Randy Moss earning high praise for his work in San Fran


Throughout the offseason, Randy Moss hasn’t talked to reporters in San Francisco.

But everyone there is talking about him, and all the reviews are glowing.

CSNBayArea.com’s Matt Maiocco said the two wide receivers who had the best offseasons are also their starters — Michael Crabtree and Moss.

Crabtree should benefit greatly from having another good wideout alongside him, and so far Moss is playing the part.

After being “retired” in 2011 and playing with three teams in 2010, it was reasonable to wonder if he’d ever resurface. But his 49ers coaches and teammates say he’s been great on the field, and being with a team expected to contend should help keep his “play when I want to” instincts curbed.

Maiocco made an excellent point about the fit, mentioning that Moss excelled at getting in the air and catching underthrown deep balls, since he can use his size as an advantage. Niners quarterback Alex Smith has been known to offer up a few of those.

It’s all good news now, but with Moss, everything’s truly week-to-week.

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  1. @trubroncofan07

    I don’t think the 49ers are “building up” Moss. He’s doing that on his own. He’s worked hard, been an excellent mentor and kept his mouth shut..thus far.

    I hope he does as well.

  2. I’d like to see Randy succeed in SF. Keeping him away from reporters is a good thing since I think his words had a lot to do with why he left NE and the Vikings in 2010. What I saw with Randy on the Pats for 3 1/2 seasons was a guy whose mindset was his biggest enemy. Randy’s a great frontrunner, get into a hole and he’s not the guy to make “that” catch…

  3. The 49ers have added THREE new WRs
    Randy Moss, Mario Manningham and AJ Jenkins

    they’ve added two new RBs
    Brandon Jacobs and LaMichael James

    They’re really jacking up their offense

    Just a little concerned about their Offensive line
    Right Guard and Center positions
    Are we in good shape here ??

  4. If Randy could have just had the will, he could have gone down as the best WR to ever play the game. No WR has ever had more god given talent.

  5. Crabtree, Manningham, Moss, Ginn, VD, Gore, LeMichael James, Hunter, Jacobs, D Walker: all the weapons Alex Smith can “manage the game with” LOL.

    How huge is it that AS11 doesn’t have to memorize a new playbook and instead working on mechanics?

  6. 49ers fans do need to remember that Moss has three fired coaches in his wake in less than one full season when he couldn’t make a play.

    Having him get better with two additional years older seems unlikely.

    The real test isn’t in drills – its how Moss does when he’s asked to block or faces guys trying to rip his head off.

    I wish him the best but his worst enemy is Randy Moss and eventually guys like that flame out and can take teams and coaches down with them.

  7. Moss is very interested in writing a new final chapter for his career. He didn’t want to end a hall of fame run on such a negative vibe. Now he has a chance to end his career on a high note on a contending team that really could use his skill set. It really seems like a a perfect fit . . . as long as his skill set is still serviceable.

  8. mg fred, who made “that catch” TWICE, against the giants to keep ur perfect season alive? one in regular season and one in SB? He gave u a lead with 3mins to go NO?And of course randy played no role in helping a QB nobody knew to have a great season leading to a huge contract with the chiefs…i guess he was just frontrunning after brady went down..geesh

  9. “It’s all good news now, but with Moss, everything’s truly week-to-week.”

    Wait til he takes 1 hit over the middle on an under-thrown pass. He might actually just drop it on purpose. He has in the past.

  10. Straight Cash Homie!! Rockin’ Randy is one of the most talented players ever. When he wants to play, he’s unstoppable. And it looks like he wants to play.
    Im thinking 16 TD, 1100 yards…

  11. It’s his last chance for a ring…and he knows is it. We’ve all seen what happens when he’s motivated. I’ll take a flyer on him this year in fantasy.

  12. @joesixpack

    3 fired head coaches but really how much of that is his fault?

    1. Dennis Green ok this one Moss can get partial credit for because the 2001 Vikings offense was abysmal. Was an odd season for them since it was a year after an NFC Title game appearance.

    2. Art Shell was completely inept as a coach and that team had so many problems him being a model citizen would have made zero difference.

    3. Brad Childress that season was a complete disaster and Moss was only brought onto the team in a desperation move because the team looked bad.

    Not exactly coach killer material.

  13. Keep telling you people… He ain’t lost nothing. He can still burn And out-jump corners for the ball. It’s just he wont try all the time.

    And Terrell Owens could still help many teams… And he usually tries hard all the time.

  14. If he shows up half the time the 49ers are going to be extremely tough to beat this year. They made the best and most agressive FA signings in the NFL bar none and are thinking Super Bowl or bust. Smith has ALL the tools around him so the pressure and scrutiny will be totally on him if they don’t make it. If he plays remotely well, the run game and the D will take care of the rest. Look out for the 9ers this year. HTTR

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