Darrelle Revis won’t answer when asked about holdout


Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was back in his hometown Thursday, and said he wanted to “retire a Jet.”

Of course, he didn’t say he wasn’t going to hold out when the Jets convene training camp, either.

I don’t know,” Revis replied when asked if he’d report to training camp on time. “That’s up to [general manager] Mike Tannenbaum. I really don’t know.”

Here we go.

Revis has earned his $32.5 million over the last two years, but is scheduled to make “just” $13.5 million the next two. Adjusting that number would clearly help make up his mind about whether to hold out for the third time in six years.

By not answering the question, he’s clearly passed the ball to Tannenbaum. So far, the Jets haven’t indicated they’re in a hurry to re-do the deal, something Revis believes they promised they’d do.

Looks like we might not have to wait long to see Florio’s new theory on holdouts in action.

18 responses to “Darrelle Revis won’t answer when asked about holdout

  1. I can’t believe this is even an option, I mean the jets just gave him an insane deal 2 years ago. The hubris and greed of this guy has no limits.

  2. Sorry, but he should honor the 4 year contract that he signed two years ago. It’s not like a player who’s out-performed their rookie contract and deserves a raise. I don’t care how good he is, Revis needs to shut up, show up, play hard,and earn the $13 million/ year for the next 2 years.

  3. I think Tannenbaum should of realized from 2010 that Revis would become upset with the latter end of his 4 year deal.
    For me he is the best player on our team so he should get a new long term contract and sooner rather than later.
    If he holds out again there is a chance lightning would strike twice and he would get his new deal right before the season starts and he would pull a hamstring because he hasn’t trained correctly or not play to his standard of performance until halfway through the season (both happened last time!)
    The Patriots are always going to be strong and the Bills and Dolphins should improve this year so having our top player is essential.
    What we going to do if there is no long term deal….trade him?!?! The value would not be there in my opinion unless a crazy deal materialized from somewhere.

  4. Since the Jets don’t have a franchise QB to pay, Mevis thinks since he is the best player on the roster (not alot of competition) he should be paid Brady/Manning $$$.

    Everyone saw this train coming down the tracks two years ago when he signed his deal. Now we’ll get to see how strong the Jets front office is. My guess is that Tannenbaum folds. He can blame it on the fact that the jets can’t sell out games thereby reducing the cost of seats by 50% in the Upper Deck.

  5. (32.5m+13.5m)/4yr=11.5m/yr

    Just another moron with a front-loaded deal who pouts and holds out at the end of it and claims he is underpaid, while ignoring that he was overpaid (16.25m/yr) at the start of the contract.

    This is why anyone with half a brain (sorry, Jets fans) has zero sympathy for guys in his position. I hope he holds out, and the Jets go after his signing bonus and sit on his rights until he is too old to play.

  6. I honestly dont believe the Jets told him 2 years ago “here, we are going to pay you 50% more than any other CB in the league, and we will redo your deal again in 2 years”

    I think the Jets were really stupid to have given him 16.5 for each of his first 2 years. Because now he actually sees it that he was actually making 32.5 over 2 years, instead of 44 over 4.

    Nobody on the team besides a QB is ever worth 1/6th of the entire salary cap. That is a ridiculous salary. And if Tannenbaum caves, and actually pays him 16.5 per year like he wants, the Jets deserve to miss the playoffs again.

    I would let him sit and rot if it were me. I wouldnt pay him a cent more. I dont care what anyone says or thinks.

  7. So Revis doesn’t think that getting 25% of contract value upfront is going to result in smaller salary on the second half of its legnth? He is good, but enough is enough….the Jets have too many other needs on that team to be giving in to aging “star” players. They need more sacks. Obviously Revis’ superior coverage skills aren’t tying up opposing offensed ling enough for the DLine to get sacks…they were terrible at getting to the QB last year. Let that fool sit out all year long if he wants…he’ll be hurting his own value. Jets need DLine help…they could use that money for players that can impact the team as a whole. Does Revis not want to win? I am so tired of these greedy players.

  8. Revis has only held out once. When he was unsigned after being drafted, that was not a holdout. He had no contract and thus there was no contract to hold out from.

  9. As a life time Jets fan, I say let him sit out the entire season. He has to be made an example of. That he plays a kids game and should be grateful for any amount of money he gets. And not for nothing his play has gone down over the last couple of years. He’s not as good as he thinks he is, or what the media makes him out to be.

  10. I remember across the board, the analysts on NFL Network said this would happen while shaking their collective heads at the dollar amount of “10 contract he signed.

  11. I’m a spiteful person, so take a hike kid. Hold out and sit around for 2 years for all I can care. Tired of overpaid whining a-holes. He is a superior talent but I am sick of the crying. Sit around for free for 2 years.

  12. We get more Revis “possibility” stories then ones on the actual players who ARE already holding out. It’s getting sad now. He’s not holding out, he has no leverage this time and he knows it. All he can do right now is to use the media (when asked about only) to let it be known that he wants a long term deal and to hope n pray that the Jets are stupid enough to redo his deal sooner than later. Thats not happening. Next year he will hold out if no deal is done by the summer and Revis is just making sure Mr.T know this.

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