Former Bucs employee gets more than 10 years in prison on underage sex charges

Getty Images

The man who once sold luxury suites for the Buccaneers will have far less compelling accommodations over the next decade.

Arrested last year as part of a Dateline-style sex sting operation that rounded up a total 32 alleged offenders, Brian Weiss has been sentenced to more than 10 years in federal prison for attempting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl, according to Elaine Silvestrini of the Tampa Tribune.

The problems for Weiss began when he saw on Craigslist a phony ad posted by “a mom and stepdaughter looking for a good time.”   Weiss responded immediately with the kind of photo Brett Favre allegedly once sent.

Per Silvestrini, court documents explain that, once Weiss learned the stepdaughter was only 14, Weiss “set out to try and convince the ‘mother’ that he was the best man for the job of teaching the child about sex,” and that he “repeatedly took steps to determine if he was dealing with an undercover sting operation.”  The case against Weiss also included tape-recorded phone conversations in which he believed he was trying to persuade the girl to have sex with him.

Eventually, he drove 70 miles to meet with two people who didn’t exist.

Yes, it was all a ruse, but the consequences for Weiss will be very real.