Broncos quarterbacks coach is learning a lot from Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning’s new position coach is in great position to learn a lot from Peyton, especially since Peyton technically is Adam Gase’s elder.

Yes, Manning is two years and five days older than his first-line boss, who didn’t play football at the college or NFL level.  And so Gase is getting an education from Peyton.

“Any player that’s been in the league multiple years, especially when you get in double digits in years, they’ve seen so much stuff playing the game,” Gase told the Broncos’ official website.  “It doesn’t matter who you are, they’re going to bring something up that you’ve never even seen that’s happened to them in the past.  Anytime you’re around a guy, whether it’s a coach or a player, that’s been in the league 10-plus years, they’re going to have a lot of knowledge about what’s going on.”

One thing Gase has learned from Manning is that Manning works incredibly hard.

“He’s hands down the hardest worker I’ve ever been around,” Gase said.  “As far as the quarterback position or any position I’ve been associated with, I’ve never seen a guy work as hard as he does.  Every minute he’s in the building is utilized.  There’s no waste of time.”

Given Manning’s age, he can’t afford to waste time.  And Gase would be wise to keep taking notes for as long as he has access to one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

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  1. Can’t help but like a coach who listens…it will build trust with Peyton. As long as the lines of communication are reciprocal, it will only help both of them.

  2. Wow, I would have never thought that the all-pro, Hall of Fame QB Peyton Manning would help his younger coach learn the game of football. Peyton is an absolute mastermind on and off the field that would shock some of the world’s smartest people.

  3. Out of curiousity, how does one become a position coach in the NFL without playing at college or NFL? Sounds like a job I’d like.

  4. That’s a complete joke that you can get a job coaching someone like Peyton Manning without ever playing football at a high level. I mean what is he going to teach Peyton Manning? World is run by f******g clowns man.

  5. I know this is off topic but lebron has proven nothin in my a championship through the grind of a FULL season and we”ll see.

  6. If even somewhat healthy it is scary how much he could improve the Broncos or any team. The Broncos go from a 6-8 win team to a SB contender with Manning. Not a Bronco fan but its hard not root for them because of Manning.

  7. Just what every fan wants to hear about his favorite team’s coaches.

    I’m actually excited to see Manning on a new team. Not all of the greats have had to go through the challenge of new team, but some of the greats have: Montana and Favre both took their teams to conference championships, as did Cutler (not a great but still a good QB). McNabb struggled as did Warner the first time until he went to the Cards.

    I wonder if Brady will ever see a new team?

  8. Move over scrub. There’s a new quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive coordinator, quarterbacks coach, and offensive line coach in town.

  9. This coach has a lot of potential. Humble people can draw a lot of information out of others. But there is certainly some room for power struggles later on.

  10. yea thats awesome………… i also learned peyton is money hungry, controlling, egotistical, and doesn’t want to win a ring!!! he could have had a chance to win a ring but, he chose to be a GM & make ALL personal decisions for elway, i dont know where he gets his club tree fom but, i want some because his thoughts of him in E-FLY playing in a SB is like me winning the lotto TWICE!!!!

  11. So totally off subject but watching that joke of a redhead Rachel Nichols cover the heat all week makes me dread her awful sideline reports and bland dull human interest stories that are just around the corner come football season. How does this woman have a job at the 4 letter network…just like Dilfer Hoge Hasslebeck and Chris Carter……I effing hate ESPN!

  12. So your employee is better at your job than you and you are basically making sweet coin to do nothing. I don’t know if I should envy or feel sorry for this guy.

  13. How sad. It doesn’t sound good at all. Peyton will coach the offense, with new players and new OLine, don’t expect to have Peyton at his best. I see a ton of mistakes. 8-8 at best. 6-10 more Likely

  14. As a Bills fan I would hope that young players and kids everywhere read this article and take it to heart. Hard work equals praise and hopefully a good employment!

  15. How do some of these guys get jobs in the nfl? Just look across the league and you’ll see coaches that never played at the d1 level and some of the ones that did are coordinators for the opposite side of the ball that they played in college.

  16. Thought it was the Coach that taught the player, not the other way around. I guess Manning could bolster this kids career, hopefully he retains what he is being taught.

  17. I know nothing about this guy, but how can you be an NFL QB coach if you’ve NEVER played the position in college or professionally? Theres REALLY no one with actual experience thats available to be the QB coach?

    Again, this guy may be wonderful, but how did that hiring process go?

    “Well, this guy is pretty young and never played the QB position at any level… sounds PERFECT to coach our 34 year old arguably greatest ever quarterback. Get that man an offer letter!”

  18. If Gase has never played the position in college or the NFL, how the heck did he get to be a QB coach to one of the all time greats?

    I suspect Manning will be listening a lot more to Elway than this dude.

  19. wow, you can be a coach with no real experience in the league huh? well sign me up i need a job too i have lots of experience in playing Madden

  20. sorry but I don’t see manning making it through 5 games this year. I hope osweiler is ready to take over.

  21. Coaches with little playing experience have always been around. You’d think more people would be aware of that. This is a site for fans after all.

  22. you guys who claim a coach has to have been a player are silly. By that logic, all gynecologists would have to be women. “How can you deliver a baby if you’ve never had one yourself?”

  23. denverdave I would imagine it would be a great help if the guy coaching your qbs experienced the positions nuances personally. that would be like someone studying gourmet magazine and a few cooking shows and then teaching at a culinary institute.

  24. which is exactly why they are stating that the young inexperienced qb coach is learning from someone with real experience…..cuz experience is really helpful

  25. Just because he never played doesn’t mean he can’t coach. Sometimes a person has a great mind to be able to do something, but just doesn’t have the physical capabilities to match. Some of the best coaches of any sport never played at a high level.

  26. Can’t believe how many of you hope Peyton gets hurt or does not think he will make it for the season.

  27. be interesting to see if he makes a few more guys rich like he did in indy. or if he costs a few guys elway and fox) their jobs.
    time will tell

  28. nobody is saying its impossible to coach without experience at the position…..I’m merely saying that I’m positive that personal experience really helps immensely

    and I don’t hope manning gets hurt I just think its quite probable with the nature of peytons prior neck injuries

  29. Bill Belechick never played professionally, and played center for a D3 football program, yet he is one of the best defensive coaches and head coach.

  30. Bill Belechick cheats. He’s been caught cheating but a patsy under him took the bullet. Belechick will forever have an asterisk beside his name in my book.

  31. Cracks me up that everyone thinks the Donkeys are SB contenders now. He’s been to two SuperBowls people! And lost one!

    That’s not exactly the stuff of legends.

  32. This coach is a perfect example of: It’s not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that counts.

    Gotta run, I’m going to go an apply for a coaching spot at my local NFL team… I played high school ball.

  33. When you have Manning as the QB you don’t waste money on a QB coach. Anybody off the street willing to take minimum wage is good enough.

  34. Isnt that what Manning did in Indy? He’s just showing the coach his audibles, check downs, and down n’ distance he likes to run.

    Manning had free reign in Indy why wouldnt he have the same capabilities in Denver?

  35. There is no reason a person has to play D1 college ball or professional football to be a good coach. There are several examples of this type of situation across all professions. An engineer can design a hell of a bridge without ever having laid rebar, poured concrete or swung a hammer. Adam Gase is a coach, not a player. It doesn’t matter whatsoever what kind of a player he was, or if he was a player at all. All that matters is if he can coach.

  36. All of you people wishing and hoping for Peytin to be injured or hurt…. First, it shows your caliber of individual, 2- it would be a loss to the NFL and footballs fans across the league. 3- that he took the Colts to two Super Bowls is a hecak of a lot MORE than you’ve EVER accomplished 4- I hope that the I’ll will you wish upon others falls back on you
    What classless, sorry and pitiful individuals you are and how pathetic your lives MUST be. Rank.

  37. Topics about PM always bring the LOLs. They sure enough show the media’s ability to manipulate opinions.

  38. I juat got hired as the new offensive coordinator because I played j.v. football and I’m really good at madden..I knew my training would pay off someday

  39. I think its sad when people wish bad things upon another person. Regardless, of who that person is. If you can’t say or type something nice then don’t say or type anything at all. Your hatred doesn’t need to be spread all over the world.

    Football fans in Bronco Country, just wanted to say that Mr. and Mrs. Peyton Manning, are superb people. They give back and do a lot of charity work. So please, don’t throw Peyton under the bus. You are very lucky to have such a class act added to your football game.

    New Broncos Fan(was long time Colts fan)

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