Joe Webb is not competing with Christian Ponder

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Coach Leslie Frazier stated late last year that backup quarterback Joe Webb played so well in relief down the stretch that the Vikings would have to give him a “hard look” during the 2012 offseason, perhaps even as competition for 2011 first-round pick Christian Ponder.

While Webb has shed his old part-time receiver duties and practiced strictly at quarterback this spring, he’s not going to get the chance Frazier suggested he would.

“If something were to happen to Christian because of injury, we feel like we have a capable backup in Joe,” Frazier said, per FOX Sports North. “But there’s no competition as to ‘Joe has to do this to beat out Christian.’ Christian, it’s his job.”

Though Webb is strong armed, he’s been mostly a check-down passer in his spot appearances. He has shown playmaking ability on the ground, running for a 65-yard touchdown in Week Fourteen last year and accounting for three all-purpose scores in Week Sixteen.

Webb might not be a legitimate NFL starter, but he’s earned the promotion to be Ponder’s top backup. And considering Ponder’s injury history going back to Florida State, it’s a fair bet that Webb will play in games this year.

15 responses to “Joe Webb is not competing with Christian Ponder

  1. Ponder can’t last a full year!!!

    Webb should be just given the job because he puts their team in the best position to win!!!!

    Plus, he’s learned from Favre as a player and here are the backups who found success after learning or mimicking Favre:

    Matt Hasselbeck
    Mark Brunell
    Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Brooks

    Plus, Cam Newton got mentoring from Favre through their agent Bus Cook!!!!

    He kept the Vikings in games better than Ponder and has a stronger lower body to avoid bad pass rush hits!!!! Plus, as a running QB don’t he, Gerhart, and AP keep the defense fresh????

    Ponder was a reach and everyone (including the Vikings) needs to admit it!!!! The Vikings only picked him because everyone kept saying “if you don’t have a franchise QB you’re going nowhere” and “if you feel there’s one there [mainly in the first round] draft him!!!!” Well they claimed to feel that Ponder was one and by declared him a first rounder even though no one did!!!!

    Coach Frazier, admit your second mistake (McNabb was the first) and make amends because Joe Webb is the better player!!!

  2. Boooooooooooo……

    Based on his clutch performances, Webb should at least have a shot at the starting job. How often do you see a QB that can torch a Defense with his feet and his arm?

  3. Leslie, Leslie……..I guarantee if you give Webb the same unbiased opportunity and support you are giving Ponder you will find your QB for the future……Go ahead I dare you……How does Ponder get the job without so much as having to prove himself…..Hell you’re making a much better QB in Webb prove himself just to be the damn backup……Do what you know is right….Play and wholeheartedly Webb, after all you will be judged on your won-loss record, not your pandering to a QB that you know is not worthy of all that is thrown his way……….(Ponder that)

  4. At least Frazier isn’t one of those coaches who leaves the QB conjecture that happens all the time.

    Being from MN I know if Webb was our starter, you’d have the same amount of people saying Ponder should get the job. The grass is always greener thing. Drives me freaking nuts!

  5. O man Joe Webb. Talk about exciting. I remember watching my Broncos play Min this year and saw Joe Webb line up wide against HOFer Champ Bailey. He got a nice catch against Champ on the sideline. Granted he was called with offensive P.I, but the fact that their backup QB would go heads up against the best CB of our time. Hes a monster athlete, and has a monster arm. I’m excited to see him on the field in 2012.

  6. All these arm chair QBs who think they know more than NFL coaches and GMs. Reality check … if Joe Webb is such a great QB … teams would be throwing draft picks at the Vikings for his rights.
    This reminds me of the old Jason Campbell threads … JC is a backup QB at best yet everyone on PFT keeps saying how great he would be if given the chance. The Bears were the only team to give him a contract as a “backup” QB … that’s how good Jason is.

  7. He has incredible ability, but only exceeded mediocrity when spelling an injured Christian Ponder after the defense had spent the previous week game planning for a mostly pocket and (compared to Webb) unathletic quarterback. New tendencies, different snap count and different skill set on the fly can give the offense a distinct advantage.

  8. Wow rajbais you are really reaching for anything praise Webb. Saying because Farve tutored him he will be good. Lol. Thats rediculous! He is a good back up qb and a great athlete. Thats it. He would never get us past mediocrity. And did all the GM’s in the league call you to tell you none of them had him rated as a first rounder? I think not.

  9. The Vikings problem is a good one to have, they have a lot of great athletes and haven’t exactly figured out how I use them. Harvin can make a play from any position on the field, AP-AD can break out a 60yd run at any given moment, Webb has the speed of a wr and the durability of a rb, and Ponder is a very smart qb with a great arm. How do you get the ball to all those playmakers?

  10. @scottieplongballs

    Learn how to use spell-check for your “rediculous” words!!!

    Also, did any GM other than Rick Spielman say Ponder was a first rounder?

    Hell no!!! Ponder was injury prone and underachieved as a senior after a relatively impressive junior year!!!

    Plus, what’s wrong with having Tony Romo, Drew Brees, or other non-first rounder development stories???

    What’s wrong with the ex-Favre backup success stories??? Brunell is one of the examples I gave you and Bill Musgrave could 100% confirm what I am saying.

    If you have a better player and a more competitive guy, let his ass play!!! I don’t like the Tebow crap, but that’s what happened in Denver!!! After that, he kicked your stupid team’s ass!!!!

    If Webb is more competitive and shows you more flashes of brilliance in his snaps versus Ponder, why not start Webb???

    Plus, if he’s getting better and has a more unpredictable ceiling than your projected one for him why not see what he can do with even more improvement???

    You don’t know his ceiling because your ceiling for him is flawed and completely inexistent now because this guy was supposed to be a WR at first!!! Now he’s throwing better than anyone expected (right, Tim Tebow and Blaine Gabbert). At the same time he’s had more flashes of brilliance in his snaps, is more electrifying than Ponder, and needs more playing time because his athletic presence can keep you in games more than whatever the INJURY-PRONE Ponder can have and with more playing time you know what is ceiling truly is!!! Don’t waste his talent!!

    Plus, Bill Musgrave is successful with mobile or athletic QBs!!! Look at his time with Mike Vick and Mark Brunell!!! You are also a run-first football team that won’t have Jerome Simpson for the first 3 games, but he won’t catch 80 balls this year!!! He’s a good player, but running is your team’s forte and savior from a lack of healthy talent!!!

    If Webb can run and throw decently enough while you have a healthy AP, Gerhart, but your tight ends aren’t healthy and the pass-catching corps can’t be productive enough you can cover up a lot of flaws and keep the defense fresh!!! Just go ask the 49ers!!!

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