League clears way for Gregg Williams to publicly come clean

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If former Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams wants to talk, he apparently can.

At Monday’s appeal hearing, lawyer Peter Ginsberg claimed that the league had issued a gag order preventing Williams and other Saints employees from speaking about the situation.  According to the Associated Press, the league denies the existence of a gag order.

Ginsberg also claimed that Williams and former Saints assistant Mike Cerullo retracted their statements that the players were involved in a bounty program.  The league denies that they have retracted their comments.

If true, then Williams has the green light to go on the record and explain whether, for example, he told the league that linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to anyone who knocked Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game.  The league claims that Williams, Mike Ornstein, and an unnamed witness said Vilma said the offer.  Ornstein has denied in an interview with PFT giving the league such information.

Williams has remained silent, and many league insiders believe that he fears he’ll never be reinstated by Commisioner Roger Goodell if Williams goes public with any statements that weaken the league’s case against the players.  Given the perception that he threw Vilma under the bus, Williams surely is feeling compelled to come forward — especially if he believes that he didn’t say what the league is saying he said about Vilma.

Of course, the absence of a gag order doesn’t mean the league office wouldn’t find a way to hold against Williams anything he says that the league office finds objectionable or unfortunate.  In the end, Williams has to balance the possibility of alienating the NFL against the reality that he will now be viewed by players throughout the league, rightly or wrongly, as a snitch.

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  1. He’s not coaching in the NFL eitherway… Even if he gets re-instated, the PR nightmare that will follow any team that wants to hire him will be a disaster. The audio of him directing players to go for the ACL is sickening.

    The reason why he won’t speak against the charges is probably because he really said everything they accused him of saying and they probably have it on record, or via a signed affadavit.

  2. Gregg Williams fully realizes that he will never coach in the NFL again, so there’s no need to lie to protect Goddell at this point.

  3. It’s “logical gymnastics” to point out that if GW thinks there’s even the slightest bit of a chance that his buddy Jeff Fisher will put him back as DC of the Rams he’ll keep his mouth shut? Get real.

  4. I have no doubt that Williams did retract his statement (you know, the one the NFL WROTE FOR HIM) and that the league office is now lying to say he didn’t. No doubt whatsoever. They lied about Hargrove’s statement, they lied about the video, they lied about the ledgers,they lied to Congress about concussions. And now they’re lying about this.

    Goodell’s got it in his head that he’s not accountable to anyone. Florio and several other media types have reminded him that is not the case. Anybody who is an NFL fan should be outraged at his actions. This is no longer about the Saints. This man is clearly out of control and your team could be next.

  5. Jeff Fisher has already implied that he still wants Williams next season if Goodell allows it. On the other hand, he won’t have much respect from his new players if his former players think he threw them under the bus. Vilma and the others played hard for him, so he owes them even if it risks his future career. The manly thing to do is provide evidence of Vilma’s innocence if he can. Everyone being afraid of Goodell’s iron fist is not right. His system needs to change to encourage the truth, rather than simply supporting his claims at all cost.

  6. Williams will be coaching for the Rams next year. And none of his players are going to be worried about him snitching to save his coaching career.

  7. Nah- Nah- Nah- Nah
    Nah- Nah- Nah- Nah
    Hey Hey Roger Goddell

  8. Interviews should be recorded….then there won’t be a question on what he did or didn’t say. My guess is he did tell the commish the story, but didn’t think it would go this far. It hadn’t the last time they talked to the Saints about this. They were pretty much told to knock it off. He probably thought that would happen again and spilled the beans. After that…ruh rho raggy!! I’m screwed now….

  9. @truthfactory he is still employed by the Rams, b/c the Rams never fired him. You see “real” football people know that G.Williams speech was mostly talk. But I see you and most of the critics have never really played football. Former players have come out and said that was locker room talk, but some of you insist it was more than that. Scott Shanle even said that if you took G.W words literally you would be locked up.

  10. akhhorus says:
    Jun 21, 2012 11:14 PM
    Lot of logical gymnastics there to try and pre-smear what Williams will say.


    Once a lawyer, always a lawyer.

  11. Think about it from the opposite angle. If Williams implicated the players, and truthfully so, would he want that to be known? I think not and that’s a reason he wants to act like there is a gag order.

    If he testified publicly about the players the commissioner may be more likely to reinstate him, but what players would trust him after that?

    Williams is screwed no matter what he does.

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