Stevie Johnson returns to practice, feels no pain

Getty Images

It doesn’t seem like the Bills will have to worry about the aftereffects of Stevie Johnson’s groin surgery.

The wide receiver made good on his proclamation that he’s way ahead of schedule in his recovery from the operation by getting on the field for Tuesday’s minicamp practice. Johnson was limited to 10 snaps during the 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 portions of practice, but that’s 10 more than the Bills thought he was going to get just a short time ago. After the session, Johnson said that his main concern at this point is mental rather than physical.

“I felt like I was a bit slow. Then coming in and cutting to the right it felt heavy. It’s just a mental thing because I didn’t feel any sharp pain like I did last year,” Johnson said, via the team website. “That’s why I felt like I’m good. So hopefully tomorrow I’ll just be able to go out there and focus on plays and who is lined up across from me and defense and all that other stuff. Today it was more of if I cut right here will it pop or what is going to happen next? I just feel like if I get a few more plays then I’ll be good.”

Even if Johnson doesn’t wind up doing much more than he did on Tuesday, his return for minicamp is a success. It gets the first day back on the field out of the way long before training camp and allows Johnson to focus on getting himself ready for camp instead of worrying about his physical condition.

That’s a win for the Bills as well. Johnson’s return means they can spend more time thinking about who will play across from him during the regular season.