Jay Ratliff says Cowboys need less talk, more work


Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff’s media silence this spring was apparently not an accident.

He didn’t talk to reporters at OTAs or minicamp, and said in a radio interview he was hoping for less talk, more action this year.

“We’re not going to sit here and talk about what we’re going to do this year or all the expectations everyone else has for us,” Ratliff told KTCK. “I think the attitude for us this year needs to be we’re going to be quiet. To put it bluntly, we’re going to shut up, not say a thing and do our jobs.”

The Cowboys defense was decidedly middle-of-the-road in 2011, but Ratliff said there was a different feel about his side of the ball this offseason.

“The defense is way more confident this year,” he said. “You have players really stepping up. One player that comes to mind is Jason Hatcher. We’re looking for him to have a breakout season. He’s more confident in the defense. He’s doing great things, creating a lot of disruption. The defensive backs are all over the place. Those guys are communicating. Everyone’s challenging the pass.

“No one’s sitting there waiting for the ball to come to make a tackle. They’re going for the ball. It’s a really aggressive defense. Everybody seems to have a great understanding of it. Everyone’s on the same page. We’re expecting great things from ourselves.”

Of course, Ratliff doesn’t have to look far for motivation, or reason to keep his trap shut.

“Honestly, we don’t have room to talk,” he said. “The Giants are the Super Bowl champions. They’ve won two Super Bowls in the last five years. We just need to be quiet and do our jobs. Nothing else.”

That kind of humility is rare in Dallas, but it might be exactly what they need.

13 responses to “Jay Ratliff says Cowboys need less talk, more work

  1. “We’re expecting great things from ourselves.”….I thought he and the cowboys were going to do LESS talking. We’ve heard Romo praise Dez Bryant, Witten call Romo a great QB, Jerrah praise his son Stepehn, Stephen praise his daddy, Rob Ryan say the defense will be no. 1 this year in the league, one of the defensive backs stated how the boys were a championship team (on paper), blah blah blah……….nothing changes in cowboy land.

  2. I’m a Dallas fan, and I definitely like the approach.. BUT, by him saying “we’re going to shut up, not say a thing and do our jobs”, while on a RADIO SHOW, isn’t he actually doing the exact OPPOSITE?! LOL

  3. After talking about not talking.

    He talks about what he said not to talk about.

    Was he in Dallas when the practice field roof fell down? Duh

  4. And I’m not going to post a comment on this Article about not talking either — no, not gonna do it.

  5. He absolutely right. But of course the Cowboys haters are always going to find something negative to say about ANYTHING the Cowboys do. Lol Whatever… smh

  6. In the old days, players won championships first, then bragged about how good the are!!

  7. First time the man’s talked this year. To a local Dallas station. Said what they were doing, answered some questions and that was it. Vickers did the same in an interview that Dez backed out of for the reason of he’s not talking.

    They are politely answering the questions asked of them.

    Not a single one of them has ran to a news outlet proclaiming they are the greatest.

  8. Same BS every year out of this team.

    Same crappy product by December.

    Ask Jerry what he thinks…..

    (head nod, head nod, head nod… studder, studder, studder, weird smile at the reporter – WE NEED GUYS LIKE ELI!)

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