Vitt offers to take lie detector test regarding Favre bounty allegations

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Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt hadn’t previously responded to the allegation that he contributed $5,000 to the alleged bounty on Brett Favre because Vitt hadn’t previously been accused of it.  Now that the league has lumped him in with players accused of funding the alleged bounty, Vitt has responded.


“In the recent information released by the NFL to the NFLPA, and later to the media, there is an allegation made against me that is completely untrue and I cannot let it go unchallenged,” Vitt said in a statement forwarded to PFT by Saints spokesman Greg Bensel.  “I did not pledge any money for any type of incentive program pertaining to the 2010 NFC Championship game.  Furthermore, I have never at any time pledged any money for any type of incentive program, or so-called ‘bounty’ program.”

Vitt is willing to do take extra steps to prove his innocence.

“Today I had a great conversation with the Commissioner and stated I would sign a sworn affidavit to this fact, or make myself available to take a lie detector, to immediately rectify this matter,” Vitt said.  “Also it cannot be emphasized enough, none of our players, particularly those who are facing suspensions, ever crossed the white line with the intent to injure an opponent.  I am proud of our players and stand behind them 100% and will do whatever I can to help restore their good names.

“I maintain my pledge to the Commissioner to be an agent of change in helping to find new ways and practices to make our game safer for all players and I look forward to more constructive conversations with the league on this matter.”

Regardless of whether the charges against the players are true, the handling of the accusations against Vitt are curious, to say the least.  The league admits it never accused him of offering money to a bounty pool for discipline purposes, but now the league is using allegations against Vitt to bolster the evidence against the players.

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  1. They are showing that they don’t have enough evidence against him, so they didn’t nail him to the wall, while still using similar evidence that has been corroborated against the players.

    If I were the players, I would begin making the calls to the league offices to quietly talk to the commish. They might get further.

  2. The NFL just in essence admitted to pulling a piece of “evidence” out of cold storage that they didn’t think warranted a formal accusation in order to have another scary soundbite for their chosen 12 stenographers to breathlessly repeat on the air.

    And we’re the crazy deluded ones that insist this case stinks to high heaven? Please.

  3. I will bet any amount of money that Goodell will not offer to take a lie detector test regarding his accusations.

  4. This has gotten so stupid. Lie detector tests?

    I’ll be glad when the games start up again.

  5. Stand by Joe, we’re currently seeing if Mike Shanahan will lend us his lie detector machine.

  6. Next up for Vitt…sidewalk press conference followed by some rock kicking…stay tuned.

  7. Vitt said. “Also it cannot be emphasized enough, none of our players, particularly those who are facing suspensions, ever crossed the white line with the intent to injure an opponent. I am proud of our players and stand behind them 100% and will do whatever I can to help restore their good names.

  8. The lie detector went crazy the moment Vitt stepped into the room. Buzzers went off, lights flashed, it began to hum in an alarming fashion and smoke puffed up from the machine. Finally the technicians traced the problem to the cap Joe was wearing with a Saints logo on it.

  9. Let’s not forget, despite this site’s hysterical effort to defend the saints despite the evidence, Vitt has been suspended the first 6 games of the season in connection with this. What’s with the ‘who me?’ babe in the woods routine.

  10. Should not have to take a lie detector The NFL is like the key stone cops I can’t wait for a judge and jury to get a hold of this You can’t just sling stuff out there because you feel like you are losing the PR battle I hope Congress investigates the NFL

  11. Vitt offers to take lie detector?

    How about offering to take his suspension, like a man?

  12. Kattykathy: Why should he? First off its not “his accusations” it’s the NFL’s accusations and they were investigated by NFL security. Would you expect the district attorney to take a lie detector test every time the police recommended charges against a purp and his office went ahead with the case?

  13. Why doesn’t he offer to take a lie detector about the bounty program if there wasn’t one. Hell have all accused take one. It worked for Travis Henry and the Broncos.

  14. Joe’s wife testified on his behalf. “I’ve known Joe for 43 years and this is totally out of character for him. He’s far too cheap to do something like that.”.

  15. Having been a jack of all trades assistant with various teams around the league over the years, Joe felt completely confident in submitting to the “polymath test”. “Hell, they could just look at my resume…”.

  16. jaggedmark says: Jun 20, 2012 4:09 PM

    Vitt offers to take lie detector?

    How about offering to take his suspension, like a man?


    When “a man” is falsely accused of something, he does not just take it. He screams his innocence from the mountaintops, voices his outrage to anyone who is willing to listen and twice as loudly to those who aren’t.

    I’m tired of hearing this “take your punishment like a man” crap from a whole bunch of people who clearly don’t understand what truly being a man and standing up for yourself is.

  17. Those of you trying to deny the EVIDENCE that there is no evidence sound just as dumb and in denial as the Saints fans you previously accused of the same thing when this all started.

    The difference? Your facts came from a man who obviously doesn’t have them straight.

    Our facts came from looking at the facts trying to find the truth.

  18. Tedmurph,

    You’re exactly correct when you say, “this site’s hysterical efforts to defend the Saints…”

    I have had post removed for challenging Mr Florio, or posts that haven’t seen the light of day after I’ve posted them. They DID NOT contain any profanity. I merely suggested “he get off the Saints’ sacks…”

    The truth of the matter is, if there was NO bounty program, why didn’t Sean Payton use part of his 8M salary from last season to file a lawsuit to get the suspension dropped? Why didn’t Loomis do the same? And why apologize, saying that “what we did was wrong and it was a mistake”–if nothing happened. The NFL supposedly wrote Williams’ statement, but I have never seen anything that says they wrote Payton’s or Loomis’.

  19. Even if he takes the Polygraph and passes he still won’t be believed. No one even takes those that serious anymore and mostly all of them are thrown out in court. So to think that Goodell of all people would be like “Ok so you passed the test? I believe you now I was sooo wrong.” Child please…lol (Best thing to come from Ocho by the way)

  20. Anyone with a little Valium or Vicodin could pass a lie detector test and he probably collected some from the snot that got knocked out of Favre from all the uncalled late hits gathered up so you can pass it!

    Besides by offering to take one he looks innocent but really has nothing to lose. Anyone who gets confrontational and asking “where’s the proof” is usually deflecting, and it is generally a sign of guilt and deception at least more often than not.

    Lie detectors aren’t super accurate either. There are more advance voice-stress detectors and lie deception experts that are better. The CIA and FBI trains people in counter terrorism rather than rely on lie detectors because they can detect what a machine misses.

  21. If the officials would have made the right calls on the field (NFC Final) this bounty crap would NEVER have been brought up.
    The officials are the ones who should take the lie detector test to find out who paid them off …. Seriously those non calls beating of Favre was total garbage.

  22. For those of you who don’t realize, the most important part of Vitt’s statement isn’t that he’s willing to take a polygraph test: It’s that he’s willing to sign a sworn affidavit. Lying on a sworn affidavit is a FELONY. So you can all say that Vitt is bluffing with the lie detector test, but you simply can’t say the same thing about signing an affidavit.

    I wonder if you people think Der Kommissar would be willing to do the same.

  23. Hey Eagle, the reason Payton hasn’t filed action against the league is because he wants to coach again. The league has informed the coaches if they talk about the discipline they may find it difficult to return to their positions. Also, the coaches are direct employees of the league and not covered by the CBA.

  24. To all the people talking about their comments being removed; it’s not because your views are against Florio. I have posted a few comments that have been pro-Florio and they were removed. i’m not sure what the problem is. But it takes seconds for the post to removed.

    Anyway, standard lie detectors aren’t reliable as they measure HR, BP. If someone is fearful, those vital signs will go up as the autonomic nervous system kicks in and fight or flight goes into motion even if the person is telling the truth.

    There has been technology produced that scans the brain and is a lot more reliable. But, do I think that Vitt will ever take a lie detector? Not a chance.

  25. Just finished hearing Schefter dawdling about this. What a joke! It’s clear to me that all reporters need to side with the players, and all coaches have to side with each other, and all players must be objecting! You know what that is called….”gang mentality”. Don’t diss the brotherhood or no further jobs will be available. Let’s keep up the lies so we won’t be ostracised by the “gang”. Forget integrity! Forget “Cowboying Up”! Let’s continue the punk society of the NFL spoiled brats…

    Hate it when you get caught, don’t cha!!!!

  26. peachyc39 says:
    Jun 20, 2012 4:47 PM
    Even if he takes the Polygraph and passes he still won’t be believed. No one even takes those that serious anymore and mostly all of them are thrown out in court. So to think that Goodell of all people would be like “Ok so you passed the test? I believe you now I was sooo wrong.” Child please…lol (Best thing to come from Ocho by the way)


    That goes double for you Saints fans. You have been sold out by the guy that ran the program and he would know, but somehow it’s all lies from Roger GooDevil. Williams : “Gregg Williams told investigators that he had “rolled the dice with player safety and someone could have been maimed.” Oh yeah, all lies.

    1) The term “bounty” was used by the Saints themselves in their internal documentation and they said it was time to COLLECT it. Nobody forced them to write it. They chose to say that.

    2) When they thought Brett Favre was knocked out of the game, even if it wasn’t Hargrove, some had the expectation of being paid for knocking him out. Period.

    As far as Joe Vitt “offering to take a lie detector test. he doesn’t need the NFL’s permission to do it. Just do it, tape it and answer the following:

    1) Did the Saints have a pay-for-performance that included incentives for “cart-offs”? What did that mean?

    2) Did you have knowledge of it when Goodell asked about it years ago?

    3) What explanation do you have regarding Greg williams detailed explanation that their was in fact a pay-for-perfomance program including his quote about it ‘rolling the dice with player safety’?

  27. jpmelon says:Jun 20, 2012 9:02 PM

    Now the question remains: should they use Maury or Steve Wilkos to read the results?

    Pretty funny.

    Those guys are missing a golden opportunity.

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