Bengals expect Leon Hall to be ready at the start of training camp

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Bengals cornerback Leon Hall was having a very good year in 2011 before he suffered a torn Achilles tendon in the ninth game of the season. Despite that injury, the Bengals expect him to be ready to have another good year in 2012.

The Bengals’ website reports that “the Bengals got a huge rehab from cornerback Leon Hall,” (I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of a “huge rehab” before, but I think that’s supposed to be a good thing), and that the Bengals are optimistic he’ll be on the field for the first snap of training camp.

That matches what Hall said last week, when he was still among the injured players at the Bengals’ minicamp but said, “Considering how I feel in mid-June, I feel like I will be OK.”

If Hall is healthy enough to play 16 games in 2012, and if first-round draft pick Dre Kirkpatrick is as good as the Bengals expect him to be, and if free agent signing Terence Newman can contribute, then the Bengals should be significantly better at cornerback this year than they were last year.

7 responses to “Bengals expect Leon Hall to be ready at the start of training camp

  1. This artical should read..

    Bengals hope to God Leon Hall to be ready at the start of training camp because besides Dre we are in DEEP SH$#”

  2. Marvin Lewis is a master of misinformation. I’ll believe this when I see it. It’s still likely Hall starts game 7 after coming off PUP.

  3. easy with the 3rd best corner, and “was having a good year until…talk”. I you watched any Bengal games last yr. you would know the that he was getting cooked on the deep ball. he was exposed after the bengals lost their best corner j.Joe. he is a number 8-10 c.b. at best

  4. The Bengals first game will be 10 months removed from his surgery. Hall will be plenty ready.

    Elton Brand tore his Achilles in August of 2007 and was cleared to play in games again in April 2008 (8 months after surgery). Demaryius Thomas tore his Achilles in February, and was back playing games in October (8 months after surgery).

    Bengals training camp starts 8.5 months after Hall’s surgery. A professional athlete’s full time job is to rehab with professional trainers and physical therapists on a daily basis. They rehab faster than normal folks.

  5. There covered either way, they a pretty deep in DBs this year. People can say what they want, but they don’t need Kirkpatrick to even play this year. THey have 5 vet CBs that were all 1st round picks. They’ll be rotating different guys into different packages whether Hall is back for Game 1 or not and whether Kirkpatrick starts Game 1 or never takes a snap.

  6. Players are always going to be overly optimistic about their recovery, but I heard Hall was ahead of schedule on his. It wouldn’t surprise me, as he’s one of the hardest workers on the team according to Mike Zimmer.

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