All rise for Judge Sapp

Warren Sapp now has something in common with the person presiding over his bankruptcy case.

Both are judges.

Judge Sapp, a YouTube offering from The NOC, has debuted with a pair of episodes.  In each one, Sapp presides over a dispute, Wapner-style.

The premiere arises from an allegedly subpar hair weave.  The second show centers on a woman who claims that her obligation to pay rent to her male roommate expired once they started having sex.

The show features Olympic snowboarder Louie Vito as the courtroom DJ, and a “Wheel of Justice” with prizes ranging from $1,000 to Sapp’s toenail clippers.

Check out either or both episodes, if so inclined.  And then judge the Judge Sapp show in the comments.

I’m withholding my review for now, so that we can get an unvarnished sampling from those of you who have 15 minutes or so to watch both episodes, or seven minutes or so to watch one.