LeGarrette Blount emulates Tiki Barber this spring


Buccaneers running back LeGarrette Blount’s a teammate of Ronde Barber, but he’s taking a lesson from his brother Tiki.

Blount’s been working on carrying the football “high and tight,” in an effort to cut down on fumbles.

Blount put the ball on the ground nine times in his first two seasons, the same as Tiki Barber’s 2003, which led to the switch.

And with new Bucs coach Greg Schiano preaching fundamentals, the switch seems natural to him now, even though he hasn’t carried that way in a game.

“It’s become a habit,” Blount said, via the Buccaneers’ team website.  “I don’t even notice that I do it most of the time.  Holding the ball down here [closer to the stomach] is kind of uncomfortable now.”

Tampa Bay offensive coordinator Mike Sullivan joined the Giants in 2004, when Barber cut his fumbles to five, and then a single drop the next year. He and the rest of the Bucs staff has been harping on ball-security all spring, something Blount admits he wasn’t expecting to focus on.

“”You have to [focus on it], because it’s overlooked with the talent [in the NFL],” Blount said.  “Leaving college, a lot of these guys are the best players on their teams, so they didn’t really have to worry about the fundamentals of carrying the football correctly or catching the ball or anything like that.  [Schiano] brought it back.  We have our own individual period for ball security.

“You definitely have to learn it.”

If Schiano is as much of a hard-case over fumbles as he is the temperature in meeting rooms, Blount better hope he figures it out. He’s talented, but the Bucs just drafted running back Doug Martin, so Blount’s margin of error isn’t big.

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  1. What? He left his pregnant wife for a girl half his age? He threw his qb under the bus right before said qb turned the “corner” and reeled off 2 titles in a span of 4 years? Genius…

  2. Again with thermostat crap. I was in a meeting at work the other day that was too hot, and instead of paying attention, I couldn’t keep my mind off how hot it was. I don’t even remember what the heck the meeting was about now. Maybe if someone had the foresight to turn the air down, I would have paid attention (…probably not, but maybe.) Why do people keep acting like it some asinine thing to be worried about setting the temperature correctly when you put a bunch of big men in a room together?

  3. “LeGarrette Blount emulates Tiki Barber”

    So Blount is officially out of football, unemployed, and declaring bankruptcy while trying to find bit-parts in B-movies? That didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it might.

  4. i think the bucs are gonna surprise alot of people. everything ive heard says that schiano is whipping butts into shape, and they are only 1 year removed from the playoffs.

  5. As a Bucs fan im am really stoked about this year, i’m not going to say we are going to make the playoffs but I know we are going to be a more exciting team to watch and as our new team plays more games together we will have our shot at a playoff run soon, but I also know how tough our division is, Atlanta has two badass WR’s and a few good backs, I think Matt Ryan its better than most people think. Carolina has a top 10 QB who killed us twice all by hisself last season, they have 3 stud backs and Steve Smith, then there its the Saints, Drew Brees nuff said. It should be a close race in the NFC South and it will come down to who has the better division record. Go Bucs!

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