Jets cut the price of some seats to boost season-ticket sales


It’s rare when anything associated with the NFL gets cheaper.

Just last week, the league hiked the price of their “All-22” film Game Rewind package by 10 bucks, claiming a “mistake” in the first published price.

But the Jets are bucking the trend, cutting the cost of 12,000 upper level seats in an effort to sell more season tickets, according to the Associated Press.

Jets team president Neil Glat announced the move, saying some seats in the end zone, corners and some sideline seats in the upper tier of MetLife Stadium will drop from $105 to as low as $50.

Glat the price cut was “to improve the value for our fans, especially our season ticket holders,” whom he referred to as “the lifeblood of the league.”

“After taking a hard look and having analyzed the 300 level, we are going to adjust the price,” Glat said. “We think we can do better in that area for our fans. The goal is to ensure that we have a lot of season ticket holders up there.”

Sounds great, but what it really means is they were overcharging for those seats to begin with, and the law of supply and demand applied itself in the form of people not wanting to buy as many season tickets at that rate.

Among the chief concerns of the league at a time of burgeoning popularity is enhancing the in-stadium experience, because the at-home product on television is as good or better (the beer’s cheaper, anyway) for many of their customers.

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  1. What organization doesnt overprice EVERYTHING? It is a part of business in general. If people are willing to pay the prices, why lower them? You lower the prices when people stop buying. We tend to forget that the NFL is like any other big business in the world. They sell a product that people want and people want to see.

  2. Semi pro prices for a semi pro team

    Funny the upper bowl at Metlife is all PSL’s for the Giants and it is sold out.

    Guess we know who the real NY team is

    Also the World Champions did not do what most do after winning it all they did not raise prices.

    For for those of you who complain about PSL’s
    I think they are a better way to pay to build then having it done on the backs of the taxpayers.

  3. @bigblue

    You mean you really do not know who the real NY team is?

    That would be the NY Yankees.

    But regarding football, of course its the Giants town but quit trying to pat yourself on the back about ticket prices and PSL’s as the NYG sales reps called me endlessly trying to pry $$ from me 3 yrs ago. And the NYG raised prices in 2007, 2008, and 2010.

  4. “Semi pro prices for a semi pro team.
    Funny the upper bowl at Metlife is all PSL’s for the Giants and it is sold out. Guess we know who the real NY team is.”

    We all know that there are more Giants fans than Jets fans, they’ve been around twice as long. But that doesn’t make you special or more loyal than fans of any other team in the league including the Jets. It just means there are more of you.

  5. Let this be a lesson to ALL NFL owners. Put a good product on the field and stop raping fans with exhorbitant ticket prices, parking, price-gouging on 2% beer, terrible food, etc. Fans have spoken, the costs outweigh sitting in front of the HDTVs with cheaper and better beer and food.

  6. Who wants to spend more money to watch Sanchez stink up MetLife. Let’s evaluate Sanchez’s 3 year career thus far:
    Over 50 interceptions
    Responsible for 29 fumbles (prob. Lost less than half but a fumble is a fumble)
    29th in QBR last year (Colt McCoy, Donovan M, Tavaris Jackson, & Rex Grossman higher on list)

    From a loyal Jet fan who has seen every ball this could has thrown, I have accepted the fact he’s just another overrated SC QB. I mean how good could he have been if he could not beat out John David Booty after a few years in the system at SC. Mark’s team his last year at SC had the top defense in the country (cushing, clay matthews, ray malaluga, taylor mays) and he arguably had the best offensive line just like he did his rookie year in the NFL. Sanchez is a game manager at best and not a good one.

    To all the people saying but he’s getting better and his stats are going up, he attempted almost 200 passes more last year than he did his rookie year so of course his yards and TDs will appear to look better to the naked eye. But again the Jets are usually passing more because mark’s mistakes in games puts them behind on the scoreboard.

  7. @ivydude81 – Eli had 44 INTS his first 3 seasons and 2 seasons of 20 or more INTS. Also attempted 300 more passes than in his rookie season. STATS are misleading to a degree…

    The kid is still young and with most young QB’s you have growing pains. Hell, Peyton had 28 INTS his rookie season

    Mark had a down year as did the ENTIRE team so you cant put it all on him….sick of “fans” blaming it all on Mark

  8. The team let season ticket holders move around this year, which I thought was awesome, but it probably left all those crap seats in the endzone empty. Now they’ve got empty endzones and need to recruit new season ticket holders. This was probably their only move.

  9. @bigbluefan1

    Is that so, huh? That’s funny, because I took 5 seconds to google “New York Giants PSL” and it took me to a website that partnered with the Giants for buying and selling PSLs. As it turns out, there are plenty of PSL’s available! Even Coaches Club seats! Hmm, maybe both teams are having problems selling tickets because of the exorbitant fees both teams make their fans pay, and maybe, just maybe, Jets fans are just people who didn’t get Giants tickets because they don’t care about the Giants, and they like the Jets more. LT must have been on yay.

    So let me get this straight, you’re going to try puffing out your chest that your team has only a few more fans despite being 87 years old (38 years older than the Jets), despite having 3 more SB wins, 5 more Conference titles, and 6 more division titles and a handful more playoff appearances. Note I didn’t count the pre-merger victories, either. MY team hasn’t won a lot of anything recently, and we don’t have much positive history, but we’re one of the most popular, talked about franchises in the league. The popularity between both teams is really almost dead even, even if the success between the two isn’t close though. So yeah, whatever helps you sleep at night, buddy.

  10. @jetstizzi85 – so are you trying to tell me Sanchez is the answer at QB?

    I’m gonna repeat names with higher QBRs last year: McNabb, T Jackson, C McCoy, Rex Grossman) None of these guys should be a starter in the league. Complimenting Sanchez as a game manager is an insult to Alex Smith.

    Jets led the league in 3 and outs on offense putting the Jets D in a tough spot. So the defense was not as good as a result of Sanchez’s struggles because they were on the field more and gave up way more points. It’s a domino effect that starts with Sanchez playing poorly that effects every other aspect of each game.

    Ask LT, Plax, Holmes and some of the guys on D like revis and Scott if they think Sanchez is the answer. None of them say yes, they say the organization paid him to be the guy. LT thought Mark was babied and coddled and even snubbed him in his Retirement speech Monday. He didn’t mention mark in thanking his QBs but thanked rivers and Brees but gave a shout out thanks to equipment personnel by name for keeping him healthy! Mark was his QB for 2 years!

    Heard Plax answer the Q today is Sanchez capable of leading the jets to a Super Bowl?
    His response after a long pause was they pay him to be. Followed by the defense could lead them to a SB. His former and current teammates have no faith in him.

    Name starting QBs this upcoming 2012 season Sanchez is better than jetsstizzi85?

  11. @jetstizzi85

    Of course you’d get thumbs down, despite FACTS.

    Mark Sanchez 2009-2011
    782 completions, 1414 attempts, 9,209 yards, 67 TD, 51 INT, 76 Rating

    Eli Manning 2005-2007
    892 completions, 1608 attempts, 10,342 yards, 71 TD, 57 INT, 75 Rating

    Like I said in a previous story, why is it QB’s nowadays have about 4 days to prove they can win a Super Bowl before they’re declared busts? It’s ridiculous. Seriously, rewind to the beginning of the 2007 season, and we’re saying the same things about Eli Manning that we’re now saying about Mark Sanchez. As we all know, Eli led the Giants to a title and even THAT didn’t put the disdain for him in NY to bed.

  12. “Let’s evaluate Sanchez’s 3 year career thus far:
    Over 50 interceptions-
    Responsible for 29 fumbles (prob. Lost less than half but a fumble is a fumble)
    29th in QBR last year (Colt McCoy, Donovan M, Tavaris Jackson, & Rex Grossman higher on list) ”

    And the jests answered with, wait for it, pay him MORE money?!? No wonder this franchise is where it is historically. Bottom 3rd.

  13. I hope people in Jacksonville see this and finally realize Tebow does NOT equal an increase in ticket sales !!!!!!!

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