Matt Forte sounds an optimistic note on contract talks with Bears

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There may finally be reason for optimism in Chicago that the Bears and running back Matt Forte can come to an agreement on a new contract.

Forte, the franchise player who is not satisfied with the one-year tender offer of $7.7 million, told reporters today that he believes progress has been made in his contract talks with the team.

Last year we were worlds apart, but it’s gotten better,” Forte told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Forte told Zach Zaidman of WSCR in Chicago that he took it personally when he heard the reports that the Bears don’t think his knees can hold up for much longer, but that he’s sure he’ll be with the Bears for the regular season. The question is whether he’ll be there at the start of training camp.

We don’t know the answer to that question yet, but all the reporters who spoke with Forte today indicated that things are moving in the right direction. Considering how far apart Forte and the Bears have seemed to be until now, Bears fans will have to take that as good news.

10 responses to “Matt Forte sounds an optimistic note on contract talks with Bears

  1. These guys skip camp and come in when there in shape but not “Football Shape”… Then go on to have a bad year because of that set back.. Chris Johnson is the latest example of this.. Forte may want to give this a little consideration.. You can’t get in “Football Shape” without playing and training with a football team..

  2. Matt Forte clearly deserves a better deal than what is currently playing under but sadly guys like Chris Johnson and Sean Alexander have really ruined it for RBs. Too many of these guys go down hill fast after signing these mega deals. This is why I don’t think Forte will get a ton of money (most likely a nice chunk up front that will allow them to cut him in a year or two without a big cap hit) nor will MJD get a big extension. RBs are the most likely to get injured and easiest to replace.

  3. Get your money, Mr. Forte. No position in sports is more demanding or takes more of a beating than NFL running back. Get it while you can, because you’ll likely be crippled by the time you’re 45 years old.

  4. diesel23 says:Jun 22, 2012 3:53 PM

    matt forte just sign a damn deal, because with u our offense is loaded and unstoppable

    Unstoppable?? Seriously?? Why, because of Marshall? Don’t forget, you still have that offensive line (which they did nothing to address) that is below average and, last time I checked, an offense goes as the oline goes. So let’s take it easy with the unstoppable talk. And don’t tell me just because the Bears got rid of Martz the guys up front will suddenly be pro-bowlers.

  5. Matt Forte in Chicago is a must have. Is worth every penny he gets. Is a beast from the line do scrimmage.

  6. @eaststsfb
    You must not of seen how good the bears were before cutler and forte got hurt… ya unstoppable is a good way of putting it…..there always that moron that thinks he knows everything

  7. I really wish the Bears could tell the media/public what their offer(s) have been to Forte. Then we would truly see just how greedy he & his agent really are!

  8. give forte the deal already. the bears have been teasing him like women tease me at nightclubs: relentlessly. always promising millions of dollars or a phone number and then they give us the same excuse: maybe next year. he deserves a deal and if he doesnt get it he wont be in camp and he wont be in shape and then he will lose everything he built and he will lose so much of what he is really worth

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