Christian Ponder hopes bigger equals better

Getty Images

Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder got a left tackle in the draft, it looks like he will have his top wide receiver in camp and Adrian Peterson shouldn’t be far behind, which means the biggest thing left to work on is himself.

For Ponder, part of that process includes gaining weight. Ponder played at 212 pounds last season and he’s tipping the scales at 233 as minicamp comes to an end. He’d like to be right around 230 when training camp starts.

“I’ve gotten bigger. I’m stronger. I’ll try to keep my flexibility,” Ponder said. “There’s a lot of different things we can do flexibility-wise with the yoga. Just trying to keep my body in the right condition and getting stronger.”

Tom Pelissero of suggests the reason for the weight gain is to avoid a repeat of the beating Ponder took last season, although the Vikings surely hope Matt Kalil helps in that department as well. Ponder also needs to do a better job of recognizing defenses, something he said that he feels he’s improved at a lot over the course of the offseason work.

If that doesn’t work out for him, at least he’s better equipped to cushion the fall.