Warren Sapp says he apologized to Jeremy Shockey

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We’ve been following the Saints bounty program case long enough that there have been multiple flashpoints that seemed huge at the moment and faded into the background of the next round of revelations.

One of those things was Warren Sapp erroneous report that Jeremy Shockey was the whistleblower that tipped the NFL to the program in the first place. Since then Sapp was benched by the NFL Network (although he kept his job), given his walking papers at Inside the NFL and debuted as a judge in a new internet show. And he’s also apologized to Shockey.

“I saw Jeremy about a week after it all went down at a Heat game … and I told him, I said, ‘I apologize for putting it on the street level and making it derogatory towards you.’ The information that was passed to me, I stand by my source, but I hate that I put it on a level, that wasn’t the way it should be.” Sapp said on the Toucher and Rich radio show in Boston, via SportsRadioInterviews.com. “That’s what I apologized for, because I put it on a way lower level than it should’ve been. It was something serious that never shoulda went on and stuff like that. So that’s the problem I have with myself and what I said to him.”

Whether that satisifies Shockey’s desire for an apology remains to be seen, but Sapp said he’s seen Shockey subsequently without any problems between the two of them.

41 responses to “Warren Sapp says he apologized to Jeremy Shockey

  1. Well maybe Jeremy couldn’t forgive him because he couldn’t understand what Sapp was saying!!!!

  2. “I want to apologize for not throwing you under the bus with a little more dignity, I shouldn’t have put it on that level”


  3. Time and time again Sapp makes dumb comments. He even said he thought Justin Smith would be left out of the top 100. Not only was Smith on the list he was top 20! Please keep this Sapp off television he is just plain DUMB!

  4. Warren Sapp and Terrell Owens, a couple of the highest character people in sports are down and out. That’s just too bad.

  5. Sapp didn’t apologize for being wrong and “stands by his source” yet Goodell said Shockey wasn’t the snitch.

    So who is lying?

    Do you really believe Sapp?

    And after all the shady stements, leaks, and misleading “evidence”….how can you believe anything from Goodell?

  6. No Warren, an apology is not enough.

    Why is this bum getting yet another chance?
    Has Sean Salisbury or Rush Limbaugh received another chance after they apologized? No they haven’t. I wonder why, what is the difference b/c Sapp, Salisbury, and Limbaugh….what could it be that would cause the media to support Sapp when they refuse to do the same for Salisbury and Limbaugh?

  7. Sapp apologized in an effort to keep all of his teeth in his mouth, because if it came to blows we all know you can’t out crazy Jeremy Shockey.

  8. “The information that was passed to me, I stand by my source…”

    HEY MORON, how can you stand by your source when your “source” was WRONG??

    Sue him Jeremy!

  9. The only time ole Sappy takes his foot out of his mouth is to insert the other foot. Even a fish wouldnt get into trouble if he kept his mouth shut.

  10. Both of these guys are major tool bags.
    If I were in a high rise building and locked in a room with those two buffoons I think I would just jump out a window.

  11. So Sapp accused him in public and apologized in private? That ain’t right man. If you accuse him in public and you are wrong, then you apologize in public and fess up to your mistake!

  12. Sapp didn’t say he doesn’t believe his source he said he was wrong for the way he put it out. That being said eventually with the way this bounty case is going Shockey name might come back into play.

  13. dryzzt23 , Limbaugh is one of the worst people on the planet….why would anyone give that sob another chance? He makes the other 2 guys seem like angels.

  14. Shockey needs to place a bounty on Sapp.

    Oh snap! Those are now outlawed…

  15. Sapp’s reputation around Tampa is infamous. Nobody here likes him. Never has. Just google ‘warren sapp avila’ . The jerk used to drive his car through the neighbors front yards – no house there < 5000 sq ft. I doubt he's living there now.

  16. The comment about the phone conversation in a charlie brown cartoon was one of the funniest things I’ve seen on here! Thanks for the laugh. And Sapp isn’t even laughable, just pathetic. Hines Ward is gonna have your job soon Sappy.

  17. benh999 says: Jun 22, 2012 1:42 PM

    Are there any two less likable players?

    Well, I am no fan of Sapps, but I can think of quite a few players that are less likable: Michael Irvin, Michael Vick, Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, Ryan Leaf, Jeff George and Jim Harbaugh come to mind quickly.

  18. Sapp is just another washed up player trying to cling to relevancy. Really sad watching him trash players like Justin Smith and Suh just because they are the cream of the crop in the NFL now.

  19. Sapp is Sapp and he tells it to you off the top of his head and sometimes his mouth gets overloaded and goes on. I never cared for him before he got on the network, but I see a different side that others can’t. As for bankruptcy that is all in what you think, last I remember he had only 6.3 million in the bank he just can’t manage money well. They get themselves in situations with women and are paying for child support for life.
    At least he is paying it, they buy houses they can’t afford then move think about the last time you had 6 mill in the bank.

  20. I sincerely doubt that Warren Sapp apologized to Jeremy Shockey, at least not to his face. We all know what would of happened if these two were in the same room.

  21. goredskins11 says:
    Jun 22, 2012 3:13 PM
    benh999 says: Jun 22, 2012 1:42 PM

    Are there any two less likable players?

    Well, I am no fan of Sapps, but I can think of quite a few players that are less likable: Michael Irvin, Michael Vick, Deion Sanders, Terrell Owens, Ryan Leaf, Jeff George and Jim Harbaugh come to mind quickly.

    I will add that Shockey caused no trouble and was a great teammate his 1 year in Carolina. I can’t imagine why the Panthers like Gary Barnidge so much more than Shockey.

    Sapp is just a blabbering idiot.

  22. I’m no fan of Sapp, but I give him credit for being a man and apologizing to Shockey in person. At least he didn’t take the d bag route and Tweet and apology.

  23. So Sapp “stands by [his] source” but apologizes to Shockey for putting “it on a way lower level.”

    Nothing like trying to save (two) face. What a pompous jackass.

  24. Shocky tricked on the Saints whole team because they cut him, an the only thing Sapp did wrong was try to make it right, Shocky caused a lot of people to lose money an respect … If the NFL cant prove the Saints did wrong then Shocky will be sued by everybody

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