Andre Carter seems destined to re-sign with Pats

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On June 2, we broke down ten of the top free agent football players left on the open market. Just one of them has been signed. Among the unsigned remains defensive end Andre Carter, who recorded ten sacks in 14 starts with the Patriots last season.

Carter has spent the offseason rehabbing a torn quadriceps muscle. In a June 12 interview with Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, Carter revealed his qaud “pop[ped] off the bone,” leading to an extended recovery period.

As Field Yates of ESPN Boston noted in a Saturday glance at the Patriots’ roster, New England has filled 89 of 90 possible roster spots with one month left before training camp. Yates writes that Carter “very well” could fill that 90th spot while pointing out that the Patriots have yet to assign Carter’s jersey No. 93 to another player.

The Patriots have done a nice job of upgrading their defensive end depth chart this offseason, drafting Chandler Jones in the first round and Jake Bequette in the third. They also signed versatile defensive end/tackle Jonathan Fanene, and end/linebacker Trevor Scott.

Carter’s return could round out the depth chart.

15 responses to “Andre Carter seems destined to re-sign with Pats

  1. New England wants so badly to be a historic franchise like the Washington Redskins brother. Robert Griffin the 3rd elevates Washington to the top of the NFL World while the Pats are left to sink to the bottom with Cap’n Bunchen.

  2. I really hope he signs again. I heard he was slow in rehab though so I wonder if they’re just waiting to see if he can get back up to speed.

  3. Why would they get an injured 30 something vet and lose potential young contributors? They are overstocked @ ends.

  4. Their d-line is below average now that Mark Anderson is gone and Andre Carter’s injury seems pretty career-altering.

    Chandler Jones seems more promising at this point even though his playing style seems very one-dimensional (I’d know. I’ve seen him play in Syracuse).

  5. @ hulkhogansays:
    Washington is one of the worst franchises in the league. RG3 can be a great prospect but has nothing to work with in DC. New England is an elite franchise in a strong division where Washington is a poor franchise in a very strong division. I will give Washington four more years for their playoff birth.

  6. Proof is in the Pudding brother. NE watches closely when the Skins make cuts so they can fill their roster with REDSKIN STARPOWER. They’ve failed the recent last two times when LaAchillies Landry decided to go to the Jets and Tim Hightower smartened up to remain a REAL DEAL Redskin. So here they are begging for ol’ Carter. Guess who you’ll NEVER HAVE though? Robert Griffin the 3rd, NFL Legend and winner of multiple superbowls.

  7. Hulkster – what is there about 11 straight winning seasons, making the playoffs in 9 of the last 11 seasons, 9 AFC east titles, 5 AFC titles, 3 Super Bowls, and being a definite part of the conversation this season for being in ANOTHER Super Bowl that so bothers you?

    Is it that we Pats fans have gotten so used to success that we are obnoxious and arrogant? Is that it?

    If that’s it – better get used to it cupcake ‘cuz it ain’t gonna end any time soon.

    BTW – I’m also a Redskins fan and can remember when their battles with the Giants and Cowboys were epics, especially late in the season.

  8. Why Carter? Because he’s a pro, he’ll definitely round out the depth chart and 16 or 17 weeks in the season the depth chart will be VERY important, as it always is.

  9. Carter was one of BB’s best FA signings ever for his on and off the field roles. I hope he can and does return.

  10. Carter was a beast when he was healthy last year, a solid anchor on an otherwise questionable defense.

    Pats need his veteran presence this year as the defense really starts to gel.

  11. I think resigning Carter is a no brainner! Even with there good draft and free agent signings, the Carter signing makes perfect sense! Carter is a workout freak, he will come back as good as he was last year simply because of the type of player he is, and he loves Bellichek and the Pat’s! When they didn’t resign Anderson, Carter was the guy, and football is unlike all other sports, when you sign someone to a contract, it actually means squat! How many times do you see the patriots sign someone and the next week they are gone? The Pat’s are not stupid, if they don’t think Carter can play, they will not sign him! Carter is a true professional, and he will help every young defense player on that team with his commitment and professionalism!

  12. @ hulkhogansays

    hahahahahahaha… dude seriously…

    Skin’s haven’t been relevant since the 80’s … Win more than ten games and we can talk about historic franchises… BTW … “capt bunchen” is the best player in NFL for the last 10 season… RGIII is a “nice prospect” … it is unlikely he will have the career Brady has had… it is more likely he will become Michael Vick (if the skins are lucky)

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