PFT Live: Vitt dealing with bounty allegations

Mike Florio talks with Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune about Saints interm head coach Joe Vitt and the allegations that he contributed money to hurt Brett Favre. They also discuss the NFL’s duty to clean up bounty programs across the league.

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1 responses to “PFT Live: Vitt dealing with bounty allegations

  1. I love how you ”people” love to point the finger at the Saints. Yet none of you can produce an injured player carted off the field, or taken out the whole game because of injury. I mean, that’s what bounty was, right? I get it. It’s easier to blame from accusations because there is something to fear from a good team. Or is it Goddell makes sense to you. (Please say no, or you really need to examine the way you think.) The truth is, there is no truth. It’s Football. The most exciting, hard hitting game on the planet. Every player takes huge risk every game. Some get hit and some get hurt. That’s the game. I’m pretty sure there’s alot of teams trying to take Drew out the game, or even hurt him but he palys the game. So man up you little cry babies. Lift the suspensions and let em’ play. The Ronnie Lott and Terry Bradshaw of old would be laughing at the bounties saying ”Bring it on, and try to hurt me!”

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