Earnest Graham realizes his NFL career likely over

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At 32 years old and coming off a torn Achilles, the reality is that running back Earnest Graham’s NFL career is probably over.

Graham himself sounds at peace with that, according to David Dorsey of the Fort Myers News-Press

“Right now, honestly, I’m going to focus on being a free agent, but I definitely understand that it is likely that I may have already played my last game,” Graham said.

“I’m spending a lot of time with my family. If something opens up in the NFL, I’ll consider it.”

Asked about his health, Graham said: “I feel fine. I’m running around well. If training camp started today, I’d be able to do it.”

Younger players, who suffered similar injuries earlier last season (such as Panthers linebacker Jon Beason) are still rehabbing for a training camp start, so Graham’s assessment might be optimistic. And since he’s not in a camp at the moment, when teams are carrying 90-man rosters, it’s likely that Graham has accurately assessed the possibility he’s finished.

14 responses to “Earnest Graham realizes his NFL career likely over

  1. Good Luck, Earnest. He always played well against my Saints whenever they played. Much respect here.

  2. Absolute Class Act…Did everything he was ever asked, and did it well.

    WHile his numbers won’t warrant it, I’d like to see his Name in the Bucs ring of honour one day…Nice Career EG, especially for an undrafted RB

    Stay Classy

  3. One of the absolute best people ever to put on a Bucs uniform. A true pro, and just a great human being. He never was a star, but you could always count on him. Fantastic member of the community, as well, during a time when the Bucs were sorely lacking men like him. The fact that he can recognize when he is done also reflects how intelligent he is (sometimes it is tough to say that about UF players–even coming from an alum like myself.)

  4. Yeah right if Kevin Faulk is still playing Earnest will catch on somewhere probably mid season as an injury replacement. The guy can play tailback and fullback and CAN CATCH out of the backfield.

    As a Bucs fan i predicted our season would go downhill as soon as we lost him last year. He’s a solid dump off, a great blocker, and he can give you good goal line looks.

    Good Luck Graham, Hopefully some of your class rubbed off on Legarrett. (though I doubt it)

  5. He was a successful undrafted RB before undrafted RBs were cool. Mr. August made a nice career for himself.

    I loved his style as a tailback…just one cut and go. The Bucs will miss him on and off the field.

  6. All class, all about the team! He would do anything ever asked. One week he was was starting at fullback and Cadillac went down on 1st series. Earnest went for over 120 on 25 carries and went into the game not planning to get a carry.

  7. This guy should have been the starter right after Caddy got hurt the first time, but he never complained and just did what was asked of him. I hope someone picks him up and he gets a chance to put in work just to show the Bucs what they had. And im a die hard Bucs fan. Stay classy Graham!

  8. gaadr says:
    Jun 22, 2012 2:50 PM
    He was a successful undrafted RB before undrafted RBs were cool. Mr. August made a nice career for himself.


    Priest Holmes predates Graham coming into the league… and he’ll always think undrafted RBs are cool.

    John Settle, Kevin Mack, James Allen, Dominic Rhodes, James Allen, and an entire slew of RBs undrafted before Graham and still ran for over 1000 yards during a season in their career think that they’re pretty cool too.

  9. Ernest, as a fellow Gator/Buc, it was a great pleasure watching you in G’ville and then in Tampa rise above it all. You are truely blessed. Your signed picture is hanging on my most favoride Gator wall. Good luck to you and your family. Gator1976

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