deliberately to get traded by becoming openly insubordinate, Harvin reportedly hasn’t been a model teammate in the past.  He reportedly “chuck[ed] a weight” at former coach Brad Childress in 2010, in the days after Childress cut receiver Randy Moss.  The alleged move capped a “heated argument” that arose after Childress questioned Harvin’s effort in practice.

At Florida, Harvin reportedly grabbed an assistant coach by the neck and threw him to the ground.

So just because the Vikings don’t want to trade Harvin doesn’t mean Harvin will quit trying to get traded.  The question is what else will he do to try to get what he wants?

30 responses to “Spielman says Vikings have no interest in trading Harvin

  1. Maybe Glenn Taylor can buy the Vikings. Then, they can trade the good players (e.g., Harvin, AD, Allen) away to teams that actually have a shot at winning a Super Bowl someday. That is the decent thing to do.

  2. That’s interesting…apparently Harvin has no interest in playing for the Vikings. Can’t wait to see who blinks first.

  3. Other than the fact that he’s on a bad team, does he have any reason to leave the Vikings? That’s a pretty lame reason to ask for a trade.

  4. This kid sounds like a winner with a good head on his shoulders.

  5. Spielman isn’t exactly going to come out and concede defeat to a whiny receiver, thus losing potential trade leverage. I don’t think this kid’s going anywhere.

  6. If Spielman could swing a sign and trade deal with Mike Wallace and get the Steelers to add Ike Taylor that would be a good trade for both teams. The Vikings already have Harvin’s replacement Jarius Wright. Spielman has most likely already considered doing this.

  7. it is half contract, half playing time.. he was only the field for 58% of the offensive snaps last year, and when someone asked him recently if he thought he’d see the field more often this season, Percy dismissed the question. It is pretty crazy that our best weapon on offense is so underutilized.

  8. Best thing for Harvin would be to leave. I hope he doesn’t play disgruntled though, or worse, refuse to play. That would hurt his value in the eyes of other teams.

  9. Guess this is what happens when you draft guys that you know are head cases and have character problems.

    This guy is going to turn into a cancer in that locker room ala TO, he’s already responded poorly to tough coaching lol.

    I love to see this kind of thing happening to the Queens. Maybe Percy just wants the Brett treatment!

  10. Vikings should trade Harvin to build for the future. They are looking at last place in Norris div. for several years. As for the trade with Steelers. The Steelers trade away turds, not for them. Plus, they already have a cheaper version of Harvin in Rainey. Plus, there is nothing on the Vikings roster Pittsburgh wants except maybe a heathy Peterson. Wallace will resign with Pittsburgh by camp.

  11. Percy Harvin is like that once-great girlfriend that you had the misfortune of marrying.

    You know what she’s capable of, but every time you need her to produce, she has a headache.

  12. Much adoo about nothing. Whats he going to do? Retire? The Vikes have his rights for 2 more years and arent trading him. As much as PFT or any other media outlet tries to blow this up, I would be shocked if the Vikes traded him. Percy doesnt have that quit in him like DeSean Jackson. Although he may end up having a few more “migraines”

  13. Best case scenario: Harvin gets in a car accident and perishes on contact. Then we can all eulogize him as a terrific human being, a role model to inner city children and a fine student athlete.
    And we never have to hear from him again.

  14. I thought Percy was way more professional than this but then again, he is a professional athlete. Always gotta bitch about money. Here’s a kid who was most likely on a winning team in high school…then has a great college career with a great team…and an awesome first year with Brett favre. Now with the last two years of being on a losing team he can’t handle it. Guess what Percy…life does that sometimes. Time to grow up.

  15. To the dude who thinks the vikes will be at the bottom for several years: Not gonna happen sonny, the bears lions and packers are good teams, and that can change just as quickly as bad teams getting good. Ive been a fan of the vikes and the nfc north for a long time, the vikes never stay down for long.

  16. We should just deal him, could prob get a nice package for him . I don’t want guys who don’t want to play , never turns out well

  17. I guess Percy has learned well from his mentor Moss and has become the latest pro athlete to become a canker sore in the locker room. Way to go Randy. And way to go Spielman for ever bringing Moss to the Vikings and creating this mess. What a bonehead. I guess Chili was right all along.

  18. Percy, grow up man. You will get your pay day. Sure,you can throw a fit and be traded eventually,but do you really want to be THAT guy? You are talented and we have shown loyalty to you and any problems you have had,man up son!

  19. Vikings don’t know what to do with him anyway on the field… Wasn’t he playing tailback last year smh

  20. scottpavek says:
    Jun 20, 2012 4:44 PM

    it is half contract, half playing time.. he was only the field for 58% of the offensive snaps last year, and when someone asked him recently if he thought he’d see the field more often this season, Percy dismissed the question. It is pretty crazy that our best weapon on offense is so underutilized.
    He was playing 58% of the time, because he only knew 58% of the playbook! He probably got into a tiff with a coach who lectured him after offensive penalties…

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