Leslie Frazier: Percy Harvin is back at Vikings practice today

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As the strange situation surrounding Percy Harvin continues to unfold, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier says his unhappy receiver will be on the practice field today.

Although Harvin was absent from Wednesday afternoon’s minicamp practice, Frazier said on KFAN that Harvin is at the team’s facility this morning and will be with the Vikings as they conclude their minicamp on Thursday.

Harvin said he’s unhappy on Tuesday but still hasn’t explained why he’s unhappy, other than to confirm that it’s not about his contract. Harvin has requested a trade and hinted that he might not show up to training camp, but the fact that he will show up today could be an indication that his unhappiness is starting to ease.

The Vikings’ viewpoint is that Harvin is either going to learn to be happy in Minnesota or he’s going to remain unhappy in Minnesota: The Vikings say they won’t trade Harvin, who despite his occasional personal problems and occasional injury problems remains one of their most talented offensive playmakers.

29 responses to “Leslie Frazier: Percy Harvin is back at Vikings practice today

  1. He will remain unhappy in Minny for the next two years. And then he will go play for a team that he likes.

  2. Percy is a workhorse. People who question his effort have not watched games. Anyone who deals with miagranes and still suits up is one bad mother.Vikings need him to influence the newly drafted wideouts and Simpson. Could be a dangerous crew but they need to keep Percy to have a chance

  3. he is starting to show the real nature of his “hot head” and the Vikings immediately called his stone cold bluff yesterday, nothing else he can do cept hold out & not get payed

  4. percy needs to feel the love from Ponder and the rest of the offensive staff. Ponder is playing best friends with rudolph, simpson and Carlson. Percy needs everyone to understand he still a straw that helps stir the drink and if he doesn’t feel the love some other team will give it to him.

    He is right that he deserves more but it seems a little immature the way he is handling it.

    C’mon Percy- You are not going anywhere.

  5. I wish Vikings fans would shut up about Webb, yea he made some plays but is NO WHERE NEAR a starting QB in this league. I watch every game and he just doesn’t have it.

  6. Percy has already made 10.5 million bucks off his rookie contract and is getting 2 more million on the back end. He was over compensated for being the 22nd pick. He only has himself to blame for getting stoned before the combine and costing himself top 10 money. The dude is still a multi millionaire so shut up. Did the Vikings ask for money back after you skipped practice all week before the NFC Championship then fumbled in a poorly played game by him. How about all the practices he misses. Or when he takes off huge portions of games being dinged up. Yeah he is a gamer and a exciting player but how much better would he be if he actually practiced plays to perfection like Lombardi’s Packers and Giants teams. Everyone knew the play that was coming and still couldn’t stop them because practice makes perfect. Just look at the Atlanta game last year when the Vikings couldn’t score on 4 tries from the 1 yard line. Actually show up to practice once in a while and that’s a TD. Throwing a weight at Childress. Whining and pouting after Moss was cut. Leader, yeah right.

  7. It wasn’t about the contract, the money or the team. He just wanted the vinkings to add another zero on the end of all those “numbery” things in the contract.

  8. which wheel gets the grease again? Percy is probably just making certain the Vikings keep him on their radar. Come game day he will man up like he always does. As far as Joe Webb is concerned I also watch every game and that kid does have it. He can flat out play football. I also like Ponder by the way and believe the Vikes are fortuante to have 2 very good young QB’s on their roster.

  9. What else do you expect from a guy who has been coddled and had transgressions covered up in Florida? He becomes a diva runs away when someone actually tries to intill discipline. I suppose we’ll be seeing more alleged “migraines” from the diva.

  10. if he wasn’t a pain in the rear he wouldn’t have fallen to 22nd in the draft.

    Hopefully this management group can handle the current crazy receiver better than the last group did with Mr Moss.

  11. The reason for Harvin’s unhappiness was very obvious after his agent claimed it was not money related – all offseason we heard how the Vikings needed to find a No.1 wide-receiver and allow Harvin to work the slot.

    Last season he put up nearly 1,000 yards and he only played 58% of the offensive snaps. While I love the Jerome Simpson signing, the Vikings already had a number one receiver in Harvin, you just have to allow the kid to play the role. He’s got terrific hands, he’s elusive, he has blazing speed and he is fantastic after the catch.

    He has certainly made plenty of mistakes in the past and at times immature, but he’s only 24. Harvin can be the same impact player on the Vikings that Steve Smith has been for the Panthers.

    With Simpson now on board, Harvin playing either the Flanker or Slot role, and the youth we have competing for the remaining WR positions, I actually think the receiving corps in Minnesota is a legit threat.

  12. Harvin may be a stud wideout, but with all the baggage, injuries and practice missed, he just might not be worth the hassle. All it does is damages team moral. There is also the fact that you know there is another receiver on the Vikings that doesn’t miss practice, works hard, doesn’t complain and stays healthy only to ride the pine behind Harvin. Its not right. Be happy that you are wanted Percy, be grateful that the team dealt with massive problems, but still stuck beside you. Do you really have a right to be unhappy?

  13. He says it’s not about his contract, but they just paid Simpson a million dollars a year more than Harvin will make and thats after sitting down for 3 games. I can see why he’d be pissed off.

    The reason he’s back is they told him let things die down and we’ll rework your contract before the beginning of the season”. They can’t give in right now or they’d look like pushovers but in a month it will look like their idea. Just watch…..

  14. Could SOMEONE PLEASE reference an article, quote, something RELIABLE where Percy Harvin has indicated that he needs/wants/hopes/dreams/desires Joe Webb to “be the starter”?

    He had a MONSTER day catching passes from Ponder against the Broncos, and there is NO indication that Webb is a better PASSER than Ponder. Clearly not to the same level of passing ability as Ponder and as much as I like Webb, don’t think he’ll ever be much more than a backup with great athletic running ability. (Which BTW, seems to get snuffed out EVERY SINGLE TIME the Vikings use him in the Wildcat. Not sure he has had a gain of over about 7 yards.)

    So, not buying that reason for his unhappiness until someone can provide me with that info…

  15. If Percy is upset because he thinks he is not always used properly in the Vikings offense, then I agree with him. Among other things, his absence from many red zone plays was unacceptable. If he is upset because he thinks he is underpaid, then I tend to agree with him also.

    But no matter what this is about, Percy is being immature in the way he is handling it. A true professional would handle this behind closed doors, not in public where he becomes a distraction for the team.

  16. BTW,
    As much as I hate the selfish behavior (and it IS selfish), please stop with the “alleged” Migraines crap. There is not any doubt he has them and has been treated for them and a slew of experts treating him, none of whom have EVER questioned the validity of his condition at any time in any way.

    It’s simply ignorant to suggest they are made up to avoid playing.

    The man plays hard and has performed very well. And made it through last season not missing any games if I recall.

  17. I am appalled at some of you that call yourselves Vikings fans, the garbage posts I see about Harvin are “Ignorant” First off this guy is the MVP of the team besides AD can do it all!!!! As a previous poster said he had 1,800 all purpose yds last year & 7 TD’s including a 104 yd kick return plus he can play RB & the Wildcat! Also he has 5,800+ all purpose yds since he became a Viking which is 3rd in the NFL in that time!!!!! to go along with 24 TD’s and some of you want to trade him? Glad you’re not running the team!!!! He has played hurt and still gave it everything he had & this Migraines talk Blah, Blah, Blah, he got rid of those last year & didn’t have 1 some of you need to do your research before you post!!!! Vikings need to get him on the field any way possible!!!!!

  18. Well as a Vikings fan, if be unhappy that your estrogen levels are too high and menopause is making you act like a little bitch

  19. cmacky12 says:Jun 21, 2012 11:18 AM

    He thinks Joe Webb should be given an honest opportunity to be the starter… I agree with him. Skol.


    In the beloved words of Sherman Potter “horse feathers”…

    Webb sucks as a QB. If you have watched any of his play at QB you already know that or should start watching soccer.

  20. Anyone who thinks that the reason for his behavior is because he wants Webb at QB is dead wrong.

    If you’ve EVER heard Percy talk about Ponder, he really likes Ponder, feels he has chemistry with him and is excited to have him as his quarterback. Those are facts that I have heard directly from Percy’s mouth. The Joe Webb bit is pure speculation, and not very good speculation at that.

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