Kamerion Wimbley takes on American Ninja Warrior


For Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley, staying in shape this offseason meant tackling a televised obstacle course.

Wimbley taped an appearance on American Ninja Warrior in March for an episode that is set to air on Sunday night on G4 and Monday night on NBC. There’s no word on how Wimbley did, although he wrote on Twitter at the time that he “killed it.”

For those who don’t watch (I’m a loyal viewer), American Ninja Warrior contestants attempt to complete an obstacle course that includes a lot of climbing and hanging and requires the contestants to use their arms to lift the weight of their own bodies, which means the contestants tend to be significantly smaller than the 6-foot-4, 255-pound Wimbley. Then again, most of the guys who go on the show are just weekend workout warriors who have an interest in gymnastics, climbing or parkour. As a professional football player, Wimbley’s credentials as an athlete far surpass those of most of the other contestants on the show.

The grand prize on American Ninja Warrior is $500,000. That probably means a good deal more to the other competitors than it does to Wimbley, who signed a five-year, $35 million contract with the Titans.

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  1. Despite being a professional athlete, his size will be a serious disadvantage. Your greatest asset in getting far in that show is grip strength, which gets exponentially marginalized the bigger you are. Trust me, I’m a ninja.

  2. American Ninja Warrior is AWESOME. Just recently got my girlfriend/fiance/whatever into it as well. Now she’s addicted to it as well.

    Anyone that hasn’t seen it needs to check it out. It’s kind of a mix of American Gladiators and Whipe-Out. Its less sarcastic that Whipe-Out and doesn’t pit you head to head vs gladiators.. just against the competition in finish times.

    Some of the guys (and a few gals on there) are serious ATHLETES. I don’t care if most of them can’t throw a football 10 yards.

  3. I actually worked on the episodes he was on. Kamerion was awesome and friendly with everyone. You’ll be as surprised as I was when you see him run the course.

  4. I think you are underestimating the athletes that regularly go on that show. Just because some of them dont play in the NFL doesnt mean they arent athletes.

  5. I’m a competitive bodybuilder and powerlifter as well as a top DE in my full contact flag league (not that it is comparable to DE in the NFL)…

    I can do 35 pullups in a set, run sub 4.7 40, jump 35″, put up 225 25X+ on the bench and there’s no way I could complete one of those Ninja courses. Those top guys are in other worldly shape, have great muscle stamina, imprssive strength to weight ratios, and excellent anaerobic capacity.

  6. The athletes who succeed on Ninja Warrior are a lot more than weekend warriors. That takes amazing athletic ability.

    What I love about that show is frequently there is no winner. There are many times when no one completes Stage 3. It’s a pure competition.

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