Ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit against Brandon Marshall dismissed


A lawsuit that an ex-girlfriend brought against Bears receiver Brandon Marshall, accusing him of abusing her, has been dismissed.

The Chicago Tribune reports that ex-girlfriend Rasheedah Watley, who filed the lawsuit in 2009 accusing Marshall of battery and false imprisonment in two separate incidents in June 2007 and March 2008, had her case dismissed in Georgia State Court on May 25.

Marshall and Watley had an on-and-off relationship that began when they were in junior high school and continued into his NFL career. In 2009 he was acquitted of battery charges in a case that began when Watley said Marshall hit her.

Marshall, who is now married to Michi Nogami-Campbell, has been accused of violence against women several times but has never been convicted.

6 responses to “Ex-girlfriend’s lawsuit against Brandon Marshall dismissed

  1. Marshall’s got an open space for a case with his legal team now…..

    everyone keep checking the arrest reports this weekend….. it’s coming…..

  2. Seriously!!!

    What is wrong with you people?!?!?!
    This is just a bigger and brighter sign that the woman he was involved with brought a whole lot of crazy to his life!!! Since he’s been away from her these domestic violence issues have gone away!! That leads me to further believe that she’s nuts, drove him nuts and if he ever did touch her it was probably wrangle her & get her under control!!
    The only bit of it that is Brandon’s fault regardless of how many charges are dropped, is that he didn’t distance himself from her sooner!!

  3. Does anyone else see a trend of behavior with him? Maybe, he is not always Guilty (legally), but where there is smoke, there is fire! He is now “The Teflon WR”. 3rd Down and End Zone passes don’t stick to his hands and Legal Charges don’t stick to him either.

  4. lilmiddle78—The fact that Marshall has the resources to beat any charge that a prosecutor chooses not to plea bargain (which they have done many times for him) should not carry much weight.

    When it comes to slapping around women Marshall has a very long record. You want to try and tell me he’s been given a bad rap? Please spare me. I don’t recall EVER getting arrested for abuse on a woman and I doubt you have either. Yet Marshall seems to have made it a regular part of his life. The thing about cretins like him, they never learn. He’ll keep on doing it. Sooner or later he’ll screw up so bad that even his “on-stand by 24/7 we never sleep” lawyers won’t be able to save him.

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