Durbin sends mixed signals on bounties

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Given the confusion regarding the NFL’s evidence in the Saints bounty case, it’s fitting that there’s now confusion regarding the intentions of Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to investigate and combat bounties in pro sports.

After a short Wednesday meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Durbin declared that the league has done enough to clean up its mess regarding bounties, prompting Durbin to abandon his plan to fire a shot across the NFL’s bow via a full-blown hearing on bounties.  But Durbin, we’re told, still plans to meet on Thursday morning with lawyers representing former players in the concussion suits.

As a source with knowledge of the situation told PFT on Wednesday, Durbin wants to talk to former players who can provide insight regarding the depths of the league’s bounty rabbit hole.  If Durbin is truly done with bounties, he’d have no need to meet with anyone else on this topic.

Maybe in the end Durbin will set up an anonymous bounty tip line of his own.

UPDATE 10:04 a.m. ET:  The signals no longer are mixed.  Durbin has canceled the meeting.

15 responses to “Durbin sends mixed signals on bounties

  1. If Goodell is so concerned with protecting the brand of the league why would he crawl into bed with this dirtbag..

  2. What a shock, Durbin sends mixed signals, all you have to do is live in Illinois and you will understand all you need to know about Durbin and the cast of crooks and clowns the state has running this animal house state.

  3. nfloffice—

    Goodell’s meeting with Durbin IS protecting the league’s “brand”. You must not really work in the league (as your screen name would imply you do) if you can’t grasp that.

    Perhaps you forget the baseball steroid (“I’m not here to talk about the past”-Mark ‘Juicer’ McGwire) hearings? Maybe you missed the NCAA football “playoff” hearings too? Suffice it to say it’s NEVER good PR to be seen getting grilled by lawmakers looking for some TV face time. Ask Roger Clemens.

  4. The more this drags on, the worse the NFL comes off, in particular Goodell.
    Given this is such an explosive matter where many careers are at stake, the NFL’s knee jerk and selective dissemination of information isn’t really helping.

    But that’s always been Goodell’s way.

  5. If Senator Durbin represented my State, I would be extremely proud of how hard he was fighting for me and my fellow constituents in our time of need.

    The economy may be in shambles, and our sons and daughters may be being senselessly sacrificed in pointless wars, but Senator Durbin has the fortitude and conviction to ignore these distractions and focus on what is really important: NFL bounties.

    Keep fighting the important fights, Senator. Those other minor things will sort themselves out, I’m sure.

  6. nflofficeadmin… When a Senator wants to talk to you, because they might old hearings, you talk to them…. your post makes no sense.

    Anyway, “Window Dressing” Goodell is a joke. You need an owner that can work with the players. Goodell’s arbitrary justice has burned too many players for anyone to have confidence in him. Not to mention he burned everyone with the illegal lock-out insurance policy he negotiated from the TV networks.

    The adults (like the Rooneys) need to step up and fire this clown before he costs everyone more money or creates a player mutiny that will look bad.

  7. It’s amazing with all the Congressional hearings on NFL Bounties and Baseball Steroids that Congress actually finds the time to balance the budget and keep America from falling off the fiscal cliff. Oh, wait … they don’t find time for those things. The U.S. might get downgraded again but at least Congress can get to the bottom of the Bounty system. Makes perfect sense to me.

  8. Durbin is part of an entity which has mismanaged itself into a $16 trillion debt, and he wants to tell the NFL how it should run it’s business?

    Senator, get your own house in order before you start thinking you’re competent enough to tell any other business how it should operate.

  9. Durbin is assured that his meeting with former players will also result in a sizeable campain contribution.

  10. This joker is a example of why congress has such low approval ratings. He needs to be spending every waking hour doing something about Chicago being the murder capital of the country and forget about whether or not someone wanted to knock Brett Farve out of a playoff game. Nauseating!

  11. Roger Goodell is trying to combine two seperate issues into one category. The concussion lawsuits and bounty program are two seperate issues.
    The concussions lawsuits are a real issue considering in the 1970’s and 1980’s when a player got a hard hit and had a “headache”, they were given ammonia or smelling sauce to get rid of the “headache.” I remember players smelling the pack under their nose during the games. Concussions were covered up by the NFL.
    I am starting to think there was not a bounty program in New Orleans. If there is a bounty program then where is the postgame speech where players were awarded the money for a hit that caused an opponent’s injury? Where is the memo showing Saints players and the exact money they recieved for injury causing hits? Now, they probably have a pay for performance incentive for sacks or quarterback knockdowns but that is no different than a quarterback giving the offensive linemen Rolex watches after he wins league MVP. Without any of this information, I cannot believe a bounty program exist.

  12. Durbin……………..Durbin…………….really? Talk about incompetence. Just what we need, another IL politician inserting themself where they need not be.

  13. There were no illegal hits – only “illegal” bonuses. Get rid of the BS regarding bounties and you had a Saints team that played brutal football like I haven’t seen in ages. I hope the Saints return next season and ring every d@mn bell on the field. You think the likes of Butkus, Nitschke, Deacon Jones, Tatum or LT never got some extra scratch, a steak dinner, a bottle of booze or some kind of tchotchke for laying out a particularly troublesome opponent?

    Yeah. Right.

    This is becoming a league of divas and lawyers that is no longer living up to its reputation – games have become long stretches of commentary, branding, replays, posturing and commercials punctuated by brief moments of kid-glove activity. Is the NFL tough? Is the NFL kinder and gentler? What the hell is the NFL any more?

    I’m afraid that in another few years under Goodell’s oversight the league will adopt a no-tackle policy.

  14. @tebowsafraud you support government spending their time worrying about baseball ‘roids and bounties. Call me crazy, but I support a government that worries about, ya know, monetary, military, and those types of issues. Those are my tax dollars to chump.

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