Despite new additions, Santana Moss might still be the man


The amazing part about the Redskins offseason splurge at wide receiver could be that they only bought one starter, not two.

Despite handing out a pair of quick free agent contracts to Pierre Garcon and Josh Morgan, there’s a chance Santana Moss is still a starter this year, according to ESPN’s Dan Graziano.

He wrote that after visiting Redskins minicamp, he “came away believing they have the slimmed-down Moss projected as the starting wide receiver opposite Pierre Garcon” and that “he retains a chance to be the Redskins’ No. 1 wide receiver in 2012.”

As surprising as that seems given the outlay for a pair of weapons in March, it’s worth pointing out it’s still the Redskins.

No amount of wasteful free agent spending should be considered a surprise anymore, no matter what Clinton Portis says.

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  1. Moss may start the season as the #1 or #1.5, but it’s the creaky hammies that will lose him that status by the 5th or 6th week. No matter… we finally have some depth at WR, so not everything depends on him.

  2. Thats right DG every free agent signed this year were automatically made starters by their respective club sans the redskins

  3. and what’s so bad about him competing for that spot again?….he’s come into the off-season having shed 15 pounds and he’s looked quicker than he’s been the last two years?

    but the key words here are chance, and competing. just because he has chance, doesn’t mean it would actually happen, a good receiver having a chance to start is never bad, it just means they have more talent.

    Would you call it wasteful, a couple years from now, when santana most likely isn’t on the team anymore and the skins are lead by Garcon, Hankerson, and Morgon?

    and even if he doesn’t “start” he will most likely end up the lead slot receiver this year which in today’s NFL is like starting on the outside.

    where does welker do MOST of his damage, from the slot.

  4. This post is so ignorant…the Skins had no more than two starting caliber WRs last year and they added two more (one of which only signed a 2-year deal). In today’s NFL, it’s hardly a waste of money to have 4 capable WRs…especially when only 3 are getting starter money. Get a clue, Gantt.

  5. Isn’t the sea to play the best players. If he’s better than one f them, than he should play. And I’m a eagles fan but if he deserves to start he should start. Nothing incompetent about this

  6. It should also be pointed out that it’s according to some guy at espn…and we all know how reliable espn is….

  7. I like Moss at WR But I like him better in the slot. Reasons he’s got what it takes to break any linebackers ankles and any Nickle back that they match him up against. Still very argumentive but that just my opinion

  8. Moss probably does start the season high on the depth chart. But as the season goes on, I think Hankerson will emerge as the #2 guy opposite Garcon, and by season’s end going into next year, Hankerson will be the #1 wideout on the team. Just a guess, but its fun to guess, its a big part of what we all do here.

  9. what?? so that 42 milli they gave pieere gar-bage and hes not a starter? well looks like IRG3 will live up to the bust label then!!! all fail to the redskins!!!

  10. DG, your comments are not only unnecessarily snarky, but also reveal your ignorance.

    1. Dan Snyder is not making personnel decisions anymore. He gave that power to Shanahan, and the head coach is calling the shots now.

    2. There’s not a thing wasteful about Shanahan having signed Garçon or Morgan. The Skins were very thin at WR going into the offseason, and they knew they would need more depth — especially since they were zeroed in on drafting a franchise QB.

    3. Moss may have a good year this year, but at 33, he’s not gonna have many more. Shanahan is building for the future of the franchise.

    4. You think you’re being funny but you are not by a long shot.

  11. skinsfaninnebraska said it all. What a shockingly unprofessional article. Note how it doesn’t mention that Moss broke his hand a year ago, both causing a decline in production and increasing the need for depth, especially young, promising developmental depth (ie. Josh Morgan) Nor does it mention that the year before that, he had a 93 catch 1100 yard receiving season.

    With journalistic bias like this, bad teams are really put in an unfair “damned if you, damned if you don’t” position.

    If Washington started their two free agent acquisitions, it would be easy to see this same article making the case that Redskins are a clueless, sloppy organization because they’re starting two guy new to the system, thus steepening the learning curve for Morgan, Garcon, and Robert Griffin. That article could even end with essentially the same way. “Then again, it is the Redskins. If there’s a problem, don’t fix it, just spend a lot of money on free agents.”

  12. There is no reason Moss should not be in the starting lineup for the skins! The guy is a playmaker and people make it sound like at 33 he should already be retired. Look around the league people. There are quite a few 30 something year olds still playing at a high level and Moss is one of them. I would have been sick to my stomach had the skins released Moss for Josh Morgan (who I am not convinced should be starter for any team). Af far as I am concerned they should look at Plax as well and dump Morgan’s ass or Banks or Paul for that matter. Garcon and Plax on the edge and Moss in the slot. Throw Davis and Cooley in as well and run 2 TE’s, run the ball straight down the middle down the D’s throat and let RGIII work his magic. Recipe for high powered, high scoring offensive. HTTR

  13. Santana Moss is still a great player. He’s clutch, makes clutch catches and he’s a class act. Still has speed and great hands. Seems to me he’s still one of the fastest players in the league. If he can stay healthy there’s no reason why he can’t be the #1 wr on the Skins. In my opinion Hankerson will be the skins #1 next year and in the years to follow. Oh yeah, don’t cut Brandon Banks… this guy is perfect for some timely wildcat formations and a very dangerous return man. He’d have like 3 more punt and ko td’s if not for garbage penalty calls. I’d use him some as an off the bench as a wr. Go look at his K-State college youtube videos (as a wr). But for now, Moss still has alot of gas left in the tank and he’s the greatest ball spinner of all time!

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