Forte not thrilled about Cutler discussing his contract


Florio wrote earlier this month about how quarterback Jay Cutler’s public comments on unsigned franchise player Matt Forte’s in-progress contract talks undermined Forte’s leverage in negotiations with the Bears.

Forte seems to agree with that notion. He wasn’t thrilled with Cutler’s words.

“It kind of looks bad when other people speak for you,” Forte told the Chicago Sun Times. “[Cutler] doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. He’s not in the negotiations. He’s just being optimistic. He wants me there.”

Forte acknowledged that the process of getting the Bears to sign him long term has left “scars” between himself and the organization.

Cutler said in early June that he’d be “shocked” if Forte didn’t sign his one-year, $7.7 million franchise tender and report to training camp in a timely manner.

Forte would prefer Cutler to mind his own business.

52 responses to “Forte not thrilled about Cutler discussing his contract

  1. The Bears need both Cutler and Forte on the field to even have a remote chance of winning anything. That being said, where is our O-Line help Mr. Emery?

    Arguably beefed up every other offensive position except the one glaring weakness IMO.

  2. Forte says “He’s just being optimistic. He wants me there.”
    Can’t we just leave it at that?

  3. No reason for Forte to get angry at Cutler for stating what everyone, including the Bears organization had already known, and thats that hes going to sign the franchise tenet before the deadline and be on the field week 1. Its also unlikely that he’ll follow up on his threat to skip training camp. Sorry Matt, but your not fooling anyone. Go Bears!

  4. Forte’s showing himself to be a crybaby, whiner and a bit of a spoiled child. This Bears fan since the Jack Pardee era says enough is enough. Lose Forte and bring in someone who wants to be here.

  5. Forte had no leverage to begin with…time to man up and sign your deal. The Bears are holding all the cards here.

  6. non-story. If you read Forte’s quote it’s pretty clear that he has no issue with Cutler and he understood Cutler’s intention. No reason to add fuel to fire that isn’t even burning.

    There’s no doubt Forte wants to be in Chicago and you cannot fault him for seeing value in himself. Enough is enough on calling for him to leave. The business side of the NFL is one that 99.9% of us on here can only speculate on. He’s the best player on the Bear’s offense and a top 5 back in the NFL. I can’t believe he would ever want to be paid like one (sarcasm layered on thick).

    Go Bears.

  7. Yes yes tumultous times for the bears muahahaha keep it up Forte cause a division in the locker room, I won’t mind one bit

  8. Forte had played the last 4 seasons where his backup has had a better contract than him. He should of held out last season but decided to do the “right thing.” Now he’s doing what is right for him, and fans are ready to give up on him. Shame

  9. wow you bears fans are crazy. please let him go .. he was your WHOLE offence last year and the most under paid back in the league so please bears let him walk . but you are crazy to think the way they have treated this man is in any way smart or professional.

  10. Pay the man or have 50% of your offense disappear. Bush is decent, but can only probably do 2/3 rds what Forte brings to the table.

  11. how terrible that Cutler dares say he wants him in camp.just a horrible thing to say that he expects forte to sign a awful deal that pays him 7.5 million for 1 year. what’s worse forte admits he knew what he meant but leave to tmz sports ,I pft to try and start something that is not there.

  12. This is yet again another mountain out of a molehill story made at Cutler’s expense, just like the story that was linked in this story. Here is Forte’s full quote, not sure why only part of the quote was put in this story:

    “I don’t know, it depends on how we’re doing in the negotiations,” Forte said when asked if he would sign and be in camp on time. “But it kind of looks bad when other people speak for you. [Cutler] doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. He’s not in the negotiations. He’s just being optimistic. He wants me there, I want to be there. But it’s just a matter of what happens in the next couple of weeks.”

    So I WANT TO BE THERE was left out of this story, probably to make it so the story matches the headline. Nice job.

  13. Decent running back. He’s already offered more than he will EVER be worth in the one year tender.

  14. I don’t think there is any there there in this story, but….son, take the 7 mil for one year. Sure you could blow a knee, but odds are you’re more likely to be the loser in this game. You’re a running back, and next to kicker, you’re the easiest thing to replace. True, the won’t find someone as good as you, but having a rb as good as you is a luxury in today’s NFL, not a necessity.

  15. As a Packer fan it’s tough to say anything good about a Bear, but I have utmost respect for Forte. He really seems to be getting screwed and it seems to be as much by the Bears as it is just timing. He’s very versatile , very underrated. Hope he gets his health back and makes some big money someplace. Good luck Matt whenever you play except against the Packq

  16. I agree trade him straight to the Detroit lions they would love to have him come on bear fans who else do you guys have on your team worth anything more then forte cry baby cutlet lol

  17. Evilgenetics,

    Before you type anything you should learn something on the subject. Bears offered forte a contract before the beginning of last season that was fair market value but fortes dumb agent told him not to sign and play out the season. Now be wants more money than last year coming off a sprained MCL. You give contracts for what you think a player is going to do. Not what he’s done. 27 year old RB’s productivity begin to decline after this year.

  18. Funny how the people criticizing others for not seeing Forte’s point of view are the same people not seeing the Bears management point of view. They have to think about the future of their organization instead of paying Forte top 5 RB money for past performance, especially when hes coming off a knee injury and won’t have nearly as much production just off the fact that hes no longer the only weapon on this offense. If hes here after the season, great, if not, oh well.

  19. anyone else notice this trend?

    forte and ray rice whine and moan in the press… contract extension

    lesean mccoy and arian foster shut up and say nothing – contract extension

    talking in the press about contract = killing leverage. Don’t these guy’s agents tell them this?

  20. He didn’t tear his acl, he sprained his mcl. He played in the pro bowl he is 100% healthy. Get the deal done.

  21. It’s crazy how Bears fans are ripping on Forte when he MADE Cutler look good. Led in rushing and receiving. Bears fans were in love with him and thought he was getting screwed by the Organization. Things change fast in the NFL. Like I said. Crazy.

  22. “Forte not thrilled about Cutler discussing his contract”

    That’s an absurd conclusion to draw.

    “[Cutler] doesn’t really know what’s going to happen. He’s not in the negotiations. He’s just being optimistic. He wants me there.”

    Sounds like he’s giving Cutler credit for having good intentions.

  23. As a Packers fan, I’m sick to see you all treating Matt this way. The man is a stud! Sign him or you know there are some folk in Green Bay that would love to ride him to another super bowl victory!

  24. detroitjerry says: Jun 23, 2012 8:59 PM

    I agree trade him straight to the Detroit lions they would love to have him come on bear fans who else do you guys have on your team worth anything more then forte cry baby cutlet lol

    Come on jerry, time for a high school education. That is if they still teach English in Detroit Public Schools.

  25. Dear Mr. Forte,

    Stand your ground and hold out as long as it takes to the salary you deserve.

    In the mean time, I’ll enjoy watching the sniveling, whining, spoiled little brat Cutler get pounded to the turf every Sunday.


    Or….how about Knowshon Moreno straight up for Forte?

  26. djaehne says:Jun 23, 2012 8:19 PM

    Decent running back. He’s already offered more than he will EVER be worth in the one year tender.
    If you really feel that way then maybe the Bears should turn him loose on the free market and match whatever any team offers him. The Franchise tag (easily one of the dumbest thing any sports players association has ever agreed to) is used by teams to keep players off the free market because it would be more expensive to sign them otherwise. It makes absolutely zero sense for a team to use the franchise tag on a player if they could sign him to the same contract or less without using the tag. Why? Because the number of times in a year a team can use the tag is limited. So if you think Forte isn’t worth the tag or is only worth the value of the tag that is not a good sign for the Bears front office and their decision making.

  27. Cutler was asked what he thought of the Forte situation. He simply answered the question by saying that he would be shocked if Matt didn’t sign the tender & report to camp. End of story. Plenty of people (as usual fueled by the anti-Cutler Chicago Media), jumped on Cutler & told him to mind his own business and not worry about other people’s contract negotiations. It’s not like Cutler called a Press Conferance to discuss Forte. However, Cutler should have just said, “That is between Matt & the Bears to work out.”

  28. evilgenetics79 says: Jun 23, 2012 8:06 PM

    wow you bears fans are crazy. please let him go .. he was your WHOLE offence last year and the most under paid back in the league so please bears let him walk . but you are crazy to think the way they have treated this man is in any way smart or professional.

    That is the whole point.
    Bears fans do not want Forte to be the whole offense.
    If your RB is the whole offense then you have got problems. (see Vikings)
    Now that they have picked up some much better WRs through trades, free agency and the draft why keep handing the ball to one guy and hoping he carries the team week after week?

    They are going to throw the ball now and Forte’s leverage has fallen big time since he turned down what was a very good long term contract.
    His mistake.

  29. Lol at u dumb bears fans that want him gone. He keeps defenses honest if not for him the bears ( cutler ) would be last in every stat.

  30. Why dont he just play at a high level this year and stop bitching and get paid like AP just saying

  31. crazycane

    what did i say again that was out of line?
    he was your best weapon by far
    he played his tail off last year and did the right thing
    (he should have held out last year)
    he is worth a long term deal
    or please let him go and see how great your team is.
    you think he is an easy replacement. don’t forget he was your best receiver too. you don’t lose almost 50% of your total offensive output and get better.
    but hey im a lions fan so do let him sit please

  32. mialto
    would you work at your job if your (back up) was making more then you or would that make you upset? the amounts are more then the normal man can understand but the principle is the same. and he isnt in a job field that he will be at for the next 30 years he has only a few years to make the money and he has done everything to help that team on the field and they pay him less then the back ups they have signed the last 3 years you do know he made 550,000 last year which is the same thing earl bennett and 26th on the team overall. not bad for the best guy on your team . they gave bush 7 mill guaranteed lol so this 7 mill they are offering is crazy (the guaranteed money is all that matters in the nfl )

  33. The Lions would be “pulling a Bears” if they traded for, and paid Forte.. before paying Avril….You Bear fans think future free agents aren’t noticing how the Chicago organization rewards it’s own…….?

  34. Here’s hoping the Bears apply the franchise tag on Cutler next year.

    Certainly, we all know that Jay won’t be the least bit upset about playing for less than open market value. Best part is, there wouldn’t be a second thought on his part with regards to signing the tag before training camp starts, for the good of the team.

    Jay is not the sort of team leader that would ever set expectations on others that he wouldn’t follow himself.

    Isn’t that right?

  35. This guy is like the Cliff Avril of Chicago. A solid player, but just not worth big money, especially after coming off an ACL tear.

  36. Forte’s best years are behind him. With all the carries and injuries he already is on the down hill slide and his agent has all but told him so. Thus, he needs the big payday to take care of him in later years.
    He could care less about the Bears or the NFL or fellow players, its all about him right now.
    Sound like Percy Harvin is learning a lot too from the Forte’s of the world.

  37. In a perfect world:

    Reporter: “So Matt, now that the Bears had the audacity to use the franchise tag on you, and only for a measly $7.7 million, how do you FEEL???”

    Matt Forte: “Well, first let me say this…It is an honor to play for the Bears, and in front of the greatest fans in football, and I hope to finish my career here. While no player likes to be franchised, I am humbled that the team feels $7.7 mil is a fair salary to pay for my services, I am well aware that most fans would be lucky to earn that in a lifetime. With that in mind, I will sign the tender while continuing to work toward a long-term contract, and I can’t wait to report to camp and work with Jay and all the new playmakers we will have on offense this year. I hope I’ve answered your question fully, as this will be the last time I discuss my contract situation publicly. Good day, gentlemen.”

  38. The point all these arm chair quarterbacks and lounge chair GM’s are missing IS: The guy signed a contract. Live up to it! If you feel you got screwed on your contract, don’t blame the Bears, find a new agent. A man is only as good as his word. When you sign a contract your word suggests you will honor it, and live up to it. Time to man up, Matt. Hindsight is 20-20 vision. What you think you should have done, or what you think you should have been worth, doesn’t matter, now. Finish out your contract. If you think you can get more on the free market, go do it, if money is all you are after. There used to be a thing called loyalty.

  39. cjksrq:

    Pal, seriously???

    I mean, read up on an issue a little bit before you leave a comment, ok? Just a little studying, a little knowledge can take you a long, long way.

    For example?? Well, start with the fact that Forte has not signed a contract. His rookie contract expired last year. He is not signed to play football with any team, cannot be fined for missing training camp or any regular season games, and is under no obligation, legal or moral, to any team in the NFL.

    Given that your opening premise is completely wrong, it makes little sense to address the rest of the dribble that follows.

    Issues like these often have two valid perspectives, one from the team and one from the player. Analysis of these issues deserve much more thought than the blind ramblings of one looking through the prism of a Bears’ fan alone.

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