Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Megatron, Revis will highlight NFL Top 10


NFL Network has now revealed 90 of the players on this year’s list of the Top 100 players as voted on by their peers, with only the Top 10 players in the NFL remaining to be named. And although we don’t yet know the exact order, we can more or less figure out who the Top 10 are going to be.

Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, the reigning league MVP, will surely be No. 1 on this year’s list after ranking No. 11 last year. Saints quarterback Drew Brees, the only player other than Rodgers to get any MVP votes last year, will almost certainly be No. 2. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who topped the list last year, is a likely No. 3.

Lions receiver Calvin Johnson, who ranked No. 27 last year, seems like a good bet as the highest-ranked non-quarterback. Two other offensive skill position players, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson (No. 3 last year) and Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald (No. 14) will also appear in this year’s Top 10.

That leaves four defensive players to fill out the Top 10: Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis (No. 8 last year), Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware (No. 12), Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata (No. 17) and 49ers linebacker Patrick Willis (No. 23). Revis would seem likely to rank as the best defensive player in the league, according to his fellow players. Something he and his agent may point out to the Jets in the weeks ahead.

40 responses to “Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Megatron, Revis will highlight NFL Top 10

  1. I’m not an expert,but I would say Ware > Revis. Both are outstanding,both have to be accounted for on each play,but I would give Ware the nod because you can go away from Revis and minimize his effect to an extent, Ware is effective whether you you run the plays away from him or not. Same could be said for Ngata. Perhaps that’s more a knock on the differences in the position than the player. Glad the players got it right though;Ngata is THE best defender on the Ravens,probably their best player overall.

  2. Ngata = Beast.

    He and Suggs are 1 and 1A in my book. You could flip a coin to choose over which one of those guys is the better player.

  3. Brady, Rodgers and Brees in the top 10? Oh well, Eli has the only accolade that counts (plus beat two of them).

  4. Zaggs … That is truly a great point from a TEAM award perspective and Eli deserves more credit as a player in my opinion…..But I think this list is correct.

  5. Brady was the only one out of the 3 to make it to the Super Bowl and he did so with the worst defense in the NFL

    Brady should be #1 or #2 at worst

  6. Megatron in the top 3 wouldn’t surprise me. Don’t you think they get sick of voting the QBs to the top slots every time? He’s the best at his position; isn’t that better than the 3rd best QB?

  7. Anyone who says Revis isn’t the best at his position or is overrated is an idiot. The JETS have ZERO PASS RUSH. And Revis has still be able to be an elite corner back.

    You clowns are foolish and jealous. How do those two AFCCG games in three years sound to you? Get ready for the Superbowl this year then tell us how you really feel.

  8. @jimthebuilder27…Revis is overrated? Really?

    “Last season Revis was thrown at 85 times, but he allowed only 35 receptions and a single touchdown. Quarterbacks throwing into his coverage had a rating of just 45.6, and he got his hands to (either intercepted or defensed) 20 passes. Throwing at Revis was not a productive way to move the football, but teams forced it anyway.

    In the fourth quarter of games–the money quarter–Revis’ numbers became even more insane. He allowed just 26.1% of targets to be complete, picking off half as many balls (three) as he allowed completed (six)” -ProfootballFocus

    You know nothing about football

  9. I would say Willis, Ngata, Ware, and even Jared Allen should all be ahead of Revis. He isnt so incredibly good that he is the best defensive player in the league. Teams dont throw against him because it is just as easy to throw against the rest of the field. It isnt because he is invincible.

    Tom Brady shouldnt drop to 3. He still carried his team almost the entire way. He is still the best. No matter what receivers are out there, he is still the most dangerous QB in the NFL.

    Brady, Rodgers, Megatron are my top 3. Brees #4. Although, if his attitude continues, he drops out of my top 10 just because I completely dislike the guy lol

  10. Amid all this debate over who’s #1, can we all agree that if there was a list of GMs, Ozzie Newsome would be first? Is he that much smarter and better an evaluator of talent than everyone else?

  11. hey Revis.. You can end up wherever you want.. Stevie Johnson doesn’t care.. he owns you every time. at one point last year he owned the 1 and 2 spot for catches and yards against you. I think it still may be the case.

  12. Dynastydriveb.

    That would be impressive if it were true. But in all reality new England had a top 5 defense. They were last in yards yes but in points allowed they were forth. The giants were 27th. Eli also had no running game to speak of. So Brady had help. Don’t act like he carried his team. They were usually up by so much against the teams they played on the easiest schedule in the NFL that those teams would put up yards but not score

  13. We all have a right to our opinion, but we all have to realize that this pole was voted on by the players which not only gives it merit but really makes our thoughts worthless.

  14. If this list is about sheer ability, I don’t think it can be anyone but the Megatron. The guy is just about unstoppable.

    The QBs are a wash in my opinion. I don’t see how anyone can really say one is better than the other. Stats are overrated and the three of them had a ton of weapons.

    Ware, A.P., Fitz and Revis had down years by their standards.

    Ngata and Willis are pretty strong contenders as far as the “beast” meter is concerned.

    I’d go something like this…


    From an unbiased Giants’ fan happy with no dog in the race.

  15. Revis? In the top 10?……I think he’d be lucky if he was in the 30’s on the list. I don’t see what he’s done to put him in the top 10 this year. To the person that posted that people are “jealous”. Nobody is jealous because he plays for a bum team, and clearly is overrated. I’ll never forget the play where Moss roasted him and got a one-handed catch for a TD, with Revis running behind him and all of a sudden pointing to his hamstring.

  16. lks311 says:
    Jun 21, 2012 10:22 AM
    Amid all this debate over who’s #1, can we all agree that if there was a list of GMs, Ozzie Newsome would be first? Is he that much smarter and better an evaluator of talent than everyone else?
    He may have an eye for defense but in a passing league and in 15 years as their GM, the guy has not drafted a single WR to speak of. With the Ravens as perennial contenders, I’d put him top 5.

  17. Everyone on this list is deserving except Fitz- he shouldn’t even be in the top 20

  18. @nydriveforfive:

    You (and others) are forgetting that the most sought after player in the NFL, by an enormously wide margin, is a franchise QB.
    NO ONE should be in the top 5 other than QB’s.

    Eli, should easily be in the top 10.
    Megatron is great, but he didn’t get to a SB, nor did he win one. One could argue that Stafford, Big Ben and Cam Newton could be in the top 10 as well. What is Calvin without a good QB?

    QB’s are FAR and AWAY the most important player on any NFL team.

  19. The ONLY way to build a team from the ground up, given a choice, it to start with a Hall of Fame QB.

    For that reason, the QB’s will place highest on the list.

  20. For the morons trying to debate whether these guys belong in the top or not, its not up to you, this list is voted by NFL players & coaches, not stupid biased homer fans. So if WRs who have to line up against Derelle Revis on the field are saying that he’s by far & away the best CB in football than you might wanna take their opinion to heart cause they know what the hell they’re talking about.

  21. Watch out folks. As soon as Stains fans hear of Brees not being #1 they’re going to start complaining that this vote is rigged by the NFL and their Saint hating commissioner.

    But he broke Dan Marino’s yardage record!

  22. It’s good to see the players understand there is more to a DT than stats. If you look at Ngata’s numbers (36 tackles, 5 sacks) you don’t see how truly great he is until you watch how disruptive he can be. Ngata has given Ray Lewis an extra 4 years of productive football. In the hybrid 3/4 he constantly takes double teams and blockers away from getting to the linebackers. He collapses the pocket which forces QBs to Suggs, and bounces runners from running north/south. Certainly, there will be a talking head or sensational writer who only looks at stats and will cry that he’s ranked too high. But if it weren’t for Ngata, the three other Raven defenders (Reed, Suggs, Lewis) wouldn’t be as great as they have been without his causing havac in the running and passing games.

  23. @infectorman – The top 100 list is about the best player in the league not the mvp of the league. Conceptually its hard to distinguish but if you think of this list as giving out the Heisman, it would help. Plenty of Heisman winners weren’t MVPs (otherwise they wouldn’t have been drafted in late rounds).

  24. @jetsarestacked

    Ladarious Webb had a better season. Heck, with the exception of he playoff game in Denver, Ike Taylor had a better season.

    Revis is the best in the league at one thing: Holding the receivers and getting away with it.

    If they would flag him 50% of the time, he would be no better than Eric Wright.

  25. Packers had the worst defense last yr. Also had most of their offense injured. Packers gonna be tough this yr. Jennings hopefully will put up some good numbers to get him up there….if he doesn’t get hurt…….again.

  26. JSYK the 9ers made Megatron a non factor last year becaaaauuuuse the have an ILB who runs a 4.3 40 and hits like a Mack truck and can cover TE’s AND WR’s. His name is Patrick Willis. Talk about unstoppable. Offenses have to account for him on every play. He should be in the top 5. And sorry, Revis doesn’t impact a game quite as much as Willis does.

  27. @jakek2:

    I know what you’re saying.

    I believe the concept of this list, aside from the popularity contest factor, to be a better list than anyone could come up with since the players themselves voted these guys into their positions.
    However, significant bias is introduced as some guys just don’t like other guys, some teams don’t like others, etc.

    That said, if you’re talking about the “best” players, then I stand by my statement above.

    A top 3-5 QB, playing a an extremely high-level is a better player than even the best WR , OT, DE or Tailback.
    Just my opinion, I guess.
    You know what they say about those, though…

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