Martin Mayhew: Lions expect to win the Super Bowl eventually


Expectations are probably higher in Detroit right now than they have been since the Lions were winning NFL championships in the 1950s, and Lions General Manager Martin Mayhew is embracing those high expectations.

After the Lions’ first playoff appearance in 12 years, Mayhew says they’re building the kind of team in Detroit that has a chance to contend for titles consistently for years to come.

“I think the key thing is to continue to perform at high level to get to the playoffs consistently, and then let the chips fall wherever the chips fall,” Mayhew told Anwar S. Richardson of “It’s hard to win a championship and have things line up for you the right way. We expect to do that eventually, but we want to keep being there, keep knocking on the door consistently.”

The Lions had some good teams in the 1990s, but they haven’t been consistently among the elite teams in the NFL in more than half a century. Mayhew believes, however, that the current roster can be great.

“I think the continuity we have going for us is one of those special things that a lot of the good teams, and good franchises have,” Mayhew said. “You look around the league at some of the model franchises that really have improved themselves by maintaining continuity and keeping their coaching staff in place and just building upon what they did the previous years. Teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens, some of those teams. I think that’s been really big for us. Now we’re at a point where Matthew Stafford is not a young player anymore. Ndamukong Suh is not a young player anymore. These guys are veterans in the prime of their careers.”

And when you have good veterans in the prime of their careers, you expect to win. Maybe even win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.

45 responses to “Martin Mayhew: Lions expect to win the Super Bowl eventually

  1. Doesn’t every team expect to win the super bowl? You better have that mind set or your in the wrong business. It’s like Herm said you play to win the game!!!

  2. garrison1981 says:
    Jun 21, 2012 12:27 PM
    Here comes all the haters now! Wait for it… Wait for it ….


    every article on here gets praises and trashed! get over it!

  3. That’s fine and good for him in having faith in his coaches and players. The only problem I have with this is that he felt the need to even say that much to the media. Of course every team expects to win eventually. They have built a solid roster up there that in theory should be competitive for years to come. Their problem, as I see it, is player discipline which is mildly surprising given how hardcore Jim is. With that said, I think it would be a good day for the NFL for the lions and/or Browns to win one eventually. The NFL has this illusion of parity and a historically bad team winning it all would go a long way in strengthening the NFL’s stranglehold as the number one sport in good ol US of A. ****Disclaimer*** I am neither a Lions or Browns fan. I won’t say what team I am a fan of, but just know that it is in a major market.

  4. Isn’t it a goal of every team to eventually win the Super bowl?

    Detroit does have a heavily stocked pro bowl caliber team, but if you can’t coach the players correctly, you can’t win. Many players from the team need to keep their noses clean, then we can talk Championships.

  5. There’s about 10 teams in the league that no matter what they can’t win the Super Bowl. Detroit use to be that team. But I think the only thing that can ruin their chance is injuries.

  6. Wow, what a boring and half hearted quote. At least Rex Ryan can say it with some passion. If you don’t expect to win the Super Bowl eventually, what the hell are you even doing playing football?

    They made the playoffs last year and bring back a roster that could be better, they should be expecting to win the Super Bowl. I guess they didn’t shake the losing attitude completely yet.

  7. Uh, oh, now opponents will use that for motivation. “Hey guys, get a load of this crazy trash talk from Mayhew. He says the Lions might win a Super Bowl some day. We all know that’s B.S., not let’s go out and show them!”.

  8. Doesnt always work like that. Look at the Chargers, Ravens, Jets, Cowboys. To put it all together, stay healthy, keep a team intact, and have luck on your side is so difficult to do. These teams that get a little taste of success and then start talking about longevity and super bowls is kind of a reach.

    Win the division first and then start thinking about Super Bowl(s). The Packers and even the Bears likely have something to say about the Lions future plans.

  9. waussau says:
    Jun 21, 2012 12:30 PM
    No kidding, I expect the Redskins to win one eventually too.

    You meant to say the fourth one? Doesn’t every team expect to win one EVENTUALLY..

  10. purplekoolaid1 says:
    Jun 21, 2012 12:45 PM

    And I expect to die eventually.

    Bulletin to purplekoolaid1: you WILL die eventually. There’s no doubt about it.

    If you’re putting the Lions on that pedestal, thank you, but it’s not warranted. There’s hope, not certainty.

    Just like there’s even hope the Vikings might win the Super Bowl. Someday.

  11. Win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history? Um, how about PLAYING in the Super Bowl for the first time? They’ve never even been there.

  12. As a Lions fan OF COURSE HE DOES, that is his freaking job. Truth be told, if he actually came out and said “I don’t know if we will, I hope so but I don’t know really…I just like lots of money and doing puzzles.” I’d want him fired YESTERDAY!!! I understand him talking to the local media, pointing out to them how teams like Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New England have done it and comparing his way to theirs as a reason of why he believes it will happen. However, for it to make it’s way here is ignorant and MDS is simply attempting to get more Lions hate going [“As opposed to those teams that never believe they will…? type comments]. MDS, Why not find something on say…ANDY REID or…DANIEL SNYDER as to why they have followed a different philosophy than those teams mentioned by Mayhew yet expect a Pittsburgh or New England type result? SCHMUCK

  13. The Lions are a young team on the rise. The problem they have is that they are in the NFC North, and it looks like the Packers are going to dominate that division for the next 5 years. Still, the Lions are good enough to get to the playoffs where anything can happen.. I think they are more talented than the Giants, and look what they just did!

  14. Mayhew is such a smart guy and a class act. When he speaks he is so respectful and never shows his hand. it’s no wonder the Lions are in the position to win now with this guy in charge.

  15. Yeah, I do not see it happening for the Lions anytime soon with the way they got spanked in the playoffs by 17 points in the wild card round.

  16. “Teams like the Patriots, Steelers, Ravens,”

    The Ravens? Really? A team that routinely craps the bed in the playoffs? I suppose that’s a reasonable role for the Lions.

    Does Mayhew know what the Pats, Steelers, and Ravens coaches have that his doesn’t? It’s the ability to not act like a petulant child while leading a team of petulant children.

  17. Eventually? Wow, that’s putting a lot of pressure on the team, telling them they have to win it all sometime before the End of Time.

  18. Windows of opportunity stay open for about four years in this NFL. Last year was one year off the pile. There’s three more years to go, and the Packers and Bears are likely formidable opponents just with in the division for next year at least, much less the Saints (?), Falcons, Eagles, 49ers, Cowboys, and Giants, if not Seattle at least trying to be an “in the mix” wild card team. The Lions have shown some spunk, but they were down ~20 points in three of those wins last year showing that the 10-6 was a bit jittery. Do the Lions have enough in the chamber this year to battle the rest of the upper half of the NFC? Will they sustain a four year window long enough to outlast some the others as they falter? One thing is for sure, the Lions certainly get a lot of press for a team that has won one playoff game in ~50 years. You can respect moving from the cellar perennially to the upper quarter for a year, but there needs to be some perspective. There’s some distance between being a borderline playoff team and a Super Bowl contender, even in today’s flattened NFL. And the “eventually” can’t be too long before your window closes.

  19. I don’t have a problem with the Lions, and I’m a hater by no means, but Megatron makes Stafford look a lot better than he really is. I dunno where they would be if it wern’t for him.

  20. The Lions in their first playoff game in ages were only behind 7 pts in the end of the third qtr before Brees pulled away in the 4th..Stafford threw for 3 TDs and ran for another TD in his first playoff game ever..Calvin had over 200 yds in his first ever playoff game…this team is built for the long haul, they have the same coaches and system for 4 years and counting…they have dynamic game changing players at key positions…they are young and will go through growing pains because the lions have to learn to win consistently…they are a very dangerous team for the next decade..these Lions are not going anywhere, I’ve been a loyal fan for 22 years and I’ve lived in NJ my entire life…I’ve been mocked and made fun of my entire life for being a Lions fan, but noone’s laughing now…Only bad thing about the new found popularity is all the fake bandwagon fans who now claim to be fans…it irks me, true fans never stop supporting their team

  21. The Lions just won an NFL Championship… it seems like it was yesterday. In 1957, Detroit was on top of the NFL world. I remember that particular game because I was pulling for those Cleveland Brownies.

    The NFL Championship was played OUT-DOORS in Detroit’s Briggs Stadium. Watching the Lions win it all on our black & white television was enough for one lifetime.

    The Dande-lions will never win another championship while playing inside that wimpy, girly, Ford Field.

  22. Heres my response to londonfletcher…do you think a QB who throws for 25 TDs and 3357 yds is a good QB? If Philip Rivers or Rothlisberger or Eli threw for those numbers everyone would say they are a good QB and had a good season..well those are Stafford’s numbers last season when you subtract Calvin’s stats…Every great QB has had great WR’s…Young and Montana had Rice, Peyton had Harrison and Wayne, Eli has Cruz and Nicks, Brady had Moss and Welker, Schaub has Andre, Kurt Warner had Fitzgerald and Boldin…I can go on and on…Calvin in his 2nd season had over 1300 yds and 12 TDs with 5 different starting QB’s throwing him the ball that year, and they went 0-16…Of course Stafford benefits from Megatron, but if you sit and watch Stafford and observe his play and leadership and intangibles, you’d walk away saying the guy is an elite talent and with another great year will be in the discussion of the top 6 QBs in the league behind Rodgers, Brady, Peyton and Eli and Brees

  23. If any front office in the NFL doesnt want to win a Super Bowl they shouldnt be in the NFL. Mayhew is one of the most underrated General Managers in the NFL. He has done a hell of a job.

  24. Put it in perspective. There’s 32 teams, one Super Bowl winner every year, and a salary cap to level the playing field. A team is only suppose win one Super Bowl every 32 years.

  25. If they don’t they can just continue to follow the same plan and eventually who knows?

    Suck worse than any franchise in the history of the NFL.

    Draft in the top three for 20 years straight.

    Hit on one out of three of those picks.

    Eventually (10 years down the line) have more talent than all the other teams combined.

    Finish 10-6 and act like you have been winners all along.

    The lions are successful at sucking worse than anyone else. Suh, Megatron, Stafford at least they picked up those three. Although, looking back those were no-brainers.

  26. Actually, as a Lions fan, these words spoken by Mayhew are music to my ears. You see, we finally have a front office that understands how Super Bowls are won. Mayhew is exactly right. It is EXTREMELY hard to actually win the big one. You can do all the things and still lose. (Packers). They aren’t won by implementing some sort of “get rich quick” scheme like the Redskins and Eagles try to do. This isn’t baseball, you can’t buy a ring. Super Bowls are won by having a system in place that ensures long-term success and EVENTUALLY the chips will fall your way. I hate the Giants, but you know what, they do it the right way. They are consistently competitive year in and year out and look what happened this year. Call it luck, but they put themselves in a position to be lucky. They build through the draft and play good, sound, tough, fundamental football. There are some teams that get it, and some that don’t. For the longest time the Lion’s didn’t get it. Now they do.

  27. If you don’t think Martin Mayhew and the Lions are in the process of building a Super Bowl caliber team you either haven’t been paying attention or don’t know football.

  28. I don’t have a problem with the Lions, and I’m a hater by no means, but Megatron makes Stafford look a lot better than he really is. I dunno where they would be if it wern’t for him.


    Stafford threw 41 touchdowns last year, Calvin caught 16, Stafford threw for 5,038 yards Calvin had 1,681 yards, They are a good tandem, but make no mistake, Stafford is the real deal!!! Every great Quarterback has had a great receiver, it is just the nature of the business. When you have the best receiver in the NFL, well that just makes it all that much sweeter!!!

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