Vernon Davis says he’ll become the best tight end ever

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Vernon Davis went back home to Washington, D.C., today and gave a talk to young football players about setting goals for themselves. And Davis told them that he’s setting the bar very high when making his own goals.

According to WUSA, Davis said that his goal is to become the best tight end in football history. And he says that’s a goal he’s confident he’s going to reach.

I will be the best tight end to ever play this game. I have a vision,” Davis said.

Asked afterward how he plans to go about achieving that vision, Davis said that it’s all about hard work and having a plan.

“Anything is possible,” Davis said. “I say that because . . . what can happen? If I don’t make it, then I don’t make it. It’s as simple as that. Ain’t nothing nobody can do, ain’t nothing nobody can say. But if I do? Then I spoke it into existence.”

The last time we heard from Davis, he was saying that he strongly believes the 49ers should be Super Bowl favorites. Now he says he believes he’ll go down in history as the greatest ever to play his position. Nobody can accuse Davis of lacking confidence.

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  1. While I think a player should have confidence and I know he has the potential to do it he should probably keep it to himself…

  2. That’s a totally absurd comment. When you think of John Mackey, Mike Ditka, Ron Kramer or any of a number of more recent TE’s, like Gates, Martinez, or the senior Winslow, one realizes how stupid that comment is.

    Nice goal to shoot for, however.

  3. Davis has a ways to go before he passes up Tony Gonzalez or even Antonio Gates. Davis also has “The Gronk” to worry about. But, I love his attitude…every player should strive to be the best at their position.

  4. Let’s see… 6 seasons, never broken 1000 yards, double digit touchdowns once, and clearly has an ego. Yep, he’s the next mike ditka, forget graham and gronk Vernon Davis is the next great. Idiot.

  5. I’m a Niner fan so I hope his declaration comes true (with the Niners). However, Tony Gonzalez is the best ever, hands down.

  6. He’s not the best tight end NOW. Until he grows up and realizes the stunt he pulled in the playoffs makes him a team clown and not a team leader he’s destined to follow in TOs foot steps
    And I’m a Niner fan

  7. Davis isn’t even the best tight end in the NFC (Jimmy Graham says hi), much less the nfl (Gronk says sup!), and DEFINITELY not the best ever.

  8. admahadevan says:
    Jun 22, 2012 7:59 PM
    Let’s see… 6 seasons, never broken 1000 yards, double digit touchdowns once, and clearly has an ego. Yep, he’s the next mike ditka, forget graham and gronk Vernon Davis is the next great. Idiot.
    You might have some self image issues. It’s *his* goal. It’s not like he says that he already is that great.
    What do you tell people you coach? Don’t set goals?

    He’s obviously talented.

    I mean, what a stupid comment.

    you need to read it again. He said it’s his *goal*.

    As a niners fan I love Brent Jones, but Davis has accomplished more in 6 years than Jones did in his first 6 (with erratic QB play). He will far surpass Jones.

  9. Ah Vernon,

    In order to make this sort of statement, you’ll need a ton better QB throwing you the ball.

    Big piece of the puzzle buddy.

  10. I thought we want our kids to strive to be the best? This dude is at a youth football camp saying that his personal goal is to be the best at his position. Not that he “IS” the best, and he needs to work hard to get there. I see nothing wrong here.

  11. JG is better than Davis and I’m not sure Davis is a scosh better than JF. This unbridled optimism following the draft for every team and player needs to frickin’ stop. Now.

  12. He’s definitely an excellent TE…. but “I will be the best TE to ever play the game”….. I just threw up. This is the problem with so many egotistical athletes. They get this swollen head syndrome which makes you want to attach a woven basket to their chin and a propane burner that blasts a flame up into the vast expanses of a hollow cranium and keep blasting the burner until the swollen cranial ego just…. pops.

    Tony G. is legend….. Gronk is awesome…. Veron Davis is really really good…. but his ego will be his own demise. Just “Do Your Job”….. and shut up.

  13. Well I have to say graham has brees and gronk has Brady, so who knows how good they really are? Do u really think those tight ends can put up the same numbers with Alex smith? I believe Vernon would put up better numbers then those guys if he had there qbs..

  14. You’d be a lot closer, Vernon, if you weren’t such a punk earlier in your career your head coach threw you off the sideline during a game.

    I will give Singletary credit, though. He was a disaster as a head coach, but Davis has played a lot better since that happened. I think it may have been his first ever lesson in humility.

  15. @chickenneck….. 2010 just called and asked who Graham and Gronk are. Seriously though, those guys had fabulous seasons, but they need another season of great production before we should be calling them the best in anything. I don’t even put VD there yet. Tony Gonzalez is best in the league and I dare say history. If Vernon Davis set his sights high enough to surpass him then that only benefits the 49ers….. I just wish he’d stop saying these things so loudly even though I love the passion putand enthusiasm.

  16. Gronkowski=1 year wonder..product of Tom Brady..any other team just another guy…Vernon Davis was ghe Niners only threat teams knew ot and still couldnt stop him

  17. Talk is cheap. Show it on the field. Help your team(s) earn more than 3 rings while still performing at a pro bowl level and then we will consider you in Shannon Sharpe’s class.

    Until then, you can talk about all the POTENTIAL you have.

  18. It’s not like he said he was the best ever right now he just said he is going to work hard for it but his head seems to be the size of bonds head right now he needs to shrink it down a little

  19. This is why the niners won’t amount to anything… Old niners teams always played as a team… Todays niners are all about themselves… Take a page from your clubs history stop thinking about ur own personal stats and running ur mouth and play like a team and great things could happen….

  20. “Nobody can accuse Davis of lacking confidence.”
    Sure they can… If he was confident, he wouldn’t have to go out of his way to talk himself up and try to convince others to believe in him…
    A lot of people who have to talk about themselves are really insecure…
    Don’t think this is the case here, but certainly people can do it!

  21. Nothing wrong with that. He had a great year and that should be his goal. At least he didn’t say Crabtee has the best hands ever. Or they never pursued Payton Manning.

  22. Davis still has a very unrefined game for a player who’s been in the league for what, five years? It would be cool to see and the talent is there. But not gonna happen.

    If Graham achieves his yet untapped potential, he will the be the tight end from this era who stands highest in the record books. If not, it will be Gronkowski.

  23. Players say things like this in football to pump up their teamates….it sounds counterintuitive… But that is the real intent…the public interprets it differently….

  24. Gonzalez, Gronk, Gates, Graham are all, or have all been better at some point in their careers, than Davis will ever be.

    How about shooting to be a top 3 TE in the current league, first?


  25. I suppose Davis will take a page from Alex Smith’s book and say that receiving yards, catches and TDs are overrated.

  26. dont he need a reliable QB 1st to get the stats first?? to even be considered the best if he hadnt so many offensive coordinators and hq changes since he’s been there he be well on his way he seems to have come in at a new age of tight ends coming up Gronk,Graham,Gates,Gonzalez on the back end of his career,Witten, and others

  27. I am and always will be and life-time Niner’s fan. AND while I have loved his development, both on field and emotionally, he has shown some ego/arrogance problems lately, including those 30 yards he cost us [total] in the NFC Championship Game.

    He needs to chill and be quiet and just do what he says he needs to do — work.

    Less mouth. More touchdowns, Vernon.

    AND I think he can be the best ever.. But stop talking about it and do it.

  28. Tony Gonzalez is the best TE to ever play football, and it isn’t even close. Gonzo is to TEs as what Jerry Rice is to WRs.

    Vernon Davis has tons of potential, and what, two good seasons under his belt so far? He’s got a long way to go. And while we’re on it, I don’t think Gronkowski is in the top 10 best TEs without Tom Brady and the tailor-made Pats offence around him.

  29. I think you are all making a bigger deal out of this, look at the situation, he’s trying to convey a message to young children to set goals, what do you want him to say? He’ll try and be mediocre and try as best as he can?

  30. Sorry dude. Your not even the best tight end in the game right now, never mind of all time. Gronk is just getting started and any team in the NFL would take him 10 times out of 10 over you. It’s good to have a dream, but these is no chance. That said, I really like VD’s game. He just isn’t nearly as talented as Gronk.

  31. he certainly has the physical tools to be the best but he doesn’t seem to have the mental toughness nor the humility of some of the greats….right now gronk and graham are better but that’s probably because they have top caliber qbs throwing to them. all time winslow sr. tony gonzales and gates are far better

  32. aaron hernandez is not better than gronk. hernandez is built more like a really tall wr. brady +gronk=ridiculous

  33. perhaps he should have focused on potential greatness 5 or 6 seasons ago instead of half way through his career. I guess being paired up with alex hasn’t helped very much to this point.

  34. Relax, he said he’ll be the best, he didn’t say he is the best. How many players say they’re going to be the best? Tons. It’s called self motivation.

  35. Hey, I don’t want to break up this hate-fest with some actual football, but maybe some of you should keep in mind that Davis is actually a tight end. What position does Gronkowski play? It’s not exactly tight end. It’s the same with Jimmy Grahm. Both of those players get lined up in a variety of alignments – outside, in the slot, as an h-back – in order to use them as receivers. Vernon Davis is almost always lined up in the tight end position at the end of the offensive line. He’s a much better blocker than either of those players. He’s a much better blocker than Antonio Gates or Kellen Winslow.

    The argument is who is the best tight end, not who is the most prolific receiver. And, for that argument, Vernon Davis is in the conversation.

  36. If VD had a QB that matched his skill level,then VD would already have been in the coversation of who is the best TE in history. VD has been Alex’s fav target for years,so he has had it better than any of the other receivers on the QB poor team. But if he had been playing with a better QB,VD would be much closer to his goals of winning SB’s and becoming the best TE ever. (would have easily won the SB last year for instance).Alex is slowly getting better,so things should improve for all the receivers,but will it be a big improvement or will it just be more of the same snail paced improvements ? Hopefully Alex will make a big jump in performance starting this year !

  37. Thanks for bringing it back to actual football. You’re right, VD blocks better than every other TE in the league right now. Hence why the 49ers kept him inline to help with Demarcus Ware. How many sacks would Ware get against the aforementioned TE’s?

  38. billb49 you are crazy if you believe that vernon is currently in the conversation as one of the best TEs of all time

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