NFL hasn’t taken down Hargrove video

Although the league has provided much fodder for raising fair, tough questions about the handling of the bounty case against the Saints, the NFL has not engaged in what would be an obvious effort to prevent fans from scrutinizing more carefully the “give me my money” sideline video from the 2009 NFC title game.

Several of you have mentioned in the comments, via email, and on Twitter that, in the 24 hours or so since we took a close look at the actual content of the video and the NFL’s stubborn insistence that defensive end Anthony Hargrove can be seen and heard saying, “Bobby, give me my money,” the video has been taken down.

It hasn’t been.  It’s still available to be seen, heard, scrutinized, and studied as part of an NFL Network Total Access segment featuring Scott Hanson and Steve Wyche.

So while the league isn’t changing its interpretation of the video, the league isn’t trying to keep folks from reaching their own conclusions.  In fact, we’ve obtained permission to show the video during Friday’s PFT Live.

And so we will.

14 responses to “NFL hasn’t taken down Hargrove video

  1. Better yet, why not try to get Earl Heyman on since he was an eyewitness? I might even make an effort to watch that one.

  2. (Was Hargrove triggering a contract bonus?) Ike Taylor said that Matthew Stafford “made a lot of money” on the top100 show. Point being, NFL players use the word “money” in a few different ways.

  3. So, in other words, Goddell doesn’t care what the fans think, he is gonna punish the Saints with evidence or without. That takes frigid balls. He will punish players because it’s his right to do so, and doesn’t care if you agree or disagree. This is beyond anything I’ve ever seen in this country, God help us! Fans of the other 31 teams, you’re on notice.

  4. It’s pretty clear what happens in the video. Will Smith asks “Who got him?”

    Hargrove may or may not say “Bobby,” but that’s all he says. At the same time, Ayodele says “I did. Give me my money!” You can never hear “Bobby,” you just see Hargrove lip it as Ayodele says “I did.”

  5. Mikey with a classic saint response. The denials and conspiracy theories rival only Jessie Ventura. To be honest this has turned into comic relief.

    You guys do realize outside this site it barely makes the news. ESPN had it on as the second to last topic and talked for less than 30 seconds and even when they did it was not to knock the nfl. NFL live barely find it newsworthy. So in response “that everyone is turning on the NFL and Goodell “it couldnt be further from the truth.

  6. Lets not kid ourselves. The question isn’t whether or not these players did it…it’s really about how involved they were. That is now the headline in all the stories. All these players are simply doing is drawing attention way from the fact that they were involved to the leagues incorrect assessment of their level of involvement.

    On another note….ask yourself this….if the NFL/Commish public ally told their people to not cooperate with an investigation that they are obligated to cooperate in….think of the scrutiny that they would come under. NFLPA does this, and no one thinks twice about it.

  7. @gbmickey…the reason NFL Network and ESPN is not carrying the story is because they work for Goddell. C’mon man, if you’re not going to keep up with what’s going on, get outta here, will ya? NFL/ESPN are water boys for the bounty sham that the commissioner is perpetrating.

  8. Favre got leveled 2-3 seconds after handing the ball off on a RUNNING play. Anyone who claims the Saints weren’t trying to injure him using illegal hits (especially after the leaked video of their pregame “take out his ACL” speech prior to the Ninera game) is insane or incredibly stupid.

  9. Here’s the thing, listen to Hargrove talk in the press conference and listen to the voice in the video. Kind of uncanny how much it sounds like the same person huh? But that’s not complete proof. But see I’m not a member of a jury hearing this case in court…so for me it’s enough to make me believe it is him. Too coincidental.

  10. The League is on a witchhunt, this ‘evidence’ will never hold up in a court of law.
    Yes, there is corruption in the NFL, games are rigged, refs are paidoff, it’s one big corporate scumbag. Only interested in kissing the arses of the ‘elite’ owners like Mr. Kraft (New England), or Mr. Heinz (Pittsburgh) and Mara in NY…they look at the Avg Joe as a pee on. “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it” (George Carlin). I hope this comes around and kicks Goodell in the arse.

  11. @hempoilcures I don’t buy into the games being rigged. There are way to many variables for shenanigans to be pulled off to the level you are talking about.

  12. ESPN slowed down on its Bounty coverage when they tried to look for more dirt on the Saints and came out with the surveillance shame. Saints said they would go after ESPN if they would bring up more false accusations. They have since only be releasing things that have been available to everyone.

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