Falcons may be headed for running back committee

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Falcons running back Michael Turner has either led the NFL or ranked second in rushing attempts in three of his four seasons with Atlanta. He’s been a workhorse and his final stat lines from each year look pretty good. So you might not think the Falcons would even consider taking away some of Turner’s carries.

They’re doing just that.

Citing comments made by coach Mike Smith, the Falcons’ website wrote Wednesday that Atlanta’s running game will be distributed “on a more by-committee basis.”

Smith hinted at the revised running-game approach in February, and it’s no secret that the Falcons want second-year tailback Jacquizz Rodgers more involved. Jason Snelling gives the club a third legitimate option with plus size, smooth hands out of the backfield, and pass protection skills.

In an interview with Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, new Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter explained that Turner’s workload will be scaled back because he’s worn down late in recent seasons.

“Mike has been a very consistent player since he’s been here. Back-to-back 1,300-yard seasons,” Koetter said. “We need to keep Mike healthy so that he’s as good at the end of the season as he is in the front of the season. The way this roster has been built, we have some other backs that are very capable.”

This might be a backfield to avoid in fantasy football.

12 responses to “Falcons may be headed for running back committee

  1. Its a smart move keeping Turner fresh for the whole season. If they hit the playoffs, Turner will be more valuable than ever. Maybe this is what the Falcons were missing all along.

  2. I don’t think its smart to have a team run by a couple of running backs voting on things. I think they are misunderstanding what a running back runs. Then again, this is the same team that traded away all their draft picks for a WR.

  3. RB by committee if a good move for almost any team. But it won’t help the Falcons in the playoffs with such a middle-of-the-pack QB at the helm.

  4. It’s all about RB’s that can catch a pass and run for daylight in the new Dirk “Welcome Back,” Koetter offensive wrinkle with the new screen game being installed to get Matty Ice the ball out more on short passes. WR Harry Douglas has a chance to really shine. Julio Jones will be more aerodynamic without the dreads too.

  5. “The way this roster has been built, we have some other backs that are very capable.”

    So why haven’t they been used more late in the season when Mike was ” worn down” ?

    I understand Jaquizz is a second year player, but Snelling has been there a while.

    Maybe if they had a QB who didn’t slide two yards from a first down like Matt did against the Giants they would not need to ask so much from the RB.

  6. Maybe they will be able to double their offensive production in the post season next year with this approach and score 4 points instead of 2!

  7. Don’t be mad at me cowartsh,you are what your record says you are,and Ryan’s says 0-3 with an embarrassing home loss after being the top seed and an offensive blanking versus the G-Men just for good measure. Ryan is partly to blame for one of the TEs in history(Tony G) never winning a playoff game. All the apologizing for Ryan is sickening. Ryan has better weapons than both Flacco and Sanchez,but has never even won a single playoff game. Not ONE. Pathetic.

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