Troy Brown, Mark Tauscher win TV gigs at Broadcast Boot Camp

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Troy Brown played wide receiver and defensive back during his long career with the Patriots and he’s adding another position to the list in retirement.

Brown will be a studio analyst for one game as a result of his strong work at the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp in New Jersey this week. Brown was one of 23 current and former players accepted into the six-year-old program designed to help players move into broadcasting when they are done playing. Former Packers tackle Mark Tauscher won the same one-game gig at the end of the four-day camp.

Now for the bad news. Unless you’re in the United Kingdom, you won’t be able to see how they do. Both players will be doing their analysis for the league’s UK partners in games shown on the other side of the Atlantic. If they do well, there’s probably a good shot you’ll wind up seeing them over here at this point.

You can listen to two other winners. Lions wide receiver Nate Burleson and Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen were chosen to be co-hosts on Sirius XM NFL Radio at some point during the regular season. The dates of all four assignments will be announced in the future.

13 responses to “Troy Brown, Mark Tauscher win TV gigs at Broadcast Boot Camp

  1. Good for all those guys. As a long time Pats fan I’m particularly happy for Troy Brown. The guy was the absolute prototype of a selfless, hard working, do-whatever-is-asked-of-me, kind of player. He was successful in the NFL because he worked hard, was the consummate pro, was smart, and willing to do whatever he could for the team. In listening to him over the past couple of years talking on local sports radio he has also shown he can handle the broadcasting arena very well offering great analysis and insight into everything NFL. The guy is just somebody that can be held up as a really positive example to anybody. Just a great guy.

  2. Can someone please explain the posting rules on this site? I had a post deleted for merely pointing out that Mark Tauscher only had one sentence devoted to him in this article. I sincerely hope that didn’t offend anyone.

  3. I’ve heard Troy on the radio before. He’s pretty good and has good insights into the game. With a little practice he could be pretty good.

    He earned this bootcamp gig

  4. I heard David Caldwell on the bootcamp radio spot and thought he did well too. Maybe i have a Jersey bias, but i would listen to that guy if he had a regular radio gig

  5. You have to tip your hat to Nate Burleson…3 nfl contracts under his belt and poised to be involved in the game after he’s done playing.

    I’m willing to bet that the self proclaimed Black Wes Welker has made more coin than the actual Wes Welker.

    Ok my seventeen seconds of caring are done.

  6. As a member of the Troy Brown Fan Club I am happy for his continuing success. You will not find a more humble, down to earth, likeable, dependable loyal, personable guy than Troy Brown. Out of all my personal Patriot favorites, he’s the one I would have liked to have a beer with and shoot the breeze.

  7. Troy Brown belongs in the Hall of Fame more than several guys that are in it. He and Kevin Faulk never got famous like Brady and that defense, but they simply came through in crunch time every time….

  8. Nate Burleson is a natural. Smooth, intelligent, answers questions well, never seems to be caught off guard.

    Good luck to Nate whenever the inevitable transition from the NFL to the broadcast booth happens.

  9. joesixpack says:

    “I’ve heard Troy on the radio before. He’s pretty good and has good insights into the game. With a little practice he could be pretty good.”

    So, what are you saying? A “little practice” won’t improve his performance? I mean. You think he’d be “pretty good” after a “little practice” even though you already think he’s “pretty good” already. I would think a “little practice” would make him better.

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